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Semi-finished today, 2008 Aug 29th.

Drawn with coloured pencils. This is a D&D style Brass Dragon in her lair's entrance, blocking the escape route from a not-so-wise adventurer. Said adventurer most likely stumbled upon the cave, full of coins and treasure, and to sate his greed he took as much money as he could and headed for the exit - where the lair's owner found him, after she probably came back from a flight or hunt.
Brass dragons are good natured, but just like any dragon, they are covetous and their treasure is of highest concern. Stealing from a dragon is certainly asking for trouble.

The dragon here noticed the stolen coins and is just letting out a rather small "puff" of flames to threaten the intruder. Most likely the man won't get killed, but the dragon will definitely ask for a favour or two from him before she lets him go - perhaps he's stuck in the cave for several months.

The picture isn't finished - or at least I don't know whether I even should. I'm not so sure how to detail out the cave, I never even drew a cave before really lol. Also, I wanted a bit of challenge with the light sources; the sun shines in from the left, and the dragon's face (as well as the man's body) is lit by the conjured fire breath... Dunno if it worked out well enough.

Put this up now so you guys out there can gimme some advice/criticism on it, later I might upload a finished/perfected version.

*mutters about REALLY needing to find a better scanner and camera to put her pics up*-_-;
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I don’t like magpie personality of dragons, but stealing property is a huge mistake. Hope they will learn a lesson. Or... maybe she could make them listen to her endless talking lol
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I love the posture and the concept itself, a dragon scaring a mere human for the fun of it...rather than immediately killing them, maybe he'll let him escape with a warning to bring to his village. To me, this picture tells a hundred stories, that and the coloring is amazing! I love how you did the lighting and the colors of the dragon really bring it out. 
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Hi Indigo, what a lovely comment from you! Thank you so much. This is one of the older pieces that I still look back upon fondly - and I'm glad you do too!

Happy Easter. :)

~ Brass
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cool work. i like the design
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Thank you. :) The dragon's design is from Dungeons and Dragons; designed by Sam Wood if memory serves, or the famous Todd Lockwood. I loved reproducing it.

~ Brass
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i first tought this was a dilophasaurus
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I love your dragons! They are all so cool!
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HOLY GOD! that iz awesome!
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nice brass dragon!!!
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this dragon is from a book i used to have and your other dragons look like there based from it
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well that dragon is intimidating but if only the guy had this!
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i dont know about u, but i would love to sit down and talk with a brass dragon :D
... maby not under thse circumstances though lol
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Now that's an awesome pic. I wonder if the human's punishment is to be "chatted" down to death.
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This is absolutely beautiful! :+fav:
The brass dragon is my favorite!
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Thank you very much for the comment!!:) :hug:
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awesome color pencil work :D amazing stuff!
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Very beautiful!!! (pose, lolors!) :heart:
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wow, this is really great...
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I'd like to see a finished version. This is very good. You are very talented.
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