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Future Rot

Scanned from Futura Bold 8 point transfer type.

UPDATE: Has since become the "official" Left 4 Dead font, used to make the game's logo.
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Thank you so much for this!

i am using this on my L4d2 video, here's a link to my channel: :)
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I hope it's ok with you to use it in my left4dead2 videos - here's a link to my channel for credit…
I used this font to make a custom thumbnail for a youtube video, [link] I credited you in the description.
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Muchas Gracias !!! <3
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I'm getting some errors with the font in Mac OS X 10.8.2.

Font book has flagged 3 issues with the file:
* 'name' table usability
* 'hhea' table structure
* 'name' table structure

Also the font name shows up as "New" instead of "Future Rot".
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Felicitaciones por la elección de tu tipografía para el juego :)
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Thank you so much for your work man! Really needed this. You're a talented artist
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Thank you for this! : D Used on these;
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Looks really good, but not exact. Very nicely done, regardless. :) Here I was using a modified version of Birth of a Hero. Yours looks much better than that.
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It is actually the exact font used for the game. They just added a bunch of distressing to it. So if you want it to look identical to all the text, that's impossible, but you'd have to add your own distressing, grunge texture or whatever.
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Well if they added distressing to it, then it isn't the *exact* font. :D It's similar enough to pass, that's for sure.

I'm curious, though.. is there something said by Valve that your version is the one they used? If so, I gotta see that. That's pretty awesome.
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looks rather dull to me...
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Shock Value, much?
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Thank you very much, I'm working on womething, soon I'll post the link here so you see what have I done with your font.
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Hello I've used it here [link]
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Great font :D

I used it for a signature here [link]
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Can you please add Accents on the font? Like ` and ç.
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I have used the font in my new I.D. [link]
Thank you very kindly sir for sharing it ^^
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I used your font here:
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you should be credited for this man!
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Wow, official L4D font! That's cool! I'd like to use this... but I'm stupid and don't know how to use fonts. .___.; Help?
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