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Psyco Kitty Ref.

Heh heh, ref. sheet for Psyco Kitty. 'Cause he needed one ;)

(By the way, I know that 'psycho' is miss-spelt. It's supposed to be.)

Basic bio of Psyco Kitty (this is subject to change):
Psyco Kitty's original 'home' was an alternate nightmare dimension, where blood and gore is the norm, and happy-endings are non-existent. Psyco actually enjoyed his 'life' there, but eventually he grew bored of this realm, and decided to attempt to leave.
After a while, he noticed that on the opposite side of existence, in another dimension, another being was also attempting to cross into the real world. Psyco Kitty proposed a deal, that they combine their efforts so that they could both phase together. After the other being agreed, the together were able to cross. Seeing each other for the first time, that was when Psyco Kitty met Kul.
Together they traveled, spending most of their time in other dimensions, using their combined powers to influence events, creating worlds. Psyco Kitty prefers blood and gore, usually writing tragedies, while Kul simply wants things to make some sort of sense. Tough they don't always get along, the pair is now almost inseparable, always working together to create new stories.

Psyco Kitty's theme songs:

Stay with Me a While by Savatage [link]
There in the Silence by Savatage [link]
A Gorey Demise by Creature Feature [link]
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