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Thunder Han Tian Lei

By bramLeech
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My second entry for Comic Art Challenge In conjunction with the release of Hong Kong movie "Storm Warrior" directed by Pang Brothers. The contestants were required to design a new character that can be related to the movie.

Since we have Wind and Cloud, we might as well have Lighting and Thunder, and so I created this character and named him Thunder 旱天雷( lighting during drought). This painting was done way faster than the first one [link] around 4 night after work, the idea just came to me, i couldn't help painted him out fast.

Thanks for viewing.
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that was a very good movie. i always wanted a thunder and lighting guy....... they had frost but no fire. but love the pic
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awesome work ....
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AWSOME ! please post a tutorial! i really want to be as good as you
greatblade12's avatar
cool! all the work you do is cool! could you post some tutorials
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Very awesome! I've seen this amazing picture on the Bëhance Network, nice to find here!
chuaenghan's avatar
wow really nice!!!
bramLeech's avatar
Thanks!! Malaysian =D
Fallencypt's avatar
Nicely done. I prefer yours entry over the first price. Congratz Chin Hoong!
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Thanks!! I saw u but u didnt c me XD urs is great oso mar
Fallencypt's avatar
My cousin and his friend kept me bz that day. I was praying real hard for his Catagory A entry to win T____T. Letz go yamcha someday =D
bramLeech's avatar
I see, hahaha, sure y not? just let me noe wen u r free =D
Fallencypt's avatar
Alrity! I'll note u at facebook =D
KaelNgu's avatar
very strong impact, i din know we supposed to draw an illust style to them, i submitted something like character art; da "posing type" lol. anyway I think u sure one of da finalist rite??:D :D
bramLeech's avatar
thx man, yeah, 2nd place, hehe...
KaelNgu's avatar
woo gratz!!:D other entries sure geng2 oso...:nod:
Saberox's avatar
Cool character design! Gook luck with the Comic Art Challenge! :thumbsup:
dmaland's avatar
I really like the "spicing up" of the blue with the splash of orange light. Nice!
EmoAARtist93's avatar
Oooh. =) Very cool colours. And nice contrast. :giggle:
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anthogonist's avatar
Mmm... I'm loving it(C):slow: No seriously, great work!
JexicaL's avatar
whoa~ this is nice~!
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