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Jade Weapon Test by BrandonK10 Jade Weapon Test by BrandonK10

Compositing is way too fun, I also need to try out Trapcode Particular later, but I'm feeling very good about the current state my pipeline's in.

Hey everyone!

So I'm back at college, and already my workload has increased from last quarter. So I haven't been able to touch Poser until today, but I have some updates for you all. 

-Firstly, starting tomorrow I will start sending out lines for extras, if you are involved, feel free to take your time.

-Secondly, I have finished all intended checkups on the Jade script, so it is likely finished.

-Thirdly, I have been going through writing basic summaries for the episodes of the series, and am on episode 9 at the time of this post. 

-Finally, I feel that I have finished tweaking the blade falloff on the ground to be at a point where I like it. So here's a fun test to look at!

All Models were modeled, textured, rigged, and posed/animated by me.

All "Jade" Characters belong to me

I do not own RWBY, all ownership belong to Monty Oum, and Rooster Teeth Productions

If you're interested in seeing my Animations, my YouTube Channel is here:…

If you want to be updated on things elsewhere, such as WIP's and Progress, here's my Facebook Page:…
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