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Brandon Dayton was born in Los Angeles, California in 1977, the third of 5 brothers. He developed a love for drawing at an early age, and after his exposure to such animated films as The Little Mermaid and Akira, decided he would make drawing and storytelling his life’s work.

During his high school years, he experimented with comics, music and film, ultimately enrolling in the Film program at Brigham Young University. During his stint at BYU, Brandon produced and directed four short films, including the award winning Coney Island, and was one of 18 chosen to participate in Orson Scott Card’s Writer’s Bootcamp.

Since graduating in 2004, Brandon has worked as a writer, animator, illustrator, storyboard artist, and concept artist. In 2008, he contributed writing and art to Impact Book’s Making Faces. In 2009 he self published his first mini-comic, Green Monk which was selected for the YALSA Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens Booklist.

He has worked as a concept artist for Disney Avalanche and EA games on such titles as Disney Infinity, Nerf N-Strike and Monopoly Streets.

He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, Annie and kids Lucy and Grey
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New installment is up on
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So I've got this comic I've slaved over for years called Green Monk. I'm now updating it every two weeks. I made this video to explain how you can support the comic on Patreon.
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My tutorial on How To Ink is now free. Please check it out and let me know what you think: Foundations of Dynamic Linework
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How the hell do you only have 5,800 page views?
Lol, I guess my deviantart skills could improve. 
Yours and mine both! And my skills overall!
Gorgeous work Brandon!
Just read your blog, fantastic work. I don't understand wht you meant in the study phase to take notes that are used in the application phase. Could you please explain or give a drawing example because it feels pretty neglected in the article. Thanks so much. :)
Sorry I haven't been around deviantart for so long! I'll put an demo on my agenda, in the mean-time, let me try to explain better:

In the study phase you are trying to learn a principle/technique/skill, in the application phase you are trying to use, apply and play with the skill.

Let's say you are studying composition. For the study phase, you would find a illustration by an illustrator you like, that has really good composition. You make a copy of the work and take notes of what they are doing to make the composition awesome. Sometimes this will take some digging, sometimes you may have to read a book or blog post on composition to understand some of the principles, but most of the time yo u should be able to figure some things out on your own, just by making a copy of the piece and thinking hard about it.

Once you think you've identified some principles from your study, start your own illustration and try and use some of the principles you've just learned to make your won piece of art. Play around with the principles, how can you use them differently or vary them from the artist you've studied? If you make a discovery in your own work, take notes on that too! I keep a document where I just write down notes of techniques or approaches I discover.

Does that make sense?
Makes a lot of sense, and I appreciate the response. I will save this for future reference.
Yo Brandon Dayton, love your drawing tips on your website. They are going to help me take a good look at where my artwork wants to go.