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Kingdom Hearts - Shrouding Dark Cloud



It's been a while since I've done a proper 2d painting :D, let alone anything from Kingdom Hearts! I tried quite a few new things with my process this time around. I used photo bashing with images from Egypt to rapidly prototype the look and overall color pallet of the scene. In terms of painting, I tried a different technique to shade skin so that it simulates sub surface scattering a bit.

Ever since E3 showing off KH2.5HD I wanted to paint a memorable moment from KH. I got in to Kingdom Hearts through Final Fantasy so for me the fight with Cloud in Olympus Coliseum was always really memorable to me :"D! I definitely took a few liberties with the design of the coliseum itself, but I feel that, overall, it still captures the feeling of the place in the game. Also, the name "Shrouding Dark Cloud" is a reference to the music that plays when you fight Cloud(though this song is used in several boss battles throughout the KH series).
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So cool beside settling it the coliseum they will…. (Click on video)