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Amethyst Dragon - Reference


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Coloured pencil and (purple) pen, 2008 Sept 9. (Colours were eaten up by the scanner... argh.)

So... as the title suggests, this is a ref for an amethyst dragon, practically just some fiddle on how I'd make/imagine the creature.

Why I needed a ref?


D&D of course has its own gem dragon species (along with the chromatic and metallic dragons, which I DO like to draw very much), introduced in the 2nd Monster Manual ( usual, not my property, not claiming anything my own).
Alas, the gem dragons there had (in my opinion) quite poor illustrations, and I did think they could have a lot of spunk and popularity in the D&D games, if only people could see illustrations of them similar to the Monster Manual I's style (artists Sam Wood and Todd Lockwood did an awesome job on the draggies in the MMI! *.*)

Now about the dragon here...
Amethyst dragons are depicted as regal and wise, but not driven by neither good, evil, order or chaotic whims. Because of their neutral outlook and open mind, they are often respected as judges and negotiators between warring parties, sometimes between other dragons.
Their scales resemble mineral crystals here and there, and shine in a lavender colour which darkens with age.

They also have a very strong connection with the element of earth, preferring deep rocky caverns as lairs, with some of their magical abilities also relying on contact/source of earth and ground.

...If something stings your eyes on the pic, do throw in a comment please!:) (But no complaining that it's a purple dragon, ok? lol)

Other gem dragons

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i still use your artwork as references for the gem dragons i don't care for. these are so well done.