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RIFT - Water Colossus

Third entry, took me 2 days to finish this piece, it is kinda a breakthrough for myself. Hope you guys like it, thank you very much.
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This is cool and all, but.
I kinda sniggered at that.
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I love it, this whole living reef idea is fantastic!
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I wouldn't have expected a ship as part of the body (though it makes total sense); creative, and very well done.
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WHO LET THE RIFT OUT lol :) nice 1 bro
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this is the best artwork I haven see! Seriously it's so AMAZING :)
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An extremely high quality painting, its definitely shouts out colssus!
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Wicked creature! Would make a good Pirates of the Caribbean monster too! ^^
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this is the best among 3 of them.....epic =)
**onli the face im nt reali sure its a face or jz a kind of arrangement of coral n sea shell n formed a face :)
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He is a very powerful~~~I like it~~~~
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Like? I LOVE it, WOW!
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i like how it's made up of boats and animals and coral :3
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This is, in my opinion, the best one so far. Really, really cool!
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A really good design. Would totally work in the game. A potential winner.
The details are great, the anchor, the boats, the pufferfisch in the arm...

You want a crit? Lets see theres not much to say anything about.
The left arm looks a little short, its unclear to me if it is like this because it goes into the background or because it actually IS short.

The lightning in the lower right part (leading nicely to the human) is a tint too bright for my taste. Compared to the other lights in that picturea area, this one really flashs and is a rival to the contrast right above/ behind the monster. (Where we want to look)

Anything else? Peronally I would open the crab's hand at the right a little, to show more of what it is.

Hope that is usefull to you. Keep up the good work.
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I am kind of confused how this doesn't have more comments.

Let me help.

Oh dear god this is amazingly good.
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