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Baby Sis by BrainyxBat Baby Sis :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 1 0 Childhood: Finn's Siblings 2 (Pixie Scene) by BrainyxBat Childhood: Finn's Siblings 2 (Pixie Scene) :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 1 0 Childhood: Finn's Siblings 1 (Pixie Scene) by BrainyxBat Childhood: Finn's Siblings 1 (Pixie Scene) :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 0 0 Childhood: Eve and Kane (Pixie Scene) by BrainyxBat Childhood: Eve and Kane (Pixie Scene) :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 1 0 Give Finn a Lead Role by BrainyxBat Give Finn a Lead Role :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 3 2 Finnus- Don't Cry, Sweetheart by BrainyxBat Finnus- Don't Cry, Sweetheart :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 3 0 Taranin Kiss by BrainyxBat Taranin Kiss :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 4 0 Marmba Kiss by BrainyxBat Marmba Kiss :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 0 Finnus Nighttime by BrainyxBat Finnus Nighttime :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 0 Mars Lounging by BrainyxBat Mars Lounging :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 0 MK and Nod Cuddle by BrainyxBat MK and Nod Cuddle :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 4 0 Venus College AU Outfits by BrainyxBat Venus College AU Outfits :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 3
Ticklish Insistence- Again!
Ticklish Insistence- Again!
Summary: Venus thinks that Mandrake has finally given up on her after his attempt to tickle a date out of her fails; unfortunately for her, he hasn't.
On a nice, sunny Saturday at Moonhaven University, three college girls were lounging outside on the roof of one of the dorms, clad in swimsuits. These three girls were Tara Knowles, her best friend Venus Woods, and her twin sister Mars Woods.
Redheaded Mars was wearing black high-waisted bottoms with a crochet overlay panel on the front, a black tankini with dark red and navy stripes, black and red Converse flip-flops, and a black straw visor hat, with her black and red ombre hair down. Brunette, dark-skinned Tara was in a yellow bow bikini top with halter straps, yellow and green floral high-waisted bottoms, higher than Mars', black round sunglasses with purple lenses, and yellow jelly sandals with her hair in a French braid. Green-haired Venus wore Ariel scales bikini bottoms with a skirt-like ruffl
:iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 1 0
Ariel RBTI Mermaid Scene by BrainyxBat Ariel RBTI Mermaid Scene :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 15 28 The Princess and the Leafman (Pixie Scene) by BrainyxBat The Princess and the Leafman (Pixie Scene) :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 1 0 Queen Venus 1 by BrainyxBat Queen Venus 1 :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 3 0


