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TinToy Express by bramLeech TinToy Express by bramLeech
TinToy Express, a painting that really reflects my thoughts and art styles. I reused some of the characters from my previous artwork, for instance, Papu Papu from the series [link] the Baboon Gentleman and Chinese Dragon from Flying Parade [link] as well as the Glowing Chicks from Farmland Parade [link] . Besides that, there is also a boy character with a helmet that will help him fly like Dumbo ( inspired by a friendly joke made by my friend on me ) and Mr Hamster created by a good friend of mine [link] .

Thank you very much for viewing, I hope you guys will like this painting that took me 2 weeks to finish. Have a nice day and be prepared because TinToy Express might come to house to pick you up soon =)
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The magic of childhood imagination. It has given us the ability to search on quests for princesses, travel around the world on a giant robot and even appear in places that we could only find in our wildest dreams. Truly, it was an amazing gift to have had. "TinyToy Express" by *bramLeech, is the pinnacle of childhood imagination and has shown us some forgotten things both wondrous and out of this world.

If there's one thing that just screams out at me, it has to be the amazing use of colors. There is a rainbow's worth of color on display and its all eye-popping in such a way that it makes it hard to pull your gaze away from it. From the glowing lights out of the windows of the TinyToy Express to the fluorescent stars and the rocket booster behind the toy robot, it all just catches your attention and never lets go. In addition, its hard to overlook the great detail placed into this piece. Everything just look amazing and you'll even find yourself looking through the piece again and find things that you may have missed on a first glance. You can almost imagine the train cruising leisurely along the track on glowing wheels with its many acquaintances that are also along for the ride.

TinyToy express truly embodies the great power of childhood imagination and manifests itself before you as if to let you know that it will always be there for you, even if you don't know. A stellar piece from first glance to the last. Good work. :salute:
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From the twilight of childhood memories comes the TinToy express; chugging along the tracks of dreams and the wildest of innocent flights of fantasy!

A riveting piece with a myriad of details merged together so seamlessly, that they seem to blend in and perfectly fit into each other..

The TinToy express seems to be literally powered by the magic of a child's faith in his dreams and it pulls you into a world where anything is possible! A whale that has hitched a ride, a small jet accompanied by flying paper planes, small spaceships like contraptions with flying robots and a bubble with magical creatures from the deep and a dragon whom we cannot fully see; have all come together for the ride of a lifetime ~ and one can't help but be charmed by wondrous appeal of it all.

Be careful, watch your step... its an Adventure! ~ You may find yourself aboard the TinToy Express if you are gazing at it for long... :) :heart:
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BenjaminHaley Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014   Digital Artist
hi your art work is feature here :D Awesome Artwork Feature
LegendaryRey Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
artbydiannefries Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
I love it
WanderingSeeker Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Thank you so much for contributing this piece to my new group! I really appreciate the support. :dance:
#SeekersOfWonder :popcorn:
(Wanna check out the group? Follow the link to see more amazing work.)
chameleonskyes Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
The colors are absolutely stunning. The characters all look so lovable (I adore that octopus, by the way :heart:) and the entire picture just takes my breath away. :heart: :heart: :heart:
renatoklieger Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional Filmographer
pimpaladettesdude Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
thats so neato :D i like that circus train o3o
Jesusdragon737 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Why is the dragon's head on the right cut out? It feels like it was just cropped away :(
MiyaMiBE Featured By Owner May 5, 2012
Your art reminds me oddly of Cloudy with a chance at meatballs MY Fav movie. for some reason i want to chew it like a piece of gummy cute candy !!!!(weird i know)
ChieuMua Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012   Digital Artist
This is so beautiful !!!!! I really love it
Bess93 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011
Wonderful!!!! I love the colours!! :D
GnarlyRockerchick Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's incredible I absolutely love it [:
arkangel92 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011
congratulations on winning at the contest! :clap: this is a great artwork! :D
chiutina Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Very cool~:la:
maiks-heart Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
Woah this is truly amazing! The colours and the ideas in this are brilliant :love::la:
venkatvasa Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
one of the brilliant art and idea, colors are superb :)
kohlsen Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
really funny!! ---- -
JamesKnoke Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! That`s fantastic art!
RoxburyPiper Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011
Sheer genius.
Mishelangello Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
Very beautiful!:iconomgsocuteplz: :iconclapplz:
TheArtofDesigning Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
freaking awesome drawing bro... keep it up..what application do you use here?
Skillionaire Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010
gosh i really love the stuff you do...the atmosphere reminds me of 'Spirited Away'
Bokk-oncino Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010  Student
I love it! **
Siragrays Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really cute its look like a dream, wow, you can made your own cartoon, and if you have it, sorry for not know it, XD just leet me know :3
darknesdesing Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010
inejwstine Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It reminds me of the Polar express, and that makes me happy! ^^
SuperNeo Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
like the pavian on his flyin vehicle :D
aLoVeRs Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing amazing artwork...bigfans
craPMoron Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
WOAA, its so AMAZING!!
hippiedid Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010  Student Digital Artist
That is sooo awesome!! Awesome work!
tseby Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love all the ideas you put into it, for example the whale on top of the train. It's very creative and the colours you chose fit perfectly! Great work!
silver-elena Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
This is so beautiful and inspiring just like the Flying Parade. I love this :)
rockingonion Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
Fantastic arrangement!
Dygera Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome colors^^
DayJaVu Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
So fun! Reminds of a more animated and carefree version of the Polar Express but this train is year long :) COngrats on the win!
tanya3286 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010  Professional Writer
journal feature - [link] ^^
its such a breath taking piece ~ the stuff of all our childhood dreams really :heart: I loved ur piece the most, of the 3 winners :meow:
It just makes me wanna be young again and be able to recreate dreams like this :heart:
Pia-Laverick Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010  Student
This is truly stunning! I love it so much!
mohacsy-dot-com Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010
hot dogs
loukapics Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010   Photographer
This really is magical, so amazing !! - HUGE congratulations on the contest !! :party::party::party:
Drangelu Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
its magic!!
congratulations!!! :D
konnichipuu Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
Beautiful. I love all those crazy details and the brilliant colors. Just wonderful artwork!
gilderic Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Fantastic work !
SnappingSausage Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome :D
immortal-death-13 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
CONGRATS :) IT IS SO CUTE..AND CREATIVE,.... OHHH COLORY :p AND THOSE DETAILS... :) GOOD FOR YOU... GREAT WORK..A MASTERPISE .. i think every little child would want this art work on its wall .. :):flirty:
Raiderladd Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Congratz! This is great.
RedRoronoa Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
It's just amazing how much time and effort was put into this, and 2 weeks... thats alot i have to say.
Great Job :D
venkatvasa Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010
lovely work and colors...i like it very much.
MapleArea Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010
BeenKilledFree Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome, sums up the child-like curiosity and imagination most of us on DA obtain. Wonderful job (: I'm glad you won third place.
fanitsafantasy Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
By far the best among the three winners:-) Congrats to you my dear:-)
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