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The first trailer for Waa Cha! is officially out!!! Our team has already launch the project on RocketHub, please support us! Here is the link… you so so much, people!!! Waa Cha!!!!!!!
Hello fellow deviants, It has been very long since the last time I wrote a journal here. Things changed and I am stronger as a person and as an artist. A few months ago, my partner and I team up and founded Big Bunker Studio, we are small indie team but our spirits and passions ain't small at all =D We will be releasing our first game, Waa Cha! on IOS and Andriod devices soon. Please do check out our blog and thread by clicking at the links below.

I have posted some concept art of the game here in DA gallery

Initial concept design -…
Waa Cha! Character Design -( Sushimoto )…
                                                ( Betty Lee )…
                                                ( Boney Boon )…
Appreciate your attention and loves =D

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Hello everyone, it has been a while since the last time I updated DA journal. After 1 year of experience in the industry, I compiled a new demoreel for year 2009& 2010, and here is the link to it .Please have a look and tell what you think. I am currently open for freelance in 3D and 2D, mostly character design and concept art. Thank you very much, have a nice day.
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It has been months since the last time i wrote journal on DA.

I have already started working as a CG artist for 3 months, gained some new knowledge, faced some new problems, met some new people, did something i didn't do before, perspective widen, skills getting more matured.

Recently i read some comics done by masters Katsuhiro Otomo大友克洋 and 永安巧, again i was impressed by the details they put in their work as well as they way they tell the story so good, it is almost perfect. Compared my work to theirs, mine looks like toddler's scribble.

I have started a new comic series, inspired to do better than my previous work. It is kinda tiring to work at night everyday after coming back from work or during weekend. I can't sleep sometimes at night, i mean i was sleeping but my brain wasn't.

I get fatter, maybe i don't exercise at all, the only thing that i do to make me sweat is not to take the elevator but the stair instead to get to the studio. Unfortunately i usually can't sweat cos the studio is on the second floor =__=

Hot in my room, very. I wanna breathe...
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Today is Wednesday, perfect day for a movie.

<The Curious Case of Benjamin Button> is a movie that worth watching, great story, great screenplay, great actors, great effects, i love the scene where Daisy (Cate Blanchett) was hit by a taxi (sounds a bit wrong =P) as well as the scene where Benjamin (Brad Pitt) visited Daisy at the backstage and got disappointed. My feeling toward these scene are stronger because the young Cate Blanchett reminded me of someone i know, her smile was just beautiful.

For the past few weeks, i spent a lot of time doing freelance jobs, gain experiences, joining contests, fighting to win, sending emails, hoping to find a jobs that suits me well, watching movies in cinemas and in front of my PC, trying to get into another world.

I love the kissing scene in <Blade Runner>, i was simply romantic and beautiful, Harrison Ford was a charming young man in that movie and of course he is a charming old man now =D

I love the world of <Fifth Element>, i still remember when the movie was first screened in cinema, i was still in secondary school i think, i wanted to go watch it but i was too young to go cinema alone and my sisters weren't interested in Sci-fi movies.

<Fight Club> is one of the best movie i have ever watched, before this i never notice the existence of this movie until my colleague, Slaium recommended me to watch. I was blown away. Unexpected ending. Although it was done 10 years ago but i was still being manipulated XD.

I think personally think that <Usual Suspects> is Bryan Singer's best movie ever, a very well told story. <Valkyrie>, his latest work is as well very good, i enjoyed it, but the other people in the cinema didn't seems so, some of them can't wait to leave the cinema even before the credit was out. It is sad that such "heavy" story never appeal to Malaysian audience who a lot of them think that a good movie is all about explosions, special effects and sexy babes...Sorry if i offended anyone cos this is only what i think, you don't have to agree with me =)

Taiwanese movie <Cape No.7> is a fantastic movie, a rare very good movie from Taiwan. Van Fan has always been one of my favourite artist, his acting was not bad at all in this movie. After watching this movie, i fell in love with Chie Tanaka, she might not be those stunning beauty but there is something about her that is very attracting. The songs in the movie are now hit songs, and i think they made the movie even better.

<The Shawshank Redemption> is another great movie, Morgan Freeman's narration is perfect. The story reminded me an old Chinese movie starring Chow Yun Fatt as well as the very popular < Prison Break> drama series.

