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It's so great! I like it very much!
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This has to be one of the coolest goddamn things I have ever seen.
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You just gave new meaning to "cunism". One new meaning I actullay like :D
neila-nuruodo's avatar
Wow!  This is very creative.  I don't even know what to say...  Keep being awesome!
vinny-vieh's avatar
my that ist... just... awesome!
redyakka's avatar
That is really cool
Zedrick775's avatar
Really cool! Great work.
RanmaCMH's avatar
AnklaX's avatar
wow! brilliant idea executed brilliantly
WhiteLynx57's avatar
Holy crud that's brilliant! I'd so get a print or two of this if I had money! But favin' will have to do. Do another one!!
BrandonSwanArt's avatar
I did 6 other ones! Seven is good!
WhiteLynx57's avatar
Lolz seven is never enough. It's your duty to show us your awesomeness. Make us proud.

XD I'm kidding but seriously dude this thing looks fantastic! I really do wish I had the money to get a print.
BrandonSwanArt's avatar
Well the prints aren't going anywhere, so set aside a few bucks!
WhiteLynx57's avatar
Oh you know I will!
virineya's avatar
Weeeee, I like your style! Garrus is amazing! Thanks!
TinyOtaku99's avatar
This is extremely awesome, I love it :D
BrandonSwanArt's avatar
Well FINE! Gonna be that way go on and be that way, I'm not gonna stop ya!
You just go on liking whatever ya want like some kind of person with tastes!
AceTucker's avatar
I lllllove it. I love it to BITS.
BrandonSwanArt's avatar
caress it. Call it pretty names.
AceTucker's avatar
Done and done. Quite thoroughly. Some VERY pretty names, too.
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This is amazing! Wow!  You'll probably get requests to do all the other Mass Effect characters in 5...4...3...2..
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