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Jade Sword Animation (Link in Description) by BrandonK10 Jade Sword Animation (Link in Description) by BrandonK10

Making heavy progress on the animation, going to hopefully finish it tomorrow, here's what I have so far!…

Hey Everyone!

So I recently reinstalled Element 3D and Motion Design in After Effects, since I found the patch for CC 2018, and decided to finally use some semblance of what MD2 is capable of.  So here’s a basic hallway that I put Jade in, kinda reminds me of something out of Empire Strikes Back with Luke vs Vader, except the fight Jade would be in would be even more one-sided.

I also did another image with lightning falloff for Jade’s sword while experimenting with the rule of thirds, so here’s that image.

And to wrap things up, I finished Jade hacking through some Beowolves!  This thing was a pain to render, I needed to render the same scene at least 16 times to get all the plates for compositing and vfx.  Hope you enjoy it, and Critique is always appreciated!  The video can be found below!…

All Models were modeled, textured, rigged, and posed/animated by me.

All "Jade" Characters belong to me

I do not own RWBY, all ownership belong to Monty Oum, and Rooster Teeth Productions

If you're interested in seeing my Animations, my YouTube Channel is here:…

If you want to be updated on things elsewhere, such as WIP's and Progress, here's my Facebook Page:…

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Thank you!
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