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Frustrated Brassie Sketch

By BrassDragon
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I couldn't help myself...

Yesterday's added bronze dragon was/is just not fine enough for me (I noticed the face ain't as good as I wanted it to be when I got up this morning...LOL, so I'm working on the fiendish thing here!:p), and now I am at this moment just trying to work off my frustration...;p

So there you have it, an angry brass dragon sketch done in 10 mins. lol how fitting...:p

Done with a mechanical pencil so far, might finish it these days if I feel like it...
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I think it's good. Mostly I draw with a HB graphite pencil. Then I go over it with ink.
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I know this was posted a long time ago, but it is really amazing. 10 minutes! wow. I really love dragons and yours are some of my favorites. The speed with which you drew this really demonstrates the mastery you have over the subject. I'm jealous... Great job! :)
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I like the flanges/crests/ears/whatever they are on the sides of its head. Diggin' it!
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Your dragons are beautiful. You capture what many dragon pictures are missing ... they look agile (even more agile like the dragons by Todd Lockwood), not just giant and heavy and posing.
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I can't draw Brass dragons at all:( You drew this in ten minutes? wow........
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For ten minutes this is fantastic.
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tu est un grand dessinateur !!! ( sory I'm french )
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Oh man, that´s a sketch in 10 min? I am jealous, really, i find dragons faszinating, and .... yeah, i even love this sketch^^
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