Princess Peach's Outfits by roseprincessmitia Princess Peach's Outfits :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 57 9 My Movie Cast Template by roseprincessmitia My Movie Cast Template :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 195 59 Great Personality Story by Peppermintpony899 Great Personality Story :iconpeppermintpony899:Peppermintpony899 8 1 where is the love by captianJthgamemaster where is the love :iconcaptianjthgamemaster:captianJthgamemaster 5 0 The Willow tits by xXDustyRiderXx The Willow tits :iconxxdustyriderxx:xXDustyRiderXx 10 7 Feet Reference by Kibbitzer Feet Reference :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 17,976 319 Valentine's Day: Max and Roxanne(Read Description) by SereenaG Valentine's Day: Max and Roxanne(Read Description) :iconsereenag:SereenaG 48 11
Big Hero 6 - Save The Date
Disclaimer: Big Hero 6: The Series is owned by Disney Animation. The almost literal novel down below, however, is totally mine.
Now, let's get awkward up in here.
Save The Date
San Fransokyo is a bustling city. That would never change.
What can change, however, is what's inside. In particular, the places and people.
And even more in particular, one Hiro Hamada.
Less than a year ago, he was a rambunctious teen only eager to find out when the next bot fight was taking place. Now, he was a current student of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, leader of the superhero team Big Hero 6, and a soon-to-be patron of one of those new places that the city was granted.
Where exactly is that Hamada kid, anyway?
"I wouldn't have personally gone with Rockwell with the lettering, but that's just me."
Ahh, there he is. In line. With his aunt. Talking about fonts.
The Hamada duo were currently near the front doors of <em>
:iconarctimon:Arctimon 2 0
Lounging Base by MiharuWatanabe Lounging Base :iconmiharuwatanabe:MiharuWatanabe 21 2
MamaKo's Secret~!
Jack Wave Plz 
However, there will only be 5 slots available for this one. My commissions are open, and I do prioritize those, but this is purely self indulgent.
Unlike other times, you have to follow a theme for these requests. This theme?
Markiplier Dancing Scopophobia LINGERIE~
Yes, lingerie. Ranging from innocent to downright racy
Now for the rules!
1. As stated already, I will only be doing 5 so as not to overwork myselfSans Nervous Icon 
2. The process of me choosing which to do is random[UT ICONS] Sans Shrug 50x50 ; it will not be first come first served
3. The character has to be humanoid. Other than that, any species, any color, any gender is free game. You want your pastel green unicorn boy in a babydoll?Undertale Sans Brows Emoji 
:iconmamabearhuggles:MamaBearHuggles 4 13
Brave Cat by MiharuWatanabe Brave Cat :iconmiharuwatanabe:MiharuWatanabe 25 5 couple base 1 by invaderemo couple base 1 :iconinvaderemo:invaderemo 20 3 Tiana outfits by Raeofsunshine101 Tiana outfits :iconraeofsunshine101:Raeofsunshine101 20 6 2 by Mropancake 2 :iconmropancake:Mropancake 36 4 Ice Age 4 humanized dump by InYuJi Ice Age 4 humanized dump :iconinyuji:InYuJi 185 48
My favorite movies!
Epic Stamp by MiharuWatanabe Disney's Robin Hood Stamp by Allendra3 Stamp: TLK by Riza-Izumi RotG - Logo Stamp by FairyQueen23 Jiji's Family by azianwolfdoll Wizard of Oz If Only Stamp by ladyphenyx Ponyo, it's you by GriffinMyth CatCF stamp by ExBodie Breakfast Club Movie Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Nightmare Before Xmas stamp by 5-3-10-4 A Goofy Movie Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 +Men In Tights+ by InuYashaSesshomaru Big Hero 6 Stamp by EclipsaButterfly
My favorite shows!
rugrats stamp by laur-star All Grown Up Stamp by katamariluv Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoons Sam and Cat Stamp by EpikBecky Tom and Jerry stamp - commish by rainbeos the BIG BANG theory by Citron--Vert
My favorite characters!
Epic 2013 Finn Stamp by BrainyxBat Bomba Stamp by BrainyxBat The Lion King 3 - Uncle Max Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Friar Tuck Stamp by BrainyxBat Chuckie by ginacartoon Shenzi Fan stamp by Konyhyuga-sama STAMP - Violet Beauregarde by Da-sama Jenny Tinkler Stamp- Big Time Audition by BrainyxBat The Little Melody -Stamp- by Sultana-Stamps MySims Violet Stamp by snwgames Harley Quinn Fan Stamp by RiniWonderland The Big Bang Theory- Cinnamon Stamp by BrainyxBat Raj fan stamp by scribblin Kuromi Stamp by blackheartqueen Chococat Stamp by luneves Hello-Kitty stamp by RikkuRenee Big Hero 6 Wasabi stamp by daughterofMyou Tangled - Flynn: Wake Up I by Vilyane PKMN M20 I Choose You - May stamp by Aquamimi123 001 - Bulbasaur by Marlenesstamps
My favorite games!
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 stamp by 5-3-10-4 I :heart: RCT3 Stamp by II-Art Roller Coaster Tycoon Stamp by GG89-Stamps MySims Kingdom Stamp by Shadow86SK I love my Sims Stamp by Shadow86SK Timbre Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door by LeDrBenji Super Paper Mario Stamp by XantoZ
My favorite Disney Rides!
Disney's It's a Small World Stamp by BrainyxBat Welcome Foolish Mortals Stamp by AreteStock

Journal History

I love putting my favorite couples in the happiest place on Earth. :heart: I really don't know why. XD I made this list (for drawings only) to keep track of my ideas. I'll start on an outfit collection in my, and will give an update in notifications when its started on.