After being influenced by friends and other comics artists, i watched <Akira> the anime, the first few minutes, my brain was washed, the moment the title "AKIRA" pop out , covering the whole frame, i fell in love with Akira. I would say it is the BEST anime movie i have ever watched so far. I read the manga online before i watched the anime, it is a bit spoiling but it still very very impressive. Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira manga (my senior told me) is the comics bible that every comic artist or comics enthusiasts should have. It is simply GREAT. I would like to ask if anyone here have the whole series or know where to get it, PLEASE tell me, God bless you.

Lastly, thank you very much to those who commented on my previous, i was emo, haha, but I'm okay now, lost myself, my EQ seems very low, i know.

Instead of writing emo stuff, this time i wanna share what i think and these great movies, after all DA is a place to share our thoughts and art.
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It is Valentine Day night. And i'm sitting in front of the PC, listening to Sara Bareilles' songs, painting a painting that is inspired by my niece, Belle, blaming myself for having the fear toward driving, thinking my working schedule...

I think everyone has their own weakness and fear, things that they like and they don't, and my biggest fear would be height and driving, i know i sounded like an idiot. I just simple can't drive well, i get nervous, though i have got a driving license but i don't dare to drive on the road, and now it is the time for me to drive to work soon after i got a job. I was in a bus today, it was stopping at a traffic lights and i witnessed a car accident, the drivers were okay but the cars were not so good.

I hate when people tough my hair, that's why i seldom go saloon or barber shop, i cut my own hair sometimes, just hate the stare of the hair stylists, i just find them very insulting, don't ask me why cos i dunno. I hate when people say "you can't do that, you don't have what it takes". I hate myself, i hate i'm not better, i hate i'm not good enough, i hate i have to sleep 6 hours a day, i hate i'm not gutty enough in many things i do, i hate i can't do any sport,, i hate that i don't have any sense of direction i hate i have curly hair when it get long enough, i hate the pessimistic side of me, i hate that i don't have any friend i can talk to, i hate that i'm getting more and more emotional when i get older, i hate i can't paint a tree right, i hate that i don't have an A/C in my room,i hate the moment when i was crying while i was typing journal...
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Few days ago, i watched something always wanted to watch, The Secret, a very good documentary, about the law of Attraction. I understand it, and im learning to use it =D anyone interested can try to look for the first part in Youtube.

I can't sleep again these few days at night, i dream a lot, all crappy stuff, stuff i don't understand and cannot remember. I think maybe is because of stress, stress on my comic work, cos i was given something new to do, exploring new techniques in drawing and painting, tiring. Stress on finding jobs, it has been more than a month and almost 2 that me and another 4 more classmates for waiting for the reply from Ubisoft Singapore for the second interview, which was promised to 1 month time. Some of my friends have started looking for other jobs already, our original plan of working and staying together might not come true =(

I'm seriously lost, i want to go Singapore because i wanna go out from my comfort zone, be at somewhere different, do something different. Plus working in KL i would have to pay for car, i might even have to buy a car of my own, which will cost me a lot, and spoil my long term plan of saving money for my even longer term plan...I'm lost...

Today, lecturer Hooi Ling brought me and some classmates to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Buddy, Vincent is leaving for his home country tomorrow, he is sad and stressed on something that is bothering him for a long time, hope tomorrow will be an happy ending to him. I didn't lie to you on the palm reading, dude =P

Afternoon, I went for an outing with juniors and seniors, it was suppose to be an art jam but i left earlier, right before it was started =P because i had something else to do.

Meeting the principal again was great, giving my first graphic novel to him is seriously something i wanted to do for a long time. Thank you very much for his teaching again, "always be humble, be a 'ke le fe( extras )' first,learn, slowly make your way up to the top".

Heard a lot of critiques and comments on my team final project, some are good and some are bad, mostly people who don't do animation like, cos they told me they like the way the story was told. Some student who study animation don't like it, they said my team can do better as long as we put more effort on the visual. Mostly people who are experience in the field said we did a good job in such a short period. I understand the reasons why those comments are given. As for those juniors who think you can do better, god bless you and all the best, anything you wanna comment on, please do it in my face or leave a comment on my page or my teamates', talking behind our back is a major disrespect.Like i always say, i swear to God i will try my best to help those who have helped and taught me before and crush those who backstabbed me =D

i remember, i always do.
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Here is the link to our final project that i kept mentioning about, well, it is online now!!

