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A strange little story inspired by the bonus mode that accompanies NDRV3, Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test! It'll seem wacky and odd at first, but I'm going to do my best to make it an interesting experience! Just try and give it a chance!


     In the gym of Hope's Peak Academy, there stood a large grouping of students, almost entirely female. Together, they had all been called to assemble by one of the faculty members, Chisa Yukizome, though nkne of them appeared to have any clue as to why. Suggestions and predictions ranged from sudden expulsion to random awards, from an emergency that would effect the entire school to a minor event that nonetheless had to be announced. Conversation was mass and endless, yet ceased the moment that they saw the orange-haired teacher walk up to speak.

     "Hello, everyone," she began to say as she looked out at the crowd, eyes momentarily bouncing between each of them to count who was there. "Sorry to keep you waiting, but I had to discuss something with the headmaster. Now, I'm sure you're wondering why you're all gathered here-"

     "Damn right we are!" came then brash and rude voice of Miu Iruma, who sneered as she looked at the teacher. "You've kept us waiting, so what's the fucking problem here? I was in the middle of inventing something when you came around and dragged me away!"

     Ignoring the unneeded statement from the busty blond, Chisa resumed her speech to the students. "In any case, I brought you together for an important matter. There is currently a rather strange predicament going on that threatens this academy. Though it is the fault of the staff for hardly noticing until now, I must ask your help in stopping it." she explained.

      Immediately a flurry or murmurs and whispers broke out among the student body, many in a panic over what this predicament could have been. They looked back and forth between one another, shared ideas, shared fears, and after a few minutes of discussion, the teacher went to quell the talk.

     "Now then, to explain exactly what the problem is, I must ask for you all to keep a bit of an open mind." Chisa saw that this quickly caught the attention of most of them, and then went on. "To put it in simplest terms, someone has managed to, against all odds, secretly build some sort of area underneath this school. Well, actually...a hundred floors worth of areas. There's apparently some sort of dangerous machine down there at the bottom, as well as dangerous machines scattered throughout the floors leading down to it. To defeat them, I need...all of your help."

     Quite suddenly, the previous whispers turned into all out yelling as everyone attempted to try and make sense of this overly bizarre and strange situation that was taking place.  One hundred floors built underneath the building? Dangerous machines? That they would need to fight?

     "She's can't be serious, can she? I mean, there's no way that that could possibly exist!" the Ultimate Swimmer, Aoi Asahina yelled out in shock.

     "How did this school ever allow something something like that to happen...?" said Mahiru Koizumi in an almost irritated tone.

     "Oh yeah! Let's go and fight some robots! This is the kind of chance that I've been waiting for!" exclaimed Akane Owari, looking as if she were ready to fight right then and there.

     In the middle of them all stood a certain blond, who simply smirked as she looked to the side, drawing no attention to herself. If she had, then the fun may have just ended far too early.

     Among the screaming rose one voice, a voice of reason among the crazed and sudden unfocused yells. "Hey hey, I think we should listen and try to understand a bit more about this." Chiaki Nanami spoke calm and clearly, inciting everyone around to finally listen. "First, I think we should ask why we have to be the ones that will head through to the bottom."

     Having apparently expected such a question from one of them, Chisa Yukizome replied to he recently prized pupil in nearly no time at all. "To put it simply, the academy is hoping to avoid any major controversy over this issue, and so we are going to reserve any information on this matter to the students here and the staff." she explained. This answered one question, though Chiaki happened to have another.

     "I see. I can understand that. But may I ask why you would get us to do it when there are a lot of students that are capable of fighting but aren't here?" Chiaki asked, taking a second to think something through before beginning to list. "Like Gonta, and Nekomaru...even Mondo could be of help. In fact, there aren't really any guys here at all. Why are none of them helping?"

     Before Chisa could open her mouth to speak, a loud voice cut her off. "Because clearly she believes that degenerate males would only ruin the operation that we're going on! They would no doubt sabotage things and end up ending this Academy! Isn't that right, Ms. Chisa?"

     The teacher could only respond with an exhausted look, apparently not wishing to put up with Tenko's shtick for the moment. "No, in actuality, that's due to a peculiar feature of the floors. For some reason, it had been rigged in such a manner that anyone it recognizes as male that comes through is near immediately knocked unconscious. As such, only females may enter. Anymore questions?"

