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Thought I'd let you all in on what plans I currently have for upcoming stories. Let you all in on what I have in mind. Note that some may contain fetishes outside of ABDL, but they all relate back to it in some way, shape, or form. For the most part.

The Ultimate Child Caregiver's Punishment
Series: Danganronpa V3
Status: Working On
Contains: (Light) Spanking, (Very Light) Wedgies, Forced Babying
Plot: Maki thought that it was a good idea to attempt and attack the Exisals. This move, idiotic as it was, luckily did not result in her death. However, she has found that her punishment may be far worse.

Futaba's Plan
Series: Persona 5
Status: Started
Contains: ABDL, (implied) Panty wetting/messing
Plot: After her hermit-like lifestyle has led to more than a few accidents due to being too lazy to get up, Futaba has a plan as to how to stop all of this. However, she quickly finds that she may like diapers and baby stuff more than anticipated.

Despairing Punishment
Series: Danganronpa UDG
Status: Started
Contains: Forced Babying, (Mild) Spanking
Plot: After capturing both Touko Fukawa and Komaru Naegi, Monaca Towa and Kotoko Utsugi get plans as to how to punish them for what thorns they've been in their sides. They won't be killed; they'll be made into examples.

Baby-Type Trainer
Series: Pokémon
Status: Not Started
Contains: ABDL
Plot: Whitney had always been a bit of a crybaby, something she exemplified with her new battle theme. Any trainer wishing to challenge her must diaper up first, matching Whitney's own padding. The battle, while awkward, is one that Lyra will power through!

Love Hotel: Deleted Scene
Series: Danganronpa V3
Status: Not Started
Contains: Forced Babying, (Mild) Sexual Acts
Plot: Somehow, Kaede has managed to find her way to obtaining a Love Hotel Key, which she uses the very night she gets it. What she finds behind the door is a lusty Miu, who seems to have something in mind for her.

Two Diapered Girls, One Bed
Series: Danganronpa V3
Status: Not Started
Contains: Bedwetting, Diaper Lover
Plot: After Himiko begins wetting the bed, Tenko insists that the tiny mage wear diapers to bed so that she doesn't keep ruining her sheets. Himiko, albeit with more than a little fighting, agrees, but only on the condition that Tenko share her pain by also wearing one to bed. Surprisingly, if it's for Himiko, Tenko barely minds.

Revenge Well Deserved
Series: Danganronpa 2/3
Status: Not Started
Contains: Spanking (Mild), Wedgies (Mild), Forced Babying, (High) Public Humiliation
Plot: For months upon months, Hiyoko has been tormenting Mikan Tsumiki in every way that she can possible conceive. Having had enough of this, Mikan is sent into an all too vengeful state and is planning to get revenge on Hiyoko in every way that she can.

RWBY's Padding
Series: RWBY
Status: Not Started
Contains: ABDL, Panty Wetting/Messing, (Light) Public Humiliation
Plot: Ruby has been having accidents recently. Weiss never grew out of them in the first place. Blake finds acting like a child comforting and relaxing. Yang just likes wearing them so she doesn't have to go to the bathroom. Naturally this can only go so well.

Unorthodox Rehabilitation
Series: Avatar The Last Airbender
Status: Not Started
Contains: Forced Babying
Plot: For months now Azula has been locked up, insane and wanting revenge. Offered the chance to get out early if she agrees to a new program, Azula accepts without second thought. Now she finds a caretaker in Katara, and things only get worse from there.

School Life Of Ultimate Padding
Series: Danganronpa (Entirety)
Status: Not Started (Will Be Multi-Part)
Contains: Anything and Everything
Plot: All relevant DR females have been captured and placed into a single environment with one objective: live there for a month as babies. While humiliating, they accept this over the alternative, a killing games, and live out their padded days. This story focuses on all of them during that month and will be made up of one shots within this setting.

So there you go! Mostly DR stuff, but I added a healthy mix of other stuff too! Look out for all of this, and I hope you enjoy!
Feel free to list out any stories you'd like to see me write! Fanfiction as well as original characters are liked! I prefer females to males in most instances, but certain males (mostly thinner or girly ones) are alright. Also I don't do furry stuff.