Youtube link…
Vimeo link

Please watch it and comment here, thank you very much, i appreciate your support =D
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Today is 19th December 2008, Friday, I'm sick, sore throat and fever. 9pm, my teamate, Bird and I have finally finished editing our final project, Nature's Roar. Only sound editing is left. This project took all my energy and most of my time to finish. Almost 9 months of hardwork, 4 months of planning, another 4 months of execution. I worked 13 hours a day in the college's 3D lab, from 9am till 10pm everyday for months, sacrified the time with my family, I even work when my father was in the hospital, stopped my freelance jobs for months...

From an idea I got when i was brainstorming with teamate, Hikari in Popular bookstore to an actual animation short, the process was long and time consuming, but the final outcome is satisfying. I dunno how to describe it, i feel relieved and sad at the same time.
There was time i was depressed and unable to control my own feeling when i was given pressures on deadline, but my lovely lecturer, Hooi Ling told me this morning that my team is the fastest group ever to finish the project. Right now, i seriously wanna yell out loud, let all the pressures out, but it is 11 pm , i wouldn't wanna scare my family and neighbours =P

I would want to thank all those who helped us in this project, lecturers, senior, friends and family, as well as those beautiful girls who walked pass the 3D lab when i was working, your beauty fastened my blood circulation and thus speed up my brain functioning XD

Now, i have no idea what to, should i go to Comic Fiesta tomorrow? Should i sleep for like 24 hours a day? Should i start asking girls out or even guys out? Should i continue doing comics right away? Should i tell her i like her, just that i was too busy to tell her before this? Should i apply for jobs already? Should i do things that i have not done before?
Should i go for a vacation?
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Today i feel as if some parts of myself have been ripped off, my housemate, Trung who stayed with me under the same roof for 3 years left the country and headed back to his homeland, Vietnam. I learned so much about computer from him, helluva guy, i treat him like my big brother. My grandma and cousins who stayed at my house for a short visit have also gone back to the hometown this morning. I cannot recognise my little cousin when i saw him a week ago, he has grown so much, from a boy to a young man. I didn't spend much time with them due to college's final project. Only 7 more shots, my team and i will finish all the shots in the short film we are working for months. the college seems very quiet during holiday, very deserted. i had lunch with friends, we talked about what to do after this since we are all practically graduated, quite a lot of friends i know are going to UK for studies. All these things give me a very strong feeling. It feels as if everything that i was experiencing the past 3 years is coming to an end, i hate this kinda feeling, i really do.

All the best my friends.
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This morning, i woke up pretty late, 9.30am, my sis who walked pass my room told me :"hey, that's a parcel for you, it's from Hong Kong." I rushed downstairs at once, it was the Street Fighter Tribute Artbooks. I have been waiting for her for so long =D there were 3 of them, 2 for my lecturers whose artwork are featured in the artbook as well. I quickly flip through the pages and i looked at mine, wow, it looks so so so, ordinary....=___= i realised that many of my printed artwork do not look as good as they are in the monitor screen. Anyway, I learned a lot from all the artwork in the book, i was inspired.

Afternoon, after passing the books to my lecturer, Liang Feng, i walked to the mall near my college, i went to the bookstore to some quiet moment. When I walked passed the magazines section, i saw a teenager reading my comics, haha, that feeling was kinda weird, i was happy that i can share my thought with other people through my work but at the same time i was shame that i did not perform that well in that comic =P

It is a year already, i STILL have not reach the target( i always call my dream a target) i set early this year. I need to work harder. Recently, my passion is diminishing, I'm trying to get it back, maybe i just need more inspirations, seeing peers' achievements would inspire me, provoke me, stimulate me...
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I can't sleep, i got up from my bed and started doing comics, i planned a comic story for a week and i like the story. I designed the characters and drew the rough panel for the first issue while my computer was rendering image sequences in the college. I am very much inspired by my favourite artists Mike Mignola and Frank Miller's work lately. The ways they draw and ink. It takes a genius to come up with these kinda work. I printed the cover of Mignola's work, Hellboy: Wake The Devil ( as reference and learning material ).I looked at it and then i looked at the comics that i did today, i decided to trash them all and start all over again. My main problem is that i am a very impatient person, and very hot-tempered sometimes. I like to do work very fast, at least faster than other people. That's why i rush a lot of my work.In the end, they turn out...some not so satisfying. I dunno what to do now.