     No one appeared to have any, and so Chisa continued. "Now, it's time to describe how we shall do this. There are one hundred floors, and so we will be completing only ten at a time. Through random lottery, four will be chosen to go and tackle ten floors themselves each week before passing things onto the next group for that week. I myself, of course, am included among the candidates. As for the first group that will be going on to take the first ten floors..."

     The teacher looked down at a piece of paper in her hands, reading it before then starting to speak. "The first group will be Akane Owari, Hiyoko Saionji, Kaede Akamatsu, and Tsumugi Shirogane! With that said, that group has one week to prepare, and then I will go and get, you are all dismissed! Go about your days normally, and keep this a secret!"

     With the minor assembly over, students began to trinkle out of the room, most seeming relieved about something, while three looked as if they were displeased about the situation, and a forth appearing as if she were ready to take things on. Once everyone had left, Chisa sighed as she looked down and began to mutter.

     "I feel bad about not telling them all about what exactly happens down there, but there's no way any of them would agree to go if they knew it wasn't as simple as fighting..."


Welcome to Humiliation Dungeon, a series in which the girls of DanganRonpa face through a series of trials inspired by Ultimate Talent Development Plan and Despair Dungeon!

In each story, four girls are chosen to be the main focus of that little adventure, with their activities split into two distinct sections:

School Life: Four one shots that take place before any of the actual adventuring is done, made to mimic the random events of Ultimate Talent Development Plan. To simulate to randomness, each of the four girls will be randomly selected to face one of the following among them:
-Other (Wetting, Soiling, Bondage, Embarassing Clothing, Possible Others!)
These stories are just for a little fun, and shows exactly what school life is for those there...

Dungeon Life: The four that were chosen adventure through the Humiliation Dungeon, where they'll need to face various, embarrassment-causing enemies, as well as traps that had been laid throughout it! They'll need to go through their section, unlocking the next one and then heading back to pass the baton!

This may be a silly idea, but I also think it'll be a whole lot of fun! Feel free to suggest traps and enemies, as well as anything else you wanna see!
DanganRonpa Humiliation Dungeon - Intro
Inspired by an idea from :iconkillswitch64:, this is going to be a fun series! Everything you need to know is up in the story, so not much of a reason to put much here! Though, I will put one thing! The random results have been chosen, and they are:

Diaper - Kaede
Spanking - Hiyoko
Wedgies - Akane
Other (Soiling) - Tsumugi

Feel free to give me ideas for what these events for them should be! I'd love to hear your ideas! Especially for Akane here, since I don't have much! Feel free to include any character you want in these ideas, as long as the primary focus is always on the one listed!

Now then, hope you enjoy this little series!
So hey, I know I've been away a while...again, but request some things and I'll try to see if I can get to them!

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Untitled by BrattyBabyBoy

     Recently, things had not been going especially well for Mei. The bad luck started with a little accident in the middle of combat, which resulted in her wetting her clothing since she had foolishly neglected to use the bathroom before heading out into combat alongside and Tracer. This in of itself would not have been such a bad thing, but one of the enemies unfortunately noticed, and it was the last one that she could have wanted...

     The French assassin was quick to pick up on the wet stain that covered the front of Mei's clothing. While following the Chinese climatologist around during the fight, and upon getting the chance to inspect closer, she picked up on the scent of urine coming from her and knew what had happened. Smirking, she took the chance to immediately knock Mei out, and then slipped away from combat like a snake with the girl in tow.

     When Mei next woke up, she found herself nearly completely naked and laying in a crib, a mobile of the moon and stars right above her head. Upon sitting up, completely confused over the situation, she heard a crinkling sound and looked down to see a shocking sight; a thick, blue diaper with a snowflake design right on it!

     "W-What?!" she yelled out in shock as she stared down at the diaper, complete frozen in shock at this paralyzing revelation. She did not remain like this for long, instead being broken out of it by hearing a bit of laughing coming from the corner.

     Turning towards it, Mei was able to see the purple-skinned woman known as Widowmaker standing there, smirking as she watched the baby scrambling within her crib. "Good morning~ I was wondering when you would finally wake up," she said in a deceptively sweet tone of voice as she walked towards her and then placed a hand on her diaper. "Still dry and clean? Good girl~"

     More than a little panicked at seeing an enemy nearby, Mei was quick to attempt and try to get out of the crib, and for the most part she succeeded. She landed on her padded rear in the process, but nonetheless was able to get out. "W-What did you do to me? Why did you kidnap me?" she stuttered as she walked backwards towards the door, planning to escape, a crinkly waddle in every step.

