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Enoby...Way vs. Percevia

I got bored after my algebra exam, so I drew this. :D

It's Enoby/Ebony/Ebobby/Egogy/???/PROFIT! Dementia Dark'ness Raven/Tara Way (you may think she's a slut but she's not) from the infamous fanfic My Immortal and my OC Percevia Evindusk. Can you tell which one's the Mary Sue and which one isn't? ;D ...okay, fine, both seem Sueish, but which one's the MOST Sueish???

I took the Mary Sue litmus test ( [link] ) and Enoby got a score of 200. Which basically means she's some sort of godlike GOFFIK being who needs to be euthanized. IMMEDIATELY.

Materials: Mechanical pencil, manga pens, Copic sketch markers
My Immortal fanfic: [link]
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Dec 15, 2010, 1:08:18 PM
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Tori-the-Eevee1234's avatar
Dare I click on the link...
Chitopia's avatar
xD You're simply awesome~ Your OC is adorable btw :3
AzuretheNerd's avatar
Pfft. Enoby's not pale enough, silly XD
brat-the-twitchy-one's avatar
I would have made it white, but my paper wasn't pale enough to capture "da troo goffickness".
WaterdragonTonx94's avatar
o it does showes the difrence
EvilPandaGrl's avatar
Lol you seriously hate this girl don't ya?
EvilPandaGrl's avatar
Wait-Gerard Voldemort....? WHAT KIND OF RETARDED FANFIC IZZAT?!?!?
YukiSasukeHitsugaya's avatar
My Immortal? The famous Happy Potter Mary-sue fanfic that everyone wants LittleKuriboh to read? xD Lolz
FayetheBookWolf's avatar
This is amazing. Just sayin'
EvilPandaGrl's avatar
oh mai goodness i love your icon -w-
FayetheBookWolf's avatar
We must be 'fkin prepz' to hate her like we do XD
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