I was going to type something here in this journal but in the end my fingers stopped.

I wanna sleep.
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Came back from college an hour ago, the heat is killing me, Malaysia has never been so hot before, the world is changing.

Before going to bath, i watched an old Chinese movie on TV, the fighting scenes are actually better than what we have in Hollywood movies now, but there are lots of jump cuts and minor continuity problems. Worth watching though.

Can anyone teach the me ways of repelling cats away from our house. Cats have been shitting, fucking and wondering in my garden. "God, i hate your creation, why even create cats, they are USELESS. Take them back with you, please, ALL OF THEM..."

I went to office to settle some stuffs yesterday, discussed with seniors about the next project that i will be doing, they gave useful comments and ideas, i kinda have something in mind now, will think about it more.

I printed some great Japanese and American artists' work, all black and white, i really love comics has good balance in black and white, i particularly love :icontimtownsend: and :iconseangordonmurphy: 's work in Deviantart. Check them out!!

Last Tuesday, one of my favourite lecturer, Hooi Ling, who i treat like a big sister said she is worried that i would not find a girlfriend because of my workaholic attitude =P i love my work.

8 outta 10 guys in my class are all single, some are Otakus, some are half hardcore gamers and 1 claimed to a so-called drifter XD the thing that we like to do in computer lab is to stare at girls that walk pass and howl like a bunch of wolves...that actually makes me feel more bad.

I wanna be a better person after graduate, if possible, i would like to travel more, meet more people, speak better English and Mandarin, produce better work.

God bless.
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Dunno what is my feeling now, very complicated.

I have been rendering some shots for my team's animations, so i kinda have some free time to do something i usually don't. Read people's blogs. Strangers' blogs. Wondering around in the internet, Start from a junior's blog, linked to another person's blog, then link to another one. Reading, browsing. Just to realise that, hey, I'm damn lame. My teen life damn dull, i don't feel like a young man, not physically but psychologically. Friends always say i think like an old man and i really can't agree more with them.

Maya crashes a lot lately, dunno why, my comp getting slower and i know why. Bad words that come out from my mouth is getting more and more, i know why as well.

Last weeks, i noticed that i no longer bare any interest toward opposite sex. I do know why,  i was tired ( i have always been tired =D ) This week, I'm feeling... dunno

That freaking poster of my pathetic face in my college bulletin board has finally taken off last week, thank god, but brochures are out instead, fuck. One freaking poster can change a lot of things, it brings good and bad things.

November is coming, time flies, graduation campaign is going on, fucking lots of politics and miscommunications. Tired. Stereotype and narrow perspectives disgusted me. Try to ignore. If bullets are coming, i will prepare for it.

November will be a tough month for dragon boys and girls this year according to Feng Shui, something i believe helped me a lot. Something expected to be happened, just that i dunno how it will be. Prepared.

I'm working hard, drawing, painting, designing, scanning, preparing for THE side project, hope everything will work out, i have been waiting for years for this to happen. God bless me.

Taiwan and China stop arguing, "we are all from the same root", yellow skin, black hair and eyes.

I love the drama "Bruce Lee Legend" .
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My long shot comic has finally ended, i just finished drawing the last issue for Orzsome, a story that i really like. I first got his project when big boss, Mr. Terence aka Botak asked me to draw humourous comic, something i have never tried before. He gave me a copy of another senior cartoonist, C2V's graphic novel, the Gengkey as reference. Chief editor, Sau Lim then told me some trick in making a comic that would make people laugh. I was worried and i was keep thinking about theme for the story in the train back to my home.

After watching a lot of sitcoms and comedy shows, I started to a rough idea. I wrote them all down on my notebook, started to sketch out some characters. After 2 weeks, i emailed the character sheets and story synopsis to editor and boss for approval, and the reply was delightful.

Before actually starting the project, I plan a 6 paged short story about school life entitled Dush!! as a warm up, i still remember i finished the last strokes for that story at 12.35am 26 December 2007, during the credit of a Christmas movie on TV.

