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Team JADE DBZ Forms (Other Pics in Description) by BrandonK10 Team JADE DBZ Forms (Other Pics in Description) by BrandonK10…

So to recap my day, saw the legit CIA at Career Fair, and Wow do they maintain a level of intimidation that is nearly inspiring, turned my kids into legendary warriors (try figuring that one out), and I made a demo reel!

Hey Everyone!

So Career Fair has passed, so I uploaded my Demo Reel, here is the link for that:

Any feedback is very appreciated.

On top of that I got tired in the middle of the day and procrastinated a little on my schoolwork, and turned all of the team into DBZ characters.  Jade’s got Ultra Instinct, Amy’s got Rosé, Diamond’s Royal Blue, and Emerick as a Super Saiyan.

Now that Career Fair has passed, I will be going back to doing more fun tests while reading the Animators Survival Kit, and will be back on Tuesday with more animation!  Have a great weekend!

All Models were modeled, textured, rigged, and posed/animated by me.

All "Jade" Characters belong to me

I do not own RWBY, all ownership belong to Monty Oum, and Rooster Teeth Productions

If you're interested in seeing my Animations, my YouTube Channel is here:…

If you want to be updated on things elsewhere, such as WIP's and Progress, here's my Facebook Page:…

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