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JADE OW Highlight (Link in Description) by BrandonK10 JADE OW Highlight (Link in Description) by BrandonK10

Did a lot of animating this past week, and last night did some sound design.  Feel free to give me some critique on anything you see fit.

Hey Everyone!

So at the moment I’m trying to get my animation skills up to a decent level until I begin production.  Thankfully, I was able to get a lot of quick clips in for Dillon Gu’s discord in an Overwatch Highlight Collaboration.  The final video will be airing on his twitch stream later on.  I’m going to be doing more tests until I begin production.  Feel free to give any form of critique should you deem so, it only helps me improve.

Also, a crazy thing is happening.  The first Jade teaser that I released is almost a year old (January 31st 2017), it’s crazy how time flies, and that a year later I was able to release another animation in memory of Monty Oum.  We miss you Monty!…

All Models were modeled, textured, rigged, and posed/animated by me.

All "Jade" Characters belong to me

I do not own RWBY, all ownership belong to Monty Oum, and Rooster Teeth Productions

If you're interested in seeing my Animations, my YouTube Channel is here:…

If you want to be updated on things elsewhere, such as WIP's and Progress, here's my Facebook Page:…
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