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Cammy VS Akuma

Fanart i did for Udon Crew's Street Fighter Tribute Artbook. I forgot how long i took to do this. In comparison between my work and the other artists', mine looks crappy >_<

Cammy and Akuma copyrighted by Capcom
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Just impossible for Cammy to beat Akuma
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cammy whooping akuma? NO WAY! but the exaggeration works quite well. So I take it that this went into the book?
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Sweet! I hate that guy! :highfive:
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It looks great. They probably had so much Cammy and Chun-li that those were the hardest to get in the book. But I really like this one. I wish it had made it in there.
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I have a feeling the tables might turn in this battle... :o
Awesome work!!

love the colours and style. you're very talented.
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o yea and btw you saying that yours looks crappy compared to the other ones i bet that a lie your like legendary status plus if udon wanted you that mean YOUR BEYOND LEGENDARY STATUS haha and mine is the one thats gunna look crappy compared to everybodys haha
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i know you proly dont care but im doing a cammy vs akuma pick too but instead of a kick to the face its a backhand punch to the gut haha
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wow thats just amazing, i really dont know what to say, its just soo amazing i love it, street fighter never looked so good lol
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thank you very much!
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ehhe your very welcomes anytime, keep up your amazing work, i just love it so much :D ^W^
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i saw yr art work at comic king and gempak ^^ keep it up bram! this is actually 1 of my fav
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thanks Daniel, u look very familiar, i think i saw u in 1 of da juniors' short film =D
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I think it looks amazing! It's a breath of very fresh nice to see Cammy without her ass or boobs hanging out, but actually emphasizing on her and her abilities. One of the best Cammy pics I've seen!! Awesome!!
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thank you very much!!
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For years, I've always had a vague idea for an art-style I wish I could utilize, but haven't reach the level of skill required to pull off. I've never even seen any pictures from countless talented artists that matched that vague look in my head. It never felt like anyone else had found that right balance of cartoony exaggeration and conventional structure.

The way you drew Cammy, however, is exactly the way I wish I could draw/colour anything and everything. The line-art, the pose, the angle, the expression, the movement, etc. I don't even care if it's not "anatomically-correct". It's freaking perfect.
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kick ass, nice work
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hush~ lawanya!! very beautifull and NOT crappy! fine use of colours and... wawwiee... seksinye~ Hebat!!! fantastic!! :sun:

wei, apasal namo kena hempap batu sekali dengan slam? tak aci la wei~
tidakkkk!! trauma!! trauma!! :sun:
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haha, thanks!! har, dat issue is out!! i didnt noe ,haha.....
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