EDIT 02/10/19: The outfits are here!: The collection will be updated, until all the couples are present! And now, the couples will be there for certain events/holidays! I don't want to repeat any, but I may have to. XD They're subject to change.

Ideas for the blanks would be appreciated!

OC x Canon:
  • Finn x Venus (Epic)- Halloween
  • Bomba x Mars (Epic)- Christmas
  • Pitch x Cupid (Rise of the Guardians)- Bats Day
  • Shenzi Tuck x Chuckie Finster (Rugrats)- Pixar Fest
  • Shenzi Tuck x Skippy (Disney's Robin Hood) [Aged up]-
  • Catherine "Venus" x Wasabi (Big Hero 6) [Will be inspired by this fanfic written after I requested it:… by bigherosixfeels on tumblr]- Casual Day
  • Catherine "Venus" x Tadashi (Big Hero 6)- Mickey's Celebration
  • Mars x Mirko (Epic) [This dude here: 5. Mirko]- Sweethearts Nite
Canon x Canon:
  • MK x Nod (Epic)- Lunar New Year
  • Ronin x Tara (Epic)- Dapper Day
OC x Canon Crossover:
  • Shenzi Tuck (Rugrats, teen/young adult stage) x Honest John (Pinocchio)- 
  • Reading: This page


The first thing I ever favorited!:
Monster High ragdolls. by TheQueenCrusnik  

by TheQueenCrusnik

Sorry I didn't do the previous 3 things. >_<
Nod and Eugene Comparison by BrainyxBat
Nod’s expression reminds me of Eugene’s smolder, so I thought I’d put them side-by-side for comparison. 😂

I can see these two being brothers. X3 Tumblr post:…
In my, I have a collection of outfits (Photoshopped) for possible parodies:
I have an Outfits folder in my gallery here:… I just use Photoshop nowadays (since Polyvore was shut down almost a year ago) to decide what will go together, then draw the outfit with a base by battleTbases. This will be a regular thing. ;)


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Facts About Me:

:bulletblack: Name: Samantha (that's all I'm putting out there)
:bulletpink: Nickname: Sam
:bulletgreen: Birthday: May 7
:bulletblack: Sign: Taurus
:bulletpink: Birthstone: Emerald
:bulletgreen: Height: 5'2"-3"


:bulletblack: Food: Spaghetti, tomato soup, Goldfish, French fries, chicken nuggets, grilled chicken, hot dogs, pizza (especially with sausage, pepperoni, and extra cheese)
:bulletpink: Sweets: Gummy candy, chocolate (cake, cupcakes, cookies, and Kisses, not bars), chocolate chip cookies, Sugar cookies, B&J half baked ice cream, homemade maple ice cream
:bulletgreen: Fruits: Apples, grapes, cherries
:bulletblack: Drinks: Coke/Pepsi, Sprite, water
:bulletpink: Animals: Hummingbirds, pugs, cats, meerkats
:bulletgreen: Colors: Black, pink, green (the bullet colors XD)
:bulletblack: Hobbies: Dancing, drawing, writing fanfiction, making Youtube videos internet
:bulletpink: Music Genres: Pop, country, rock (mostly Kiss), soundtrack
:bulletgreen: Singers: Ariana Grande, Melanie Martinez, Disney princesses (yes, they count; shut up XD)
:bulletblack: Songs: I can't choose! XD
:bulletpink: TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory (mostly the first 9-10 seasons), iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101
:bulletgreen: Cartoons: Big Hero 6: The Series,
:bulletblack: Anime: Pokemon (Kanto to Sinnoh)
:bulletpink: Movie: Epic
:bulletgreen: Video Games: Super Mario Bros (mostly Party, Kart, and the classics), MySims Wii (and Kingdom)
:bulletblack: Youtubers: Magic Journeys, mrcheezypop (Both do Disneyland/World food/merchandise videos!)