     The enemy woman took steps forward, eyeing Mei's diaper the entire time. "After seeing you have an accident in combat, I thought that you would be rather cute to keep as a I am. Now are you going to come here, or are you going to make mommy give chase?"

     The answer was obvious to Mei, who immediately turned her diapered bottom towards Widowmaker and then bolted through the door as fast as she could. Given the diaper around her waist, that was hardly fast at all. The Chinese woman was limited to a slow and awkward waddle down the hallway outside the door. It would have been easy for Widowmaker to catch up if she wanted, but she chose to walk, enjoying to watch quite a bit.

     Midway through the chase, the climatologist stopped in her tracks as a rumbling feeling filled her stomach. Almost in instinct, she began to squat down, and quickly began to do the unthinkable. Unaware that Widowmaker had done a few things to her  in her sleep, Mei felt a squishy and warm sensation explode from her bottom and begin filling her diaper, an awful stench filling the air not long after. "N-No...please, no..." she whined, but to no avail. Her padding filled with the warm mess, and she was unable to stop it.

     Fanning the smell away from her nose, Widowmaker walked towards Mei and looked down upon the blushing girl, before then quickly feeling her diaper. Warm and squishy, just how she liked it. With a mischivious grin and idea in her head, she picked Mei up and began to carry the no longer struggling girl back to the nursery.

     "Good'll be my nice and squishy baby for a while at this rate~"
Owlcan Caption - Mei
Done for :icontheowlcan:'s caption contest thing! It's not that great, but hey, I hope it's enjoyable!

Oh, and more stories coming soon! Look forward to them!

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Danganronpa V3 Fanfiction

    Although far past the age where someone should be worrying about such things, Himiko often found herself struggling with the need to go to the bathroom. Most times she was fine, being able to make it to a toilet with little worry, and most often only ending up with a miniscule wet patch on her panties as proof that there was any difficulty at all. Making it to a toilet was a rather simple processs when she was awake and alert.

     It was a completely different case when she was asleep.

     “Again, Himiko? This is the fourth time this week that you've wet the bed.” Tenko said as she stood in the room of the red-haired girl, whose cheeks had turned pink due to the wet stain that spread down her crimson pajama bottoms, as well as the matching one that laid across her sheets. The taller girl frowned as she saw this, turning towards Himiko’s closet and beginning to get out one of her outfits for her.

     “ was just an accident. You don't need to make that big of a fuss about it every time one happens.” Himiko complained in her usual lazy tone as she began to strip out of wet pajama bottoms, planning to get in the shower after Tenko was done with her lecture. “Everyone has accidents once in a while.”

     Letting out a sigh, Tenko looked back at Himiko while laying her clothes across the dry part of the bed. “Everyone may have an accident once in a while, but not everyone has one every night, Himiko. This is starting to become a real problem. Which is why I may have thought of a...solution. At least for a while."

     A solution? Now this caught her attention. Himiko glanced at Tenko, hopeful that she had figured out some sort of magical method to stopping her accidents. “Nyeh? What is it?” she asked as she looked down at her soggy clothing in shame.

     Despite Himiko clearly being interested in what ideas she had in mind, Tenko was hesitant to reveal them openly. "I would tell you them, but I think it would be better if I showed you, alright? Give me a second to go and get it from my room. In the meantime, you can go shower and get dressed."

     Himiko was suspicious of why Tenko would not tell her what the solution was, she decided to prioritize a shower over getting answers, and walked towards the bathroom so that she could wash up. Once the door closed, Tenko walked out of the magician's room and headed towards her own, where she had set up a few things for the adorable girl.

     By the time that Himiko had washed the urine off of her and dried herself, Tenko was already back and holding a package in her arms. After fitting her black hat on her head, the red-haired mage stepped out of the bathroom and looked over towards her overbearing friend. "So...what did you want to show me?" she asked.

     With a nervous smile, Tenko held the package out in front of her, not saying a word and letting Himiko see for herself. In her arms was unmistakably a package of diapers, all of which seemed to come in a variety of designs, but all also sharing the same thickness as one another. The reaction from the mage was delayed, but once Tenko saw the pink color filling her entire face, she knew that it would probably not be a very positive one.