January, i started do the project, i was not so confident at that time but after a while, i was starting to have a clearer visual of the drawing and story-telling style. 10 months later, with only utilizing my weekend and leisure time, i finished it.

Characters in the Orzsome were inspired by people around me, Slam has a bit of my personality, crazy and horny, Toddy inspired by my good friend GX, Emobot was actually the combination of my 2 chubby friends, Tat Hoong from my Chinese secondary school and Adrian from my Malay secondary school. Headmaster inspired by Michael Jackson and Miao was added in to spice things up a lil bit only...XD   

Anyway, thanks to those who help and supported me , thank you, God bless.
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Now, 11 something at night. This is just another journal of mine , hehe.

I woke up this morning feeling not so good. I thought i was sick but actually i wasn't, but i felt that i was and i looked like i was. Deep. I did some blocking animation for the final project and then delete them all cos my brain was like being squashed, the animation i have done was all crap.

Tired. Just came back from my another 2 batch of seniors' graduation ceremony. Again, seeing seniors graduating makes me sad cos I'm an emo guy =D The whole thing was ...frankly speaking...BORING, i was only there because i wanna witness that moment, though i was not important at all and should not be noticed. Next, it's my turn, i will be attending my own graduation ceremony in 6 months time.

Tonight, I talked to some lecturer who i didn't see for so long, I'm glad they still remember me. It's weird, i didn't see my guru for so long but they still remember who i am but the new people i met tonight might don't even wanna remember who i am.

Few days ago, when i was having lunch with my teamates, there were 2 girls walked passed our table, my biddy,GX told us :" Hey, i know 1 of those 2 girls, i know her through Deviantart, but i think she can't remember me." I then told him :" Dude, people you know through MSN usually stay as your friends on MSN, they don't and they will not come and know you in person."
Then, a long silence. i think i just told a truth that we all don't wanna admit.

I always know alot of people online, i talked to them online, especially people from the same college with me, we were expressing ourselves well in MSN and online, but when we actually seeing each other face to face, we will act like the so-called "friendship" doesn't exist. Surprising, only 4 outta 15 friends that I have known online actually became my real life friends, 2 come and talked to me and 2 more the other way round. That made me think. Are Asian people too shy or people express themselves better through words or chatting online is simply a way of killing time and no history should be kept in our head?

If anyone think you have something similiar happened to you, please do leave a message. I wanna know. Now, almost midnight. God bless =D
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These few days I'm kinda stressed with the team's progression, i was trying hard to keep the team in track so that we can finish but in the end, i got all the scolding and shits about i don't trust them. Tired. I came back hoe today feeling like throwing up but i still eat a lot cos my mom asked me to =D

I spent about 5-6 days doing a personal project, trying to learn more about 3d that i don't learn in class, read tutorials given by lecturers or downloaded from the net. Today when i was look for some nice movies in the college's server, i found a folder full with artwork people sent for the Dominance War 3, i was impressed and i felt small, and i decide to redo or refine what i have been doing for the past days.

The days of living away from the family ended, 5 years in KL, it sucks sometimes, i got bullied, i got looked down, i got threatened, i got laughed at. Now, i appreciate my family more, i appreciate my dad more, seeing him in hospital bed for so long made me think a lot, and i realised i actually didn't do anything much a son should have done for the past years.

I talked to friends about what to do after graduate, going Singapore to work has became one of my main options.i will see how.
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After a not so tiring day at the college, i came back home, i watched Will Smith's I Am Legend, a great movie, i really can feel the character's emotions, got worried for him. Great movie indeed.

All the sudden i had this urge to listen to Gary Jule's Mad World, i don't have the song in my comp so i went to Youtube to watch the MV. It make me so down emotionally.

I can hear people from another street are screaming, " fuck you, fuck you, fuck , FUCK YOU!!!" , the sound of my housemate closing the door, kid from the neighbouring house is crying, cars is speeding on the main road nearby my house...

I talked to my very motivated and motivating lecturer :iconfireantz83: this morning about i don't like 3d that much, about how i was looked down by people when i started to learn CG painting, about how worried his seniors were before graduating. I am worried. I am worried that with what i have now is not sufficient to survive or to get a job out there after graduate. I spent whole day doing research on 3d stuff yesterday, i modeled something, but i found it crappy, really crappy.

