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I have decided to open up commissions!

You can either commission something from me, or if you want the original copy of something I have already made, let me know, and I will give you a price or tell you if it's for sale or not.

Types of artwork:
Drawing: I can do line art in pen, pencil drawings with shading, coloured pencil, digital drawings, charcoal, or pretty much anything you can think of. This can be of your own original character, a character from something, animals, scenes, or whatever you want.
Graphic Design: Advertisements, banners, website design, logos, typography, posters, photo manipulation, t-shirt design (I can't print it, though), packaging, etc.
Painting: Acrylic, watercolor, or digital painting
Photography: I can sell you prints of my photography or you can commission me to take a certain picture.
Sculpting: I can sculpt small things out of Sculpey and paint with acrylics. This includes charms.

If you want something, but you don't see it listed here, ask me if I can do it and I'll give you an answer.

Most of the work I have done can be found in my gallery.

More specific examples can be found below:
Character line drawing in pen -- $25
Logo design -- Contact me for price
Resume design -- $20
Poster design
Character digital painting -- $35
Charcoal drawing
Sculpey Charm -- $10

Prices will vary depending on what you want. Ask me about pricing if you have any questions at all. If you're interested, but you don't know how much it will cost, just shoot me whatever idea you have and I will give you a price, and then you can tell me whether or not you actually want it.

I have PayPal and will accept payments from that.

Shipping and Handling:
I can ship the artwork to you, but the price will depend on how big it is, and how far away you live. If you live outside the US shipping will cost more.

If you are ordering something on the computer (graphic design, for example), and you don't need anything printed and physically given to you, you don't have to worry about shipping and handling (obviously).

Order Form:
If you are ordering, or want pricing, please fill out this order form with as much detail as you can, and send it to me in a note. Thank you!

Type of artwork: (From the list above)
Media: (What is it made with? Acrylic paint, charcoal?)
Description: (Please be as detailed as possible.)
Style: (Either describe the type of style you want, or link something I have done before as an example of the style you want.)
References: (If you are wanting me to draw a specific character, or something like that, this is where you would put pictures of the character.)
Payment: (Are you paying with PayPal, cash, check?)
Extra: (Anything else that may be important for me to know.)

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