     "Nyeeh?! D-Diapers?" exclaimed Himiko as she looked at them, before looking back towards Tenko. "Y-You're solution to my bedwetting is...diapers?" A simple nod from the aikido-master confirmed these thoughts. "N-No! I-I'm not a baby!"

     This was the reaction that Tenko had been expecting, and she let out a sigh as she placed the package of diapers down on the bed and stood up before walking towards her friend. "You're not a baby, Himiko! Listen, it'll just he until you can stop wetting the bed, okay? This way you don't have to wash your sheets every night!" Of course, that wasn't usually a problem for Himiko. Tenko normally washed the sheets anyways whenever Kirumi didn't.

     Despite the convincing argument, it appeared as if Himiko was still reluctant to go through with it. "I-I'm not sure. It's embarassing to wet the bed, but it'd be even more embarassing to wet a diaper..." she said, eyes glancing back towards the package.

     Not stepping down, Tenko decided to continue her argument. "I'm sure it wouldn't be humiliating in the least!" she lied. "Diapers are just like underwear, just a lot...thicker! And absorbent! Besides, they come in all those cute patterns too!"

     Still holding out, Himiko shook her head. "Nyeeh...e-even so, I would be the only highschooler here still in diapers. Even if no one else knew, it would still be really embarrassing..."

     A lightbulb flicked inside of Tenko's head, and although the idea was not neccesarily a favorable one, she knew it was her best chance to get Himiko to go along with all of this. "Well...what if you weren't the only one that had to wear a diaper?"

     "Nyah? What do you mean?" Himiko asked in confusion as she gave her friend a puzzle, yet intrigued look.

     After momentarily talking herself into wanting to do this, Tenko hesitantly began to open the package and pulled out not one, but two of the diapers. "Tonight, I'll wear one of the diapere alongside you. This way, you won't be the only one whose wearing one. I'll even sleep in here with you tonight so you don't forget that I am too!" The thought of putting the padding on undoubtebly embarrassed Tenko, but she knew that she had to do it for Himiko's sake.

     This offer tipped Himiko over the edge, and finally the self-proclaimed mage relented. "F-Fine then, I guess if you're wearing one with me, t-then it won't be so bad..." Himiko said, pulling her witch-like hat down to cover her face. "N-Now then, I have to be going now. I need to meet up with Angie. S-See you tonight, Tenko."

     Clearly in a rush to get out of there, Himiko turned and quickly left, barely even saying goodbye to Tenko. The aikido-master was about to leave as well, but the faint scent of stale urine reminded her of the pee-soaked sheets and the soggy pajamas that Himiko had worn, and sighed as she began to round them up to be washed. "Maybe I should just get Kirumi to start washing these and just hope she doesn't notice the pee..." she muttered as she left the room with the bundle of laundry.

    Nervously, Himiko sat on her bed, thankfully now with clean sheets. The girl was clad in a simple white shirt and matching white white pajama pants that she often wore to bed, and sitting right next to her was the package of diapers, one of which she would be wearing tonight. "Where's Tenko? She said that she would be here by now..." Himiko complained, before hearing a knock at her door. Not waiting for the small mage to answer, Tenko opened the door and walked in with a bright and cheerful smile.

     Tenko's current attire was much the same as Himiko's, except a little bigger and blue in color. The pajama top did not fully cover her belly button, though she did not seem to particularly mine. "Alright, I'm here, Himiko! Ready?" she asked, as if this were something that was completely normal. Hopefully it would not become something that was normal for the two of them.

     "O-Okay...I'm ready." Himiko said as she laid back on the bed and watched as Tenko approached her. The taller of the two girls reached towards Himiko's pants and quickly pulled them off, followed by the poofy bloomers that she normally wore. A massive blush spread across Himiko's face as this was done, and covered her face with her hands.

     Noticing Himiko's uncomfortableness, Tenko began to try and quell her worries. "You don't have to be embarassed! We're both girls here, right?" she asked as she reached into the package and pulled out a diaper.

     "R-Right..." Himiko said as she moved her hands away from her face. Able to see once more, she looked at the diaper that Tenko had grabbed, which had red tapes and a star-like design on it. While she thought it was somewhat cute, it did not make things much better.

