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Kitchinganomodon crassus Scale

.::: Dicynodonts Unleashed:::.

.::.Name.::. Kitchinganomodon crassus

.::.Data.::. Kitchinganomodon was a large if not the largest Permian dicynodont (probably the same size of Rhachiocephalus which shares a very close relationship), very few its known from this creature but it was bizarre in many aspects, the snout was covered by a layer of horn making it look in an odd way but isnt a surprise because many dicynodonts had beaks like this.It probably may have feed on large plants and woody stems.
Fossils of this creature have been found in South Africa (Late Permian 253-250 mya).

::Note: First Kitchinganomodon in dA and probably one of the first ever made.

Special thanks to :iconkarkemish00: who made possible the coloration of this beast, thank you very much.

::Illustration:: :icondarkbinder:
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Was this a real dicynodont species? :D
Bran-Artworks's avatar
Yes, among the largest of its time :D
5aq's avatar
The only thing unleashed about that Dicynodont is it's gut.
Maleiva's avatar
Me gusta la textura.
karkemish00's avatar
Por fin lo subiste :D vaya el primer dibujo de este raro dicinodon en dA y al parecer en toda la web , trabajando juntos resultan muy buenas cosas xD
Bran-Artworks's avatar
Si verdad :D, creo que 2 de los que resta por mandarte tambien nunca los vi en ilustracion :D, por cierto ahi esta la promocion, en el apartadito.
karkemish00's avatar
Muy bien, a ver q tal me quedan jaja
Bran-Artworks's avatar
Uuh ya me imagino :D
mistica0's avatar
Bran-Artworks's avatar
Jejeje a lo mejor su tamaño le permitia dormir tranquilamente :D
HodariNundu's avatar
Por su postura se diria que espera un masaje :)

Bien hecho!
Bran-Artworks's avatar
Jejeje no me habia dado cuenta de eso xD, originalmente iba a estar siendo devorado pero me dio lastima asi que mejor lo puse a dormir :D.
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Jajajaja xD ese estuvo bueno :D
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Very nice, and a cool looking creature. =D
Bran-Artworks's avatar
Thank you friend :D
Shadow-Chaos00's avatar
You're very welcome. =D
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