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Jade Slashing Beowolves (Link in Description) by BrandonK10 Jade Slashing Beowolves (Link in Description) by BrandonK10

Finally got a combat animation under my belt, chances are I'll be doing more walk cycles until my next one so I can get better at weight distribution.  Also, I will be attempting more of her final slash so I can get better at the physics on her landing, and making her final pose more, realistic to say the least.

Hey Everyone! 

So I just finished the Slash Animation, and included a VFX Breakdown for all those who are interested in the amount of layers this shot had.  I would say that a good chunk of time was spent on the rendering alone, so that was a hell of an undertaking.

Here’s the video!

Hope you all enjoyed and I’ll be back on Tuesday with some more progress!

All Models were modeled, textured, rigged, and posed/animated by me.

All "Jade" Characters belong to me

I do not own RWBY, all ownership belong to Monty Oum, and Rooster Teeth Productions

If you're interested in seeing my Animations, my YouTube Channel is here:…

If you want to be updated on things elsewhere, such as WIP's and Progress, here's my Facebook Page:…

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