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Sapphire Dragon reference, done with coloured pencil 9th December 2008. Colours slightly modified on the PC (as the skanner already tried to eat the colours up anyway, might as well try make it a bit more vivid than the original paper-version).

This is a D&D style sapphire dragon, one of the neutral gem dragons species.

Sapphires are slender, or some say very thin, in build compared to other dragons. They are more dexterous as well, albeit less strong considering muscle-power than some other dragon type of their age.
Sapphire dragons could be considered anti-social as well as quite territorial - they rather live alone in solitude, rarely seeking out any of their own kind even, preferring their vast underground lairs in the Underdark or sometimes on the Elemental Plane of Earth. They do consider the evil denizens of their region as enemies, though, directly confronting them if they threaten the dragon's own grounds.
As masters of military strategy, they enjoy strategic games and favor discussions over tactics than any small talk - known to forgive intrusions, even, if the visitor offers a game of such type (of course letting the dragon lose is not too wise).
A sapphire dragon's scales do not change colour throughout its lifetime, but are rather one shade of twinkling blue; ranging from night-dark to light blue in hue. The scales reflect any source of light, creating many tiny scintillating glints on the walls of caverns.

(Later I might write a bit more about all the gem dragons I drew thus far, but right now I'm a bit impatient for that... I'm happy enough I finally finished this babe :p )

Comments always appreciated.

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