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Ruby Dragon - Reference

By BrassDragon
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2015, 11-12th November. Coloured pencils. Approx. 3,5 hours.

In D&D 3rd edition there is no ruby dragon race - there is 'the' ruby dragon, Sargior, god of neutral dragons, night, psionics and secrets. If there would be a ruby dragon race I would like to imagine its design to be as it is here. The gem dragons created by Wizards of the Coast are amethyst, emerald, sapphire, crystal and topaz dragons, out of which I drew the first three way-back-when.

There were several comments back in the day asking for a ruby dragon or more gem dragon illustrations. With some free time on my hands the above result's been put to paper.

Criticism is always welcome.

Emerald Dragon - Reference by BrassDragon Sapphire Dragon - Reference by BrassDragon Amethyst Dragon - Reference by BrassDragon Crystal Dragon - Reference by BrassDragon
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Dragons are the most divorced among mythical nations, so why not?
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Hi John, and wow to you too! :D Thanks for dropping by to comment! Have a Happy Easter.

~ Brass
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No problem, though I must say that John stands for John Watson and locked is for Sherlock Holmes ;) my real name is Ellinor, but I’ll take that as a compliment :)
Have a happy easter yourself!
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Ahaha! My apologies Ellinor! Your real name is far lovelier. :)

See you around!

~ Brass
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Dude I want a 3d model of this so bad!
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Laughing Where's the insta-3D-printer when you need it?!
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I know, right? This would be perfect for my little sister if it came in 3D!
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The strong red colours here are incredible the design and features look intimidating :)
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ever try a fluffy dragon?  or Feathered?
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Beautiful! It has an appealing motion!
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sometimes ill cycle through these gemstone dragons when working on D&D stuff (im working on a campaign). it saddens me so much that the gem dragons arent a thing in 5th edition.
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Wonderful dragon, and I approve of the choice of color. Accurate, vicious, and nothing I've ever seen before in this category. The scales are especially cool!
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Your work just continues to impregnate me with awe. Your dragons have got to be my favorite dragons I have ever seen, and I've seen a LOT of dragons. 
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I love your dragon sketches!
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Breathtaking ... truly masterful work.X3 Emote :eeeee:
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Wooooo!What is happening with the yellowed claw?  Some sort of magic happening? Love the spikey qualities! The only criticism I have is that something feels how to put this...not gem dragony but more red dragony.  I think some more features that have a gem symmetry or quality to them would set it apart even more.  Perhaps square scales and other geometric patterns instead of the more traditional/reptilian shapes? idk haha.  Still love it!  
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I simply love your Ruby dragon design! I adore the Gem dragon series from D&D and as a DM I try to find ways to bring them into campaigns!
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You ALWAYS impress me. :heart:
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Thank you sweet Sushi! :)

~ Brass
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You're welcome. :hug:
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