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Big Hero 6 Mermaid Scene by BrainyxBat Big Hero 6 Mermaid Scene :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 4 0 San Fransokyo Institute of Technology: Venus by BrainyxBat San Fransokyo Institute of Technology: Venus :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 3 MEP Meme Venus by BrainyxBat MEP Meme Venus :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 1 0 Guess What I Just Watched? by BrainyxBat Guess What I Just Watched? :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 4 0 Epic OC: Venus Woods (Protagonist) by BrainyxBat Epic OC: Venus Woods (Protagonist) :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 4 12 Epic Beach Girls by BrainyxBat Epic Beach Girls :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 5 3 Epic Disneyland Patriotic by BrainyxBat Epic Disneyland Patriotic :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 5 16 The Waltz Family Cast by BrainyxBat The Waltz Family Cast :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 0 0 Finnus in the Past by BrainyxBat Finnus in the Past :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 4 5 Mars College AU Bio by BrainyxBat Mars College AU Bio :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 0 0 Venus College AU Bio by BrainyxBat Venus College AU Bio :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 0
Ticklish Insistence
WARNING: Contains tickle torture. Proceed with caution.
Ticklish Insistence
Summary: During a party at Mandrake Waltz's house, the jerk jock tries to get Venus Woods, the cutie of Moonhaven University, to go out with him. When she refuses, he tries to convince her otherwise.
At a party in his house, Mandrake Waltz gazed at the refreshments table with a scowl. Why? Because Venus Woods, the prettiest girl he ever laid eyes on, was with her boyfriend, Finn Wilson, as they were having fun together. She should be his, not that idiot redhead's! He didn't deserve her! She looked hot in her green low-rise shorts, black and neon green Converse high-tops, black stona feather dangling earrings, and black ruffle lace camisole that bared a strip of soft-looking ivory skin on her flat belly. He could almost see her hip bones as well.
Finn chuckled when Venus ate the 3rd cupcake she had just that day. “Venus, don't eat so many sweets. You don't want to get fat, do you?” He playfu
:iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 3 0
Zarkos Captures Venus by BrainyxBat Zarkos Captures Venus :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 0
Epic College Tickles
Epic College Tickles
Summary: Finn, Tara, and a reluctant Ronin decide to tickle the wits out of Finn's girlfriend, Venus.
On a nice, lazy Sunday afternoon at Moonhaven University, three students, consisting of Tara Knowles, Ronin Farrell, and Finn Wilson, were hanging out in the dorm belonging to Venus Woods, Finn's girlfriend. Although surprisingly, Venus had fallen asleep on them, feeling comfortable in green mermaid lounge shorts, and a white boxy t-shirt with black mermaid shells on the chest. Her hair was in its usual twin high ponytails with green sequin scrunchies, and her tiny nails had their signature mermaid green polish painted on. “Hey, guys,” Tara turned to the boys, keeping her voice down, “I have an idea.”
“Uh oh,” Ronin deadpanned.
“What is it?” Finn asked her.
“Okay, Venus is the smallest, youngest, and cutest out of us, right?” Tara confirmed, and they nodded. “And she's wearing the proper clo
:iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 0
Epic Family Mermaids by BrainyxBat Epic Family Mermaids :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 4 3 In the Kitchen by BrainyxBat In the Kitchen :iconbrainyxbat:BrainyxBat 2 7


Writer's Overload by Peppermintpony899 Writer's Overload :iconpeppermintpony899:Peppermintpony899 7 5 Baby!Hiro and Adult!Tadashi - Bathtime Part 1 by Blu3berryStar Baby!Hiro and Adult!Tadashi - Bathtime Part 1 :iconblu3berrystar:Blu3berryStar 161 18 Goofy and Max Show: X Games2 (Read Description) by SereenaG Goofy and Max Show: X Games2 (Read Description) :iconsereenag:SereenaG 21 6 a doze by SAKAMOTOHAIKYO a doze :iconsakamotohaikyo:SAKAMOTOHAIKYO 716 27 Hiro Hamada by 69XuXu69 Hiro Hamada :icon69xuxu69:69XuXu69 932 37
Pancakes (Tadashi Hamada X Reader)
You groaned as you slipped back into consciousness, your arms grasping blindly around for the warm body that should've been on the bed next to you.
Keywords: should have.
After a moment of sightless struggling, you flicked your eyes open and groaned again when you realized that Tadashi was not, in fact, in the bed with you.
You grumbled to yourself as you shuffled out of bed, sleepily trudging into the kitchen.
"Good morning, sleeping beauty." Tadashi greeted from his place at the stove, and you mumbled something noncommittally as you wound your arms around his waist and nuzzled your cheek against his back. "You okay?" Tadashi asked, his voice gentler.
You nodded, even though he couldn't see it. "Yeah, just tired. Had a bad dream last night, that's all." 
Snippets of your dream rushed back into your mind, and you shivered, your hold on Tadashi tightening. Tadashi turned around in your grasp, hooking a finger under your chin and tilting it upwards so your eyes l
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 314 67
(Tadashi X Reader) Attention