     Trying to avert her gaze, Himiko felt a thick, comfortable feeling underneath her bottom, which stayed there as baby powder was sprinkled all around her crotch area and the diaper was quickly taped up. As the make sat up, she could hear the garment crinkling loudly, which she was certain would continuously remind her of this embarrassment and refuse to let her forget.

     Before Himiko could get too wrapped up in her embarrassment, the aikido master helped her friend up and laid down on the bed herself. "Alright, Himiko, it's my turn. Just do what I did to you, okay?" she said as she pulled the pajama pants off and waited for the red-haired mage to do the rest.

     Nervously, Himiko grabbed at Tenko’s panties and slid them off, doing her best to look away from the girl’s private parts. The magician grabbed the second diaper that Tenko had taken out, which had blue taped and a flower like pattern, and carefully placed it under her bottom, just as she had done for her. She then sprinkled the baby powder around the crotch area, perhaps a little more than she needed, and then taped the diaper up nice and snug. “T-There you go…” she said, finally able to return her eyes to Tenko’s waist.

     A small blush spread across across Tenko’s face as she sat up and the diaper crinkled underneath her, but she didn't let it get to her as she took a good look over Himiko. Although she expected that Himiko would look cute in it, she always did look cute, she had no idea that she would be this adorable. She almost let it take over her thoughts completely, but was cut off by Himiko, who nervously shifted around.

     “Nyeeh...c-can we go to sleep now?” Himiko asked as she took a look down at her diaper. “I'm feeling kind of tired...s-so I'd just like to go to bed now.”

     Unable to turn down anything Himiko wanted, Tenko nodded and smiled as she flicked the light switch off and then began to get into bed and laying underneath the blanket. Himiko proceeded to crawl underneath it with her, laying on the right side of the bed. “G-Goodnight, Tenko…” Himiko said as she began to fall asleep, diaper crinkling again as she got into a more comfortable position.

     “Goodnight, Himiko~” Tenko said, just barely able to hide her excitement over sleeping in a bed with Himiko as she laid her head down on a pillow. After a few minutes she could hear Himiko snoring soundly, and after taking the chance to admire her cute, sleeping face, began to fall asleep as well.

     When Tenko next woke up, she could tell that she had only been asleep for an hour or two. She still felt somewhat tired despite having just slept, and the Monokuma announcement hadn't sounded yet. She could still hear Himiko’s snoring right next to her, so she knew that she wasn't awake just yet. The make also had her hands tightly wrapped around her waist, which made her face turn pink. For a second she wondered as to why she would have suddenly and randomly woke up in the way that she did, but she soon found an answer once she felt a rumbling feeling deep within her stomach that refused to go away...

     She needed to use the bathroom.

     Not just to pee either. No, that would have been easy. She needed to do the ‘other’ thing. The much more disgusting one. Out of habit, Tenko proceeded to begin getting out of bed, but once she heard Himiko’s breathing once more, she stopped all movement and fell limp again.

     It was then that Tenko found herself in between a rock and a disgusting place. One option would be to get up so that she could use the not too far away bathroom, but in doing so she was certain that she would end up waking Himiko up, and she just simply could not bring herself to do something that would ruin her perfect slumber. The second option would be to simply hold it until Himiko woke up in who knows how many hours, which would no doubt involve quite a bit of discomfort in her stomach for quite a bit of time. Neither were particularly great choices, but it was not hard for her to choose the second, as she would rather hold it for an entire night rather than cause Himiko to wake up.

     Although she tried to ignore the pain, it would not subside. “Ohh...why do I have to go now?” Tenko quietly whined to herself as she shifted around in bed, her diaper crinkling. Not wanting this to wake Himiko up either, she forced herself to stay still. This only caused the cramping within her stomach to increase, and she was certain it would not go down.

     Hoping that she could simply ignore it by sleeping, Tenko attempted to do just that. Laying her head down and closing her eyes, she thought about sheep and did everything in her power to drift off into dreams, but it was an effort that bared no fruit. There was no way that she could go to sleep when there was this much pain!

     What didn't help in the slightest was that Himiko still had her arms wrapped tightly around Tenko’s waist. It not only kept her from leaving, it kept her from doing anything to soothe the pain as well. Right as Tenko went to try and gently move them away, the worst thing possible happened.

