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Artist | Student | Other
United States
I always try my best when I make my art

Favorite legendary Pokémon
Lunala by alolan-sprites Meloetta by CreepyJellyfish Diancie by CreepyJellyfish Darkrai by CreepyJellyfish Deoxys by CreepyJellyfish USUM Dawn Wings Necrozma Sprite by Wildcat1999 Marshadow #802 by pokemon3dsprites USUM Poipole Sprite by Wildcat1999 Meloetta (pirouette) by pokemon3dsprites Genesect by pokemon3dsprites Celebi by pokemon3dsprites Jirachi by pokemon3dsprites Giratina (origin forme) by pokemon3dsprites Cresselia by pokemon3dsprites Arceus by pokemon3dsprites Regigigas by pokemon3dsprites Kyurem-black by CreepyJellyfish Hoopa by pokemon3dsprites Mega Rayquaza by pokemon3dsprites

Favorite Pokémon
Shiny Gardevoir by MidnightsShinies Shiny Mega Gardevoir by MidnightsShinies

My Pokémon team
Lunala by alolan-sprites Mega Rayquaza by pokemon3dsprites Arceus by CreepyJellyfish Kyurem-black by CreepyJellyfish Hoopa by pokemon3dsprites Regigigas by pokemon3dsprites

commissions closed parentally until farther notice
request unknown
art trade unknown

My birthday badge

brandon pagedoll by Darnok69 my OC
brandon pagedoll by Darnok69 My OC's ink form
le pagedoll by Darnok69 dark matter brandon
swap brandon by Darnok69 my OC swap version
Teddy And Poyo Pagedoll by LittleDevilDarling Teddy brandon's son and his peep Poyo
Animated Liya Sprite by LittleDevilDarling my peep liya
Pura Pagedoll by LittleDevilDarling my pura sundrop
Guys look its Freddy :0 by DanDeEdgyArtist my blob freddy
Odin Pagedoll by LittleDevilDarling my adopted Otamatone Odin
brandon cuphead oc by Darnok69 cuphead oc green soda
BrandonTheDarkAngel Fan button by Vickicutebunny
BrandonTheInkDemon Fan button by Vickicutebunny
Bendy Fan Button by JustButtons
Grimm Fan Button by Screinja-X

Me: :iconbrandonthedarkangel:

My Girl friend: :icondannythedancer:

relationship status: not married but has girl friend see above where it says my girl friend

do anything bad or mean to her and you will not like what happens cause I care about her

Group: :iconbrandon-and-karina:

stamps by others:
Peep Dad Stamp by Wishing-Flower Copycat Peep Stamp by Wishing-Flower Rare Peep Stamp by Wishing-Flower Peepling Stamp by Wishing-Flower Story Peep Stamp by Wishing-Flower Newborn Peepling Stamp by Wishing-Flower Demi Stamp by Wishing-Flower V.I.P Peep Stamp by Wishing-Flower Shiny Breeding Stamp by Wishing-Flower 2Cool4School Stamp by Wishing-Flower Amazing Parent Stamp by Wishing-Flower Peep Fan Stamp by Wishing-Flower Brother Peep Stamp by Wishing-Flower

Chocliy Fan! Stamp by DanDeEdgyArtist Brandon Fan! Stamp by DanDeEdgyArtist

Autism by HayaMika Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by HayaMika

Friends: below here and there are more but my ocd wants me to keep it even ad if your mean or rude to them then I will not be happy cause I care about my friends

