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For those who follow my work and such, just thought I'd make a little update.

I have a nice site made now featuring a gallery, tips, and other things here:

For most of my paintings now, I have a time lapse video to go with them, follow my YouTube channel:

And if anybody has any questions or concerns about using acrylics or any techniques that you can't seem to get down, just let me know and I'll make a video covering it for you :)
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So a lot of cool things have happened in the last 3 to 4 months, especially since I started acrylic painting. I have some paintings for sale in a local shop in Camden, DE, the Delaware Bay Trading Co., and have been in there since December 2011. At the end of March, I'll be in a vendor show in Smyrna, DE, setting up a table, selling my artwork and painting a bit. At the end of April, I'm going to have some [quite a few actually!] of my paintings framed and shown in an art gallery in Milford, DE.

So that's about it for now, have sold a few paintings on my own throughout the last few weeks and months. Who knows what's in store for the summer and rest of the year. Shall be interesting :)
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I'm ready to get back into creating some art. Been inspired recently and I might attempt to start using some acrylic or oil. We'll see what happens.
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Haven't been feeling the best lately. I ran out of watercolor paper in the last month, so I haven't been painting or drawing much at all. Just got some more the other day, so I hope to start back up again. School just started again recently, so now I really don't have much time for anything. Stay tuned.
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So, it seems I've been away for a while and haven't really created anything. Well, that has changed. I've recently been inspired to paint up some watercolor landscapes, so I've just been practicing and trying to get better at doing those. I'm sure at all some point I'll get back into illustrating Dracula and other such things but for now, this is what I'm doing.

The last 2 months were pretty much the Hell of my life, but I've found the way out. I'm back. Thanks to everyone who supports my art or has left a comment. I appreciate all the feedback, always.
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So I've finally finished reading Dracula. Now I'm going to start illustrating most of the characters but it's going to be a while and take a lot of practice. I really want to get good at drawing people, faces, and poses and things like that. On to reading 1984 now, which I've never read in it's entirety - only about half of it but that was years ago.
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So, here's some pictures of my portfolio book I've been talking about. Finally finished it, for the 2nd and final time, and received it in the mail just the other day. For the most part, everything printed how I wanted it to, so I'm satisfied.

Check out the photos below, but also go here for tons more:…


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Portfolio book is done! Only one more week of school left and then I'm done :) For anyone who wants to check out the book, you can look here:
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Working on finishing up my portfolio for college. It's coming along quite nicely but in reality it's still only about 50% of the way there. It pretty much has to be done before Thanksgiving. It's going to be in a book format, so I'm working on designing the entire book including the covers and how the work is going to fit on the pages, etc. Hoping it turns out well, all I can do is my best.
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Stuck on some school projects that I need to get done, but my brain doesn't seem to want to work for some reason. Have been sketching on my own time just for practice, which I don't really get at school. Nothing much else going on, just overloaded with school work that I don't enjoy too much. It all seems so rushed. Hopefully it will all turn out alright.
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School has begun today, so there goes my free time for just about.. anything. Hopefully I'll do some good work to post soon enough. Would've liked to get some more work done before school started but what can I do, there's only so many hours in one day. We'll see what these next few months brings - graduation in December hopefully :)
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Reading up on anatomy and sketching like crazy :)