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fight another day

By brat07
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Many thanks to:

Geisha - ~ladydove7-stock
Cherry Tree - *Alegion-stock
Background - ~anodyne-stock
Japanese Brushes - ~kabutonet
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:-) Japan. Need I say more?

By the way, can you translate the Japanese there on the right for me, please?

Oh, and a :+fav: :-)
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uh huh

according to the person that i got the brushes from its just random alphabets
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The biggest Japanese character ... I knew I'd seen it before! I'm in the process of changing my profile picture on Facebook to it. It means Love. :-)
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i didn't know that - thanks.

feel that i need to apologise for not been active on facebook - been hectic and work with all the FIFA stuff and i'm just so out of it when i get home
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Lol, nah it's cool. :-)
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Nice :heart: chinese pictures......
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very cool!!
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i always wanted to do something japanese-ish
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headspace's avatar
Damn that's beautiful, nice work.
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Great general composition, everything is very well place, love the grainy texture. Verrrry nice, well done! :clap:
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thanks alot - always wanted to do something japanese'ish
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Well, you've pulled it off quite successfully! Good job! ;)
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:bow: thank you mam
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thanks tiger. where you been hiding?
trippin-tiger's avatar
round and about,
started new job at candyapple
will post a link after i finished doing the website. to busy to submit aswell.
how u been?
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I think it looks quite nice overall. Interesting, for sure.
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thank you - much appreciated
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