     “Nyeeh...get back over here...face my magic…” Himiko mumbled in her slumber as she suddenly squeezed Tenko’s stomach with the force of someone latching onto an animal. The eyes of the aikido master widened in terror, for this was the final blow it took to make all her effort useless.

     “N-Noooo…” Tenko whimpered as she could feel her body working against her, forcing her bowels to begin pushing and moving her waste out of her. The semi-solid substance found itself filling the back of her diaper and causing it to expand and bulge outwards, flattening a bit as it pressed up against her rear. The mushy feeling spread across her bottom, which felt completely and utterly disgusting! This was saying nothing of the smell, which was immediately rancid. Upon hitting her nostrils she wrinkled her nose up and groaned.

     “I can't believe that I just messed myself…” Tenko said in shame, before a feeling of tiredness suddenly swept over her. Tenko was reminded that her sleep had only managed to last about an hour or two, and so she hadn't actually gotten a proper slumber. Her eyes, finding it hard to stay open, began to close, and she began to drift off into sleep while her diaper squished.

    When Himiko woke up the next morning, the first thing she noticed was a wet feeling in between her legs. She had done it again; she wet herself in her sleep. Although, at least she wearing a diaper this time. The second thing that she noticed was that there was a sudden stench in the air...and it was coming from right in front of her. As she moved to get out of bed, she knocked the blanket off of both her and her friend, and her eyes fell upon the shocking sight of a messy brown bulge in the seat of Tenko’s diaper.

     “T...Tenko?!” Himiko cried out, continuing to stare at the mess that Tenko had made. The cry caused the aikido master to begin to wake from her slumber, sitting up and causing the mass within her diaper to squish further, although she seemed to barely register it.

     “Huh? Himiko? What are you…” As she spoke, Tenko sniffed the air, and her cheeks flushed red when she remembered the humiliating act that she had hoped was just a dream. “...I can explain!”

     In contrast to what Tenko had been expecting, Himiko soon didn't seem to be disgusted in the least. Instead, she seemed to give a slightly amused smile. “Nyeeh...I see. This is why you were willing to wear diapers with me.” she said as she stared at the soiled diaper. “You've also probably been having problems using the bathroom at night, haven't you? That's also why you had an entire package ready, isn't it?”

     Seeing an opportunity, Tenko nodded and smiled nervously. She would rather lie about this being something normal than admit she had simply held it in last night and ended up accidentally soiling herself while awake. “Y-Yeah, that's it! I can't stop it! I totally have no control!” she responded with perhaps too much enthusiasm.

     This prompted a slight smile from Himiko, who then covered her nose. “I see… that's way worse than I have it.” she said. “How about we continue to sleep together at night to make us both feel better? was kind of...relaxing.”

     Before even thinking about it, Tenko was immediately on board. After all, when else was she going to get the chance to sleep with Himiko every night? “Of course! Sounds perfect to me!” she replied. Afterwards, Himiko decided to go and shower, taking a fresh set of clothes with her to change into afterwards. This left Tenko alone in Himiko’s room, standing there in a soiled diaper...and quickly realizing the consequences of what she had just agreed to.

     “Well...if I'm to keep up this lie, I guess I'll need to continue wearing diapers to bed...and messing them too. It'd be suspicious if I suddenly just stopped.” Tenko said to herself with a blush, patting the back of her diaper and feeling the humiliating and stinking squish. “Well, it's not all that bad though. At least I get to cuddle with Himiko every night!”

     With this positive thought in mind, Tenko snuck out of her room to head towards her own so she could get a fresh set of clothes, unaware that a certain blond-haired pianist was watching with a confused expression.

     “...Just how many girls around here wear diapers? And from the look of it, use them too…” Kaede asked herself, patting the slightly wet diaper underneath her skirt as she went to go and meet up with Kirumi...

Tenko's Solution
Third fanfic, and long time no see! Man, great to be back! This is another story based off of one of :iconkillswitch64:'s suggestions, and man was this fun to write! I hope all of you like it a lot, because I sure do! I think that it was cute, and I threw that little extra reference to my Kaede story in there at the end! Will I make a bunch of connecting fics like this? I dunno, maybe. Anyways, tell me which V3 (or just DR girl in general) I should do next! For now, this is my upcoming schedule:

-RWBY stuff 
-Maki (V3) punishment story
-Seiko (DR3) pantypoop story (laxative candy from Ruruka should be fun)
-Leaf (Pokémon) losing to Sabrina who has some psychic fun with her
-Mukuro and Junko (DR) decide to do some diapered exhibitionism for the purpose of d e s p a i r.
Hey everyone! Sorry I was gone for so long, but I'm back now! If you got any suggestions, I'm open to write them and I'll hear you out!
Thought I'd let you all in on what plans I currently have for upcoming stories. Let you all in on what I have in mind. Note that some may contain fetishes outside of ABDL, but they all relate back to it in some way, shape, or form. For the most part.

