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Chrysalis wallpaper

I guess I had to. I'm still not fully satisfied with this one, yet I don't know why. I couldn't have Gnais take a look at it. It may have changed a lot.

Anyway, have some Chrysalis, such a stylish vilain. I really did not see that one come in the two last episodes. Really. By the way, I just love her hair.

(Yeah ... I'm still not sure if these things on her head are a crown or some kind of ... mushrooms ?)

Edit : Slight edits, acording to gnais' indications =)
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Oooh. This is VERY pretty :love: I especially love the way she appears to be emerging from out of the darkness :heart:

As for the thing on her head, I think it's both a crown, and some sort of antennae :)
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You're welcome ^^
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Yay, I was hoping you'd do one of her. I was wondering, are you going to do a wallpaper of the season 2 version of Luna? :0
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I should. I'll add it to my todo list =)
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I like dark stuff and I love this wallpaper...

Awesome work! :D
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Gorgeous, really good job!
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I love this one. : )
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Fantastic work! I really enjoy your art style.
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