(Stamp) My friends and watchers have my permission by Gandarga Get Out Bronies by Foedus-Stamps I have the right to refuse your requests!! by StarFlucks
Epic Stamp by MiharuWatanabe Epic Stamp by TangledxDisneyFan Epic Cast Stamp by TangledxDisneyFan Epic title stamp by TangledxDisneyFan

:bulletgreen: I don't accept story requests, because writing is already hard enough, but drawings I can do.
:bulletyellow: I accept OCs too. But no crossovers.
:bulletgreen: I can also do tickle pics! (Just not with tongue-tickling; sorry, I just find it gross. Only fingers and feathers are acceptable.)
:bulletyellow: Nothing mature.
:bulletgreen: I can have any Epic character (human[oid] is easiest) cosplaying as a character of a different franchise. Like for example, MK as Daphne Blake, Nod as Flynn Rider, etc. Be creative!
:bulletyellow: If I don't do your request right away, be patient. If you try to push me to rush it, your request will be cancelled. If this is repeated, you'll be added to my blacklist.
:bulletgreen: Send me a note with your idea, and I'll see what I can do.

Plus, I'd rather it be in the franchise that the stamps above represent.

To-Do List:

(R: Request, AT: Art Trade)

:bulletgreen: R- Queen Tara tickle pic for Bellytickelfeather
:bulletyellow: R- Venus Woods tickle pic for Bellytickelfeather
:bulletgreen: R- Mars Woods tickle pic for Bellytickelfeather
:bulletyellow: R- Mary Katherine (MK), as a Team Aqua grunt, tickle pic for bellybuttonfan
:bulletgreen: (Old) AT: Epic fanfic for SkyCri (in progress, but having writer's block)

(If you're in here, then I won't do any requests for you at all.)



░█░░█░░█░░█░ Put This
░████░░████░ On Your Profile
░█░█░░░█░░░░ If You Role-play


(I'd rather focus on my Epic roleplay story that I'm doing with my friend TangledxDisneyFan. But they can still open at anytime, so keep an eye out! And leave comments on my art/fics/memes, please!)

How I RP:
:skull: I only do canon characters or OCs; Never as myself, except if it's required (Like for Mr-R0bby-R0b), or if I want to. No exceptions.
:blackrose: I don't want to RP all the time, so please ask me if I want to before starting one with me.
:batty: If I don't want to start a new RP, then please respect that, and don't try insisting.
:skull: If I want to use a non-human character, don't try to insist on me using a human
:blackrose: Don't try to get me to play your own character(s) for you. I'll only play the characters listed below.
:batty: Don't expect me to come up with every detail of the plot.
:skull: Please put effort in your replies! It's hard to come up with a response when all I get are one or two sentences.

The characters I'm most comfortable RPing as are:
My own characters (unless they aren't developed enough)


My Fandoms
Epic Stamp by MiharuWatanabe RotG - Logo Stamp by FairyQueen23 Disney's Robin Hood Stamp by Allendra3 A Goofy Movie Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 rugrats stamp by laur-star All Grown Up Stamp by katamariluv Stamp: TLK by Riza-Izumi Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Big Hero 6 Stamp by EclipsaButterfly
(sequels included!)

What's on my mind right now?
Epic Stamp by MiharuWatanabe Epic 2013 Finn Stamp by BrainyxBat Finnus Christmas Stamp by BrainyxBat Bomba Stamp by BrainyxBat Marmba Christmas Stamp by BrainyxBat Big Hero 6 Stamp by EclipsaButterfly Big Hero 6 Wasabi stamp by daughterofMyou Vesabi Christmas Stamp by BrainyxBat rugrats stamp by laur-star

:skull: Please don't ask me to add you in my friends, and/or favorite artists lists.

Friendship stamp by JinZhan


My Best friend(s)!:

People I know in real life:
:icondarkraixcresselia: Older sister
:iconpokewiz1999: Younger Brother
People I know on other sites:
:iconxxsassyxxx: (On deviantart and youtube)

My favorite artists on here:
My birthday badge
Favorite characters:
Mandrake banner by TangledxDisneyFan





BrainyxBat has started a donation pool!
52 / 3,000
Okay, I don't have a specific goal anymore; I don't care about CM anymore. I'm focusing on commissions now.

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