The Ultimate Child Caregiver's Punishment
Series: Danganronpa V3
Status: Working On
Contains: (Light) Spanking, (Very Light) Wedgies, Forced Babying
Plot: Maki thought that it was a good idea to attempt and attack the Exisals. This move, idiotic as it was, luckily did not result in her death. However, she has found that her punishment may be far worse.

Futaba's Plan
Series: Persona 5
Status: Started
Contains: ABDL, (implied) Panty wetting/messing
Plot: After her hermit-like lifestyle has led to more than a few accidents due to being too lazy to get up, Futaba has a plan as to how to stop all of this. However, she quickly finds that she may like diapers and baby stuff more than anticipated.

Despairing Punishment
Series: Danganronpa UDG
Status: Started
Contains: Forced Babying, (Mild) Spanking
Plot: After capturing both Touko Fukawa and Komaru Naegi, Monaca Towa and Kotoko Utsugi get plans as to how to punish them for what thorns they've been in their sides. They won't be killed; they'll be made into examples.

Baby-Type Trainer
Series: Pokémon
Status: Not Started
Contains: ABDL
Plot: Whitney had always been a bit of a crybaby, something she exemplified with her new battle theme. Any trainer wishing to challenge her must diaper up first, matching Whitney's own padding. The battle, while awkward, is one that Lyra will power through!

Love Hotel: Deleted Scene
Series: Danganronpa V3
Status: Not Started
Contains: Forced Babying, (Mild) Sexual Acts
Plot: Somehow, Kaede has managed to find her way to obtaining a Love Hotel Key, which she uses the very night she gets it. What she finds behind the door is a lusty Miu, who seems to have something in mind for her.

Two Diapered Girls, One Bed
Series: Danganronpa V3
Status: Not Started
Contains: Bedwetting, Diaper Lover
Plot: After Himiko begins wetting the bed, Tenko insists that the tiny mage wear diapers to bed so that she doesn't keep ruining her sheets. Himiko, albeit with more than a little fighting, agrees, but only on the condition that Tenko share her pain by also wearing one to bed. Surprisingly, if it's for Himiko, Tenko barely minds.

Revenge Well Deserved
Series: Danganronpa 2/3
Status: Not Started
Contains: Spanking (Mild), Wedgies (Mild), Forced Babying, (High) Public Humiliation
Plot: For months upon months, Hiyoko has been tormenting Mikan Tsumiki in every way that she can possible conceive. Having had enough of this, Mikan is sent into an all too vengeful state and is planning to get revenge on Hiyoko in every way that she can.

RWBY's Padding
Series: RWBY
Status: Not Started
Contains: ABDL, Panty Wetting/Messing, (Light) Public Humiliation
Plot: Ruby has been having accidents recently. Weiss never grew out of them in the first place. Blake finds acting like a child comforting and relaxing. Yang just likes wearing them so she doesn't have to go to the bathroom. Naturally this can only go so well.

Unorthodox Rehabilitation
Series: Avatar The Last Airbender
Status: Not Started
Contains: Forced Babying
Plot: For months now Azula has been locked up, insane and wanting revenge. Offered the chance to get out early if she agrees to a new program, Azula accepts without second thought. Now she finds a caretaker in Katara, and things only get worse from there.

School Life Of Ultimate Padding
Series: Danganronpa (Entirety)
Status: Not Started (Will Be Multi-Part)
Contains: Anything and Everything
Plot: All relevant DR females have been captured and placed into a single environment with one objective: live there for a month as babies. While humiliating, they accept this over the alternative, a killing games, and live out their padded days. This story focuses on all of them during that month and will be made up of one shots within this setting.

So there you go! Mostly DR stuff, but I added a healthy mix of other stuff too! Look out for all of this, and I hope you enjoy!


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United States
I'm just here to write stories. I'm new here, so feedback is welcomed!


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