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This print was a loooong time in the making, Outlaw Star is Landon, Paul, and my favorite anime. So in trying to do a print we felt like it had to be the best we could do... that being said, this was a blast to work on! Landon and I penciled out various characters on this, I did the inks and I did the colors, with some assist from Landon. On a special note, Hilda's costume is from Takehiko Ito's Outlaw Star manga, not the anime.
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I love how this came out. very epic looking. Outlaw Star was one of my favorite anime's that I would watch repeatedly. Very underrated too, as I haven't seen much reaction videos on you tube on this. Every once in a blue, I would watch a few favorite clips of it on you tube. XD

I love the overall visual composition of all the characters. In particular, that visual angle stance of Gene has that protagonist material written all over him. It's like a quintessential hero stance. hard to explain, but I just know it when I see it. XD This pic really does capture the magic and epic feel of the anime, just as I remembered it. Good to know there are folks that are fans of this classic anime. From the epic soundtracks, the style and looks, the story, the grappler ship, and that awesome Castor gun, which is arguably the coolest anime weapon ever conceived. The gun shoots magic bullets! XD I would have loved to buy a replica of that gun, and say to my sister, "Give me a number 9!" LOL Those wizards that made castor shells in that one episode were hilarious. XD Ah the nostalgia memories...XD Awesome work. :)