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RIFT - Fire Colossus

By bramLeech
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Second entry, Fire element =)
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swa59's avatar
I DEFINATLY wouldn't want to fight that! Excellent job!
AbaddonLord's avatar
I can't see it! RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!
Upload it again please <3
Skillionaire's avatar
HOHOHO now this is a colussus...v v sexy im loving it!
Artistic-dribbles's avatar
Amazing work on the colors/flames.
culdesackidz's avatar
love the fire detail
Gx89's avatar
Good job bro!! win jor cheng sik!
bramLeech's avatar
hahaha, ok ok nia this one, haizzz,got one more better one coming soon =D u come back, u win or not win i oso will belanja u makan one =D
Gx89's avatar
xD dont worry you boleh one, i will wait your good news. :D soon soon :D
bramLeech's avatar
hahaha, okieee, when harr r u coming back?? cant wait 2 hav gathering with u guys XD
Gx89's avatar
soon, 24th will be reaching msia. :D yea me too :(
bramLeech's avatar
waaaa, nice, i ngam ngam finish a project dat day, can come put lepak liao XD
Gx89's avatar
yes!! xD I will see what I can do, probably on 24th cannot, sure kena leave that day for family dinner haha. Hopefully next few day semua orang would be free :P ah beng dunwan come bak haih sad :/
bramLeech's avatar
ohhh, it is ok de la, hahaha , harr?? who is ah Beng, i had a fren last time named ah Beng wan la, but he is DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD XD
Taffi-Chan's avatar
He look defeat-able. LOL JOKES! He'd pwn me in 2 seconds
Mounthrize's avatar
I can feel it's evil look o:

Great job! :D
dragonballzmaniac's avatar
SO AMAZING!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!! :wow:
Hikari151's avatar
yeah very nicely done :D
bramLeech's avatar
dmaland's avatar
Love that "Sauron-ish" look. Great armor, and the fire effect look very good.
neji-is-gr8's avatar
wow! that has so much detail, i love it
ScotiaRaimu's avatar
Art is nice. its Deathwing mixed with Ragnaros. I don't think rift wants to rip off wow that much... oh wait...
ScotiaRaimu's avatar
Want to add a disclaimer that this is much better than anything I would be able to do. Don't want to sound mean or anything.
Vaejoun's avatar
Now thats a big one. REally great and intimmidating
RaczTamas's avatar
The raw power this image radiates... :D
Awesome. Hope you win. :)
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