Like my ‘To Punish” fic, there is a slight mature implication. But not a full out, WHAM mature scene. You were warned.

“Lunch is on meee! Everyone upstairs!” Aunt Cass said from the garage doorway.
“Yes!! Free food!” said Fred as he fist pumped the air.
Everyone, especially Hiro who was tired from working all morning, followed Aunt Cass into the kitchen upstairs.
“Aunt Cass, (y/n) and I are gonna clean up a little bit. We’ll catch up,” Tadashi called after his Aunt.
His eyes searched the room until they landed on you. You were so engrossed in a robotics book he gave to you as a birthday present. And in return, he got no good morning kiss or hug. You just walked right past him with your face in the book.
“(y/n). (y/n)? Sweetie? COME ON!”
“What! Oh My God! Tadashi, I’m so sorry. What?” you dropped your book, startled by your boyfriend’s sudden outburst.
:iconcoffeelurvr:coffeelurvr 674 60
Hamada bros by VanillaDeonna Hamada bros :iconvanilladeonna:VanillaDeonna 377 31 Anti-Hidashi Stamp! by xRandomGurl Anti-Hidashi Stamp! :iconxrandomgurl:xRandomGurl 8 0 Tadashi Hamada stamp by IloveHersheysSoMuch Tadashi Hamada stamp :iconilovehersheyssomuch:IloveHersheysSoMuch 47 10 Big Hero 6 Stamp by EclipsaButterfly Big Hero 6 Stamp :iconeclipsabutterfly:EclipsaButterfly 303 10 ::-Just Let Me Carry You..-:: by Starimo ::-Just Let Me Carry You..-:: :iconstarimo:Starimo 78 36 ::-Lizard People-:: by Starimo ::-Lizard People-:: :iconstarimo:Starimo 68 11
Tadashi Hamada X Reader: First Christmas Together
Finally, after two exhausting weeks of finals and major projects, you could relax over your two week long Christmas break. You attended the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, which just so happened to be the same school that your best friend and secret love interest, Tadashi Hamada went to. You had know the genius for several years now and over time began to develops deeper feeling for the young man.
This year would be the first Christmas Tadashi and you would celebrate together. You had already gotten him the perfect gift, a brand new tool set and several new books you knew he wanted. You thought that it was something he would appreciate and would make him happy, which was all you wanted. And maybe if the day went well, you could tell him your feelings.
~ ~ ~ time skiperoo ~ ~ ~
It was officially Christmas Day! You jumped out of you bed and ran into the shower to get ready. When you were done you texted Tadashi you would be there soon. After that you put on your comfiest sweater,
:iconthe-fruit-pantry:The-Fruit-Pantry 272 48
Tadashi Hamada x Reader: Crush
Harsh winter winds slapped against your reddened cheeks as you swiftly walked on the sidewalks in the large, bustling city of San Fransokyo. It was winter yet again; the year seemed to fly past so quick. You were currently heading up the street towards the Lucky Cat Café, so you could meet up with all of your friends and walk to school together. You adjusted the (f/c) colored scarf around your neck and fixed the strap to your bag as you saw the lit up 'Open' sign ahead.
As you opened the cold glass door to the Café, you were met with the sweet and tantalizing scents of baked goods, coffees and other assents. You took in a breathe of the warm air and went up to the counter to get yourself a coffee, as doing so you waved to all of your friends across the bakery, bidding good morning. Seeing as all of the costumers in the café were served and no new ones were coming in, Aunt Cass, the owner, busied herself by cleaning the glass counter top; that is, until she noticed your p
:iconthe-fruit-pantry:The-Fruit-Pantry 566 120
Tadashi x Reader - Warmth
“I cannot believe it’s snowing in March,” Gogo grumbled under her breath, leather covered arms folded across her chest to retain some warmth.
