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I'm tryinnggggg.



I now have an Instagram :heart: :#1:



Random Characters 11
A little sketch to start the weekend! Dance! 

I have been testing SAI these days and didn't think I would like it THIS much. It has less features than CSP, but for some reason it's so much more comfortable to sketch. My stylus just seems to actually go where I want, while I feel I always struggle with precision in CSP. Maybe the stabilization in SAI just works better for me.
Alicia Alvarez, The Lie Detector (GLASS CONTEST)
                             (This is my entry to the GLASS contest, the brief description is in the image, but full character description is below)


                                                                                             Alicia Alvarez
                                                                                           The Lie Detector


                    Alicia can see through walls, bodies and even clothes until a certain distance, as soon as her power detects someone is lying.


Due to her power and unknown past, Alicia has grown a mistrust to others since young, making her sometimes uncapable to nurture good relationships. She has a tough skin, and prefer acting alone, making her sometimes hard to deal with in her job whenever she is assigned a new partner. But despite her bad attitude at first glance, Alicia is moved by a great sense of justice and responsability, and is fully loyal to whoever has gained her so rare trust. Alicia is unforgiving with any criminal, but even more so with those who wears a good mask to manipulate the innocent and naive. She hates corrupted cops and authorities deeply.


Alicia is an accomplished detective who has the full respect of her peers and always get the case closed. She has a failed marriage and hard past she doesnt talk about but still hunts her mind, more than she would like to admit. Nobody knows about her power and usually just assume her early blindness must have improved her spacial-awareness and attention to words above the average human, as an attempt to explain how a blind detective can actually be good at her job. A side from using her power when interrogating culprits, Alicia is known for asking weird and inconvenient questions to her partners, surely expecting a lie - just so she can take a good look in the crime scene. She has been recently assigned a very insecure rookie that is constantly trying to please others and impress his boss (herself) by telling lies all the time, making her job actually just much easier. Because of that, people always wonder why she rejected so many other experienced partners, but decided to keep around this complete fool that surely shouldn't even have passed the police exams.


Alicia was born and raised in a very religious family and community. Her parents were poor and rather protective, especially for Alicia was their only-child. When their daugther started showing signs of a deteriorating vision, Alicia's parents didn't know what to do, and asked for help to the community Priest to maybe be blessed with a miracle that would cure Alicia's vision. They tried countless rituals, but unfortunately all in vain, until the day Alicia finally became totally blind. But with her blindness, her power was triggered, although it took young Alicia some time to understand it. When she finally understood she had the power to know when someone is lying, Alicia realized her life all this time has been full of lies and liers. Including the Priest himself, who not only has constantly lied to others but actually committed awful dirty crimes against his own community. In an attempt to denounce the Priest, Alicia told all his lies and dirty secrets in front of everybody. The Priest felt cornered without knowing how that child knew so much about him, and in an impulse made all believe she was possesed and her blindness was a curse by the Devil. Alicia then tried to tell about her powers, but not only people did not believe her as it actually made things worse - for them, now she was clearly talking non-sense, in an attempt of the Devil to break this community. Thinking now their daughter was not ill but cursed, Alicia's parents tried desperately to exorcisize her in innumerous rituals, until Alicia was finally rejected by her community and known as "The Devil's Eyes". Growing tired of her parents, her community and the world, Alicia grew from a naive obedient child to a completely rebellious teenager, until she finally broke ties with her family and past.

No one knows about her past now, but it still lurks in her mind as she came to realize that due to her power she was never able to find happiness; and sometimes makes her wonder that ...maybe she is indeed cursed. And maybe staying blind to the world would have been better afterall.


Inspiration: Think cool as Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99) but more serious than angry, and wit as Carmen Sandiego (classic version, Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?) but as a righteous hero instead of a sneaky villain.
Hey guys! just sharing this little poser app that I personally found super easy and intuitive to use:

I usually hate how annoying 3D models can be to set, but I personally found the controls of this app super easy to use. Currently it's only for iOS, but it seems the version 2 will be for android as well :)
Random Panel 4
Another of my comic's panels!

I love this one but it also reminds me how hard it was to learn how to draw birds just to draw my three first panels lol Surprisingly insects were easier, even though they are much weirder. hahaha
Pose Studies 30 (ballerins 4) (massive sheet)
More of my ballet pose studies! Male dancers <333

Since I have been giving more attention to drawing my comic, I have been accumulating some pose studies to post. I will probably post most of them as massive sheets, but if anyone would like to have them separately, I usually cut them in chunks to post in my Instagram.

I will post these ones there later! I will probably do the same with the rest of my pose sheets if I have time.
Random Panel 4

One of my panels I will probably scrap, but it just looks so cute! Hahaha

It's an old panel from when I didn't know anything about resolution and used to draw quite small, so now it looks terrible! lol But drawing spiders is quite fun.


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TripleIceNeapolitan Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant
I wonder how many people thank you for the many anatomy/pose studies you do, cause I'm going to thank you as well. Really wasn't planning to make a deviant account but after seeing all your studies well I can't keep my mouth shut online.
I haven't drawn anything for seven-eight years. Counting my drawings I did for my animation classes these last two years till the end of my Junior year. I never really got serious with character design until the very start of my Senior year, which is now close to ending. So having these simple yet easy to see pose studies helps me loads as I slowly transition to full body sketches. Proportion is still a pain, but hey I'll get use to it eventually.
Thanks again~!
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Phayros-e-Aquos Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Suas artes são incriveis! não para! XD
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LeskayaRing Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ThanksForTheLlama by LeskayaRing  
QueenCordite Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018   Digital Artist
Your pose refs are so useful! :D Thank you for providing. 
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GrimDreamArt Featured By Owner May 29, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for watching me :)
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