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The Egg Thieves

By BrassDragon
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Finally sort of done... at least I gave up for now O.o

...and I realised the scanner here cannot handle A3 paper, so I used my little crafty mind and tried to scan it in two parts, then mend those together....
...which kinda failed since the line in the half can be seen friggin' well! :'( And the scanner also killed the colours... -_-;

Done with coloured pencil yet again, 2008 Sept 2.

A D&D styled Bronze Dragon and two half-orcs.
The half-orcs are trying to flee with a precious dragon egg, and even though they are nearing the exit of the lair, probably they won't be able to evade the dragon's lightning breath.
Bronze dragons, while standing up for justice and good, and loathe killing, do anything to protect their eggs and offspring. This mother dragon just caught one of the trio of thieves under her paw, and is about to unleash its most devastating attack at the two runners - a bolt of lightning conjured from deep within her throat.

I had a looot of trouble figuring out how the lighting of the whole scene should be, and I am still not completely satisfied with it. I also experimented with the colours a bit; I never really used this turquoise-teal kind of colour before, so I gave it a try. I kinda like that colour for the lightning. And in case the guy looking back looks queer around the leg, his right shin is showing. He's trying to jump over some rocks... meh, I hope it looks clear enough. *frowns and glares at scanner*

As always, criticism is well appreciated!

Edit: Tried to fiddle with the colours on the scanned/PC version, in real life the pic is more green-ish and the half-orcs seem to show better...
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Never anger the dragon. Even if the dragon I should very kind and calm, NEVER anger him/her because even the most peaceful dragon is destructive when angered.
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Even kind people have their limits.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Bronze Dragns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Me too. Love Thank you very much for the comment!

~ Brass
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This one drawing is great!
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Thank you!

~ Brass
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I love this Metallic Dragon. Im planning on using one for my next D&D campaign as a Mount for the party members like in the Neverending Story lols
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I have always loved the D&D dragons!!!
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How the hell do you do this??? T__T
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amazing! bronze dragons rule!
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yay crispy hero bacon
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Don't ever steal a Dragon's eggs!
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ooooooh! Nicely done! This pic actually goes with Henham's Bronze Dragon Codex. It has to do with a Bronze Dragon family's eggs getting stolen. The sad thing is that the thieves succeeded and only one child was left.
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I admire that dragon, it looks very strong! :) Great work with pencils, too!
Criticism? Hmm... maybe the rocks in the foreground could have been more detailed, but that's not that relevant. ^^
Wonderful work! :+fav:
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this was done in colored pencil? that's amazing!!!! i especially love how you used so many colors, but they blend so well that they all flow perfectly together. plus, the shading makes it all look so realistic, as well as the excellent facial expressions on the orcs
and what line? i can't see a thing =P
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Awesome!!! This is fantastic for traditional! Colored pencil is hard enough to work with anyway. Kudos for such a cool piece!
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xD YES! IN PENCIL! You my friend are great... =/ its always hard doing it in color pencil w/o messing up on the coloring...

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Bronze dragon, my fav D&D dragon ever! ^_^ Nice pic, you must have patience to do all that traditionally
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Woah, that rocks o_________o''''
Instant fav!
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