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Commission - The Rain Griffin

Colour pencil design finished on 3rd June 2018 commissioned by Dragongirl1026.

The elusive rain griffin, also called jungle griffin, blue-and-gold griffin or rainwing, is a majestic creature only spotted in the southern rainforests of the world. Its relation to the noble northern griffin is visible but not overly close anymore, with its talons and beak meant to crush large exotic nuts rather than animals of prey. However, scholars speculate the creature could and does consume meat as well. This may just be true, because its jaguar sized body would be hard-pressed to sustain itself solely on fruits, nuts and other vegetation. If it does hunt, then its hunting methods must be unique with such an appearance; relying on supple intelligence, mimicry and its dextrous feet.

With such beautiful, striking colours, the rain griffin stands as a spectacle, so much so that locals consider its emergence a blessing and - of course - a promise for life-bringing rain. Observers have claimed the creature is gregarious, playful and cunning, all commendable traits, and even more - supposedly, it mates for life. Such a beast is endearing indeed and some dream of obtaining one as a prestigious mount or pet. Rumour even speaks of a rainwing having been trained in captivity to use human speech, but such boasts haven't been proven publicly. Fortunately most roam hidden away, proud... and free.

The commissioner requested a griffin based not on an eagle but a blue-and-yellow macaw instead. The bright colours were a real joy to draw! The flavour text, too, was fun to make.

Thank you for reading. If you're interested, here's my Commission Info.
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This is so cool!

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Brazilian Griffin!
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Cool and unique concept! 
Had someone just told me of a parrot-griffon, I would be rather perplexed, but you've made it work and even given it an elegant and dignified appearance. 
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Thank you very much. I too was perplexed by the idea at first; then it intrigued me all the more how I could translate the concept onto paper. Those are usually the more fun things to draw in the end - the challenging ones. Oof - I'm glad it worked out well. :)

~ Brass
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I want one!!!
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It looks so majestic!
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Thank you BOC! I'm glad you like it. You have a good day!

~ Brass
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this is best gryphon i have ever seen!!!
ee i LovE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hahaha - lovely to hear, thank you!

~ Brass
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Love the concept and the colors are awesome!
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beautiful drawing of griffin with a blue and gold macaw's coloring. 
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ah, yes it is lovely ^^ blue and gold macaw are my favorite species of parrot besides the budgerigar, a type of parakeet
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i used to have budgies. My favorite macaws are the scarlet and the blue and gold macaw. 
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Budgies are fun to have around ^^ I am attached to hyacinth macaws! Their blue color is breathtaking
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I miss my budgies.  

I agree that hyacinth macaws are beautiful. 
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