“I can,” (Y/N) sighed, two styrofoam cups full of tea in her hands. She snuggled further into her sweater, not having anticipated being at SFIT this late. She had known it was going to be lower temperatures as the sun went down, with a possibility of light snow, but she had anticipated being home by now as well.
“You sure you don't want me to go beat up your boyfriend for making you stay this late?”
(Y/N) laughed as they started up the stairs to the front of the building, “Thanks for the offer, Gogo, but I'll pass. I know he’s stressed over his project and he’s not really making me stay. I just want to so I can keep an eye on him. You know, see if he falls asleep or breaks down, things like that. It helps that I have extra time to work on my own project, too.”
“Sure, s
:iconsamishion:samishion 446 34
My favorite movies!
Epic Stamp by MiharuWatanabe Disney's Robin Hood Stamp by Allendra3 Stamp: TLK by Riza-Izumi Stamp: TLK2:SP by Riza-Izumi RotG - Logo Stamp by FairyQueen23 Jiji's Family by azianwolfdoll Wizard of Oz If Only Stamp by ladyphenyx Ponyo, it's you by GriffinMyth CatCF stamp by ExBodie Breakfast Club Movie Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Nightmare Before Xmas stamp by 5-3-10-4 A Goofy Movie Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 +Men In Tights+ by InuYashaSesshomaru Big Hero 6 Stamp by EclipsaButterfly
My favorite shows!
rugrats stamp by laur-star All Grown Up Stamp by katamariluv Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoons The Lion Guard Stamp by Blayzes Sam and Cat Stamp by EpikBecky Tom and Jerry stamp - commish by rainbeos the BIG BANG theory by Citron--Vert
My favorite characters!
Epic 2013 Finn Stamp by BrainyxBat Bomba Stamp by BrainyxBat The Lion King 3 - Uncle Max Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Friar Tuck Stamp by BrainyxBat Chuckie by ginacartoon Shenzi Fan stamp by Konyhyuga-sama STAMP - Violet Beauregarde by Da-sama May AG stamp by SA948-Stamps Jenny Tinkler Stamp- Big Time Audition by BrainyxBat The Little Melody -Stamp- by Sultana-Stamps MySims Violet Stamp by snwgames Harley Quinn Fan Stamp by RiniWonderland The Big Bang Theory- Cinnamon Stamp by BrainyxBat Raj fan stamp by scribblin Kuromi Stamp by blackheartqueen Chococat Stamp by luneves Hello-Kitty stamp by RikkuRenee
My favorite games!
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 stamp by 5-3-10-4 I :heart: RCT3 Stamp by II-Art Roller Coaster Tycoon Stamp by GG89-Stamps MySims Kingdom Stamp by Shadow86SK I love my Sims Stamp by Shadow86SK Timbre Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door by LeDrBenji Super Paper Mario Stamp by XantoZ
My favorite Disney Rides!
Disney's It's a Small World Stamp by BrainyxBat Welcome Foolish Mortals Stamp by AreteStock

Journal History


Go Go: *enters the Lucky Cat Cafe, dressed all feminine and girly* I feel like a daffodil.

Honey Lemon: Good; embrace your inner daffodility.

#bighero6 #gogotomago #honeylemon #icarly 
After I'm finished with "An Epic Disney Day", I'm going to write my first Big Hero 6 (crack) fanfic! :la:
Tadashi: GO TO YOUR RO-O-O-OOM!!!
Hiro: I'M ALREADY IN MY ROOM!!! *slams the door*
*Tadashi and Hiro scream in pillows*

#bighero6 #liloandstitch #tadashihamada #hirohamada 
I think we all could use this motivation when in an artistic rut. :heart: X3
New parody idea: The Waltz Family! (with Epic) Based off of the early 90s movies!

Gomez: Mandrake
Morticia: Venus
Fester: Oleander
Wednesday: Shenzi Tuck (Epic version)
Pugsley: Dagda
Lurch: ?
Cousin Itt: (Aunt) Mars
Grandmama: Mercury (Venus and Mars' mother)


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
If I know that I can draw it quickly, and if I like the idea, then I will. Although I don't accