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Winter Wonderland

My entry for this month Gnomon Workshop Challenge, took me about 15-17 hours to finish , it is actually an idea my sister helped me with. This painting is the sequal to "The Flying Parade" [link] which i had done last holiday , if you noticed, i redrew the kid in this picture. I hope you will like it and comment please. Thank you very much, happy holiday and Merry Christmas =)

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It's so pretty! And enchanting! And very, very, charming. I love it. :heart:
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This is beautiful!!!
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I am in love with your artwork! I've already favorited like five of them. xD
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brilliant work.
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This is wonderful! thank u for being so inspiring! :)
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ooh that's amazing ! i love the idea
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i love the imagination in your work. this one has to be one of my favourites (: it's like it's from a child's perspective, a kind of sweet innocence, and that is brilliant. love it.
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This is a piece of magic! Reminds me of the christmassong "It may be winter outside" (but in my heart its spring). Playful, cozy and wonderful! Amazing job! :)
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aaawww isnt that cute!
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wow I really love this style, great work I love the lighting
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Wonderful work! :)
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You're very welcome! :)
Wow. I love the colors and that little boy under the monkey who looks like hes gone tarzan. lol.
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i bet tat seahorse is yong kang in disguise ! hahaha !! "hello little girl ~~~"
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wat da fick, no, it is actually ting cheng..
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wow!!!very nice le!!!!! XDXD
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Definitely a wonderland - its so nice how each of your characters have an expression or presence -

the sea horse looking back in a caring at his rider.
the elephant smiling in satisfaction
the trio of birds watching the show.

Thanks man for sharing this wonderful piece of art

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