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Dwarven Warrior

A Dwarven warrior I did for my partner to model as a 3D low poly character. Did this during weekend in about 4 hours from scratch, this is the first time I did character design for low poly, not sure whether I did it correctly or not =)
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Bombur, if he were cool.
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Beautiful !!! This is th Dwarf people'e spirit !!! GRIMNIR !!!!
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Really love this piece
OuroborosI's avatar
love the style of the shield belt and hammer
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It looks like the dwarfs fro WoW. Coincidence?
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As always, you create the most exquisite pieces of art work ever. I love it!!
gilanthegrey's avatar
looking good, i would like to see more dwarfs
Dwarfenstone's avatar
Wow i love the Hammer ^^
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wow great work man,looks awsome ! ;)
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Looks good. The beard seems draped a little off to the right.
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Greats shield! Brilliant!
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love the shield its pretty badass
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please post the low poly model. i am curious to see how it looks
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Love that "heavy" look.
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It's my opinion that the person who makes the low-poly model is the one who will do it "correctly" or not--it's about interpreting the design more than what the design actually is in most cases, though hiding his hips and legs will certainly help. :) What is the target polycount range?
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