:iconsheezy93: :iconchocliy: :icondandeedgyartist: :iconlittledevildarling: :icontopsy-turvy-demon: :iconwishing-flower: :iconpeanutzombiee: :icon00theinkjester00: :iconbad-to-the-b0ne: :icontheaumaster: :iconzach-usa: :iconbendyartist15: :iconsoumathedoodler: :iconhirobart: :iconvickicutebunny: :iconwaffleclawn: :iconmonstermaker5: :iconmidnightguilt: :iconserenitymeloedy: :iconnight-wolf789: :iconbeansthecat: :iconmiaminks: :icongrimmixx: :iconmysterycorner: :iconbudderisveryspecial: :iconnoahtigerdragon: :icontsitra09: :iconmousegirlabc: :iconvirtuexecutor: :iconreal-daddy-skull: :iconpastafreak-16: :iconbendythecutedevil: :iconspideyfan55555: :iconmaja-thehoneybee: :iconallythecat1: :iconmariacool1234: :iconhalloweenmew: :iconhyliandragoness: :iconchrystalestia: :icondarnok69: :iconfurbearingbrick: :iconeverything-bacon: :iconlouminouz: :iconnikko-kai-cutie: :iconbloodypapercuts: :iconcampklink: :icontvmiluna: :iconcutelittlepikakitty: :icondannythedancer: :iconb-inky100: :iconpauloddd2005: :iconabbehtheglitchartist: :iconcoffeew00my: :iconsweetedgymemes: :iconnightwingwolf103: :iconskullgirl-2000: :iconjustanartistickid: :icondepressionghoul: :iconderpyperson222: :iconalexandratoons: :iconsnoobs01: :iconk33ks: :iconwardendarkwingartist: :iconjuneartcraft19: :iconjamal2022: :iconprince-of-kats15: :iconmerissa-haruko: :icondanceinggreyfox: :iconxxsparklefoxxx: :iconitsdatbori: :iconheartblissmaid: :iconshadathedgehog: :iconmonokimakun: :iconkittycomics: :icondragonman2455: :iconminrpro: :icondimonds456: :icontabby-katty: :iconmotleylombaxcrue666: :iconxannedout: :iconmangsfox: :iconda-chesire-cat: :iconkova360: :iconblueiceegirlart: :iconannithehedghog: :iconsrnarwhal: :iconrbskullhead: :iconjanithavalance: :iconily-all: :iconhappy-fandomgeek: :iconaquaticfurball290: :icon109renae: :iconhypermedic: :iconrandomcurator: :icondarkmoontekaplant:

I like Invader Zim, Roleplaying, fnaf, bendy and the ink machine, fnac, fnati, minecraft, undertale, sega, atari, arcade, modded minecraft, and nintendo also I'm artist but every now and then while I'm not on deviantart I may draw something. I call myself the gaming king beating games multiple times and trying for 100% so If any one wants help or tips I will help if I've played the game If I haven't than sorry


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I'm broke on points I need some and give to people and maybe give core to people and maybe get core for me some day

I only have 67

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Messing around in Gmod
Messing around with DarkMoonTekaplant I glitched their player model and it stayed that yellow
in about a few minuets I am gonna throw my dam laptop against a wall and destroy the dam thing
Drive Ridley Drive
I'm just having fun in gmod and driving away and trying not to be killed
I should mention I have off work today and tomorrow
Gmod Wierdness 2
again idk why it do that but it needed to be killed with fire cause its freaky 
Anybody have Garry's mod and would like to join me in a sandbox?
Gmod wierdness
what did I do to deserve being surrounded by stretched out bowser jrs 

also don't ask why they are like that cause I have no clue. one day I spawned him in and he did that and scared the crap out of me
Unnamed Hollow Knight character by BrandonTheDarkAngel
Name: ??? this may change when he has one
Gender: Genderless though referred to as he
Species: unknown but referred as a vessel 
Height: ??? but h is small
Width: ???
Parents: Pale King and White Lady but was taken in by a person who travels through dreams and calls him his father sadly he never knew his real parents but became apart of a certain troupe cause of the man who took him in

weapon: his nail
clothing: his red cloak or whatever its called cause idk 

Fact: unlike all other vessels this one can feel things like emotions and is the rarest vessel since it has emotion

Likes: being around his father
being payed attention to
a certain small child apart of a certain troupe he thinks of him as a best friend
playing with toys
his weapon
taking walks
milkshakes and other sweets

dislikes: his mask breaking
losing things
sleeping normally
spikes and saws
his father passing through his dreams 
people pulling on his mask
  • Listening to: Youtube
  • Reading: this
  • Watching: My game
  • Playing: Namco Museum Vol 1
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Moutain dew



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