I was drawing comics, continue to work on my comic series, im working the issues 17, issue 9 is now published, i will end the first part of the story soon, i dunno whether to continue the story or not after issue 20. I am worried. I am worried that i will not be having much time to finish the story if i continue to do the story after issue 20 ,cos usually we do 40 issues to finish 1 season. I either stop or continue doing. My final project production stage is near, i don't want to come out with shitty comics and spoil my reputation.

I am worried. God bless my family.
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I just came back from a sharing of the managing director of Ubisoft Singapore in my college's hall, it was great despite the fact that the event was late for an hour D: A lot of the final year students majoring in Digital Animation and graduated seniors were there. I sorta have more understanding and knowledge about how things work in gaming industry as well as in Ubisoft itself. I'm very glad that i have chosen the right path for my future.

I was unable to sleep at night for a week or two, a lot of things were playing in my mind, ideas, things happened in work and college, politic, gossip...stuff, it troubled me, i only have about 4-5 hours a day, and i dreamed a lot during that short sleeping. A week ago, my good friend as well as my lecturer, Jason threw a question i cannot answer. I thought about what had happened to me after the publicity from the college, I'm not complaining but instead I'm very grateful,i can't control what people think about me, i can't change how people look at me, i can't stop people believing in untrue gossips and rumours, sometimes people believe in what they wanna believe in. Some experienced people told me a Chinese saying, " big tree is always shaky " because it has more leaves and easier to be blown by wind compare to small grass. Maybe what Jason said was true, this is a challenge for me, if i can survive this, i will be stronger. Gossiping and backstabbing from people around me, friends, seniors and juniors especially is just something that i should not care too much about cos I have more important thing to do. Yeah, keep pointing, keep scolding, keep staring, keep talking, it wouldn't work, i got used to it =) because i understand the reason why they're doing so

My final project's pre-production is going not bad, whole team is working together, though i might be a bit too "passionated" sometimes =D I just helped another team on their story, most of them love it, though some appeared to be disagreed with me, but I'm glad i helped.

Lastly for this emo journal XDDD, thank you very very much to the college and CG Overdrive for the awards, thank you.
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Kung Fu Panda is a definitely the movie to watch for this year, fantastic animation, great lighting, awesome control over the deformation of the character muscles and fat =D and most importantly funny, although some scenes are predictable for animator like me and my friends but most of the audience in the cinema found it new and laugh at it ( which is good ). People, go watch! i Heard there are 2 Malaysians involved in the production, good for them, hopefully one day i would be like them.

Some of my seniors went for their first job interview today, although i'm junior then them, i actually "witness" them start doing final project till they graduate and then now they are going for interview. This also mean one year later or maybe earlier then that, i will be doing the same thing. Anxious, nervous, motivated and afraid.

My teammates have chosen me to be the leader for our final project, thanks, i will be working as hard as possible to make this thing happen, help them as well as myself get  better jobs. At the same time, i need to control my temper, sometimes i get too picky and get upset at small lil thing...

I received some motivative SMS from Apoh,my colleague as well as teacher who taught me so much these 2 days, reminded me that i had stopped drawing comics for 2 weeks because of my workload >__<  for those who interested in knowing my struggling of becoming a comic artist, do go and get yourself a copy of Gempak's 10th anniversary special edition issue, there will be a 2 pages of comic about me =)

Sometimes, i asked myself, how much more hardwork, how many more sleepless nights, how many more years do it need to make more people look at my work, to appreciate my work, are 5 years long enough? Then why am i still the same, i tried almost every styles and genres that are popular in Malaysia, French style, manga style, love, adventure, horror , sci-fi , humourous... why i don't even deserve to have my own graphic novel? Not blaming cos i know even if it is published, my old work will only sell about 1000-2000 copies max...which is fucking bad sales.

Some people asked me the reason why i major in Digital Animation, since i'm a not bad painter, some rude one even asked me to fuck off and don't mess thing up in animation course cos i'm not talented, i might not be talented but i will be one of those who is the most passionated. I can paint for a reason, not because i'm so called talented. Dont try to discourage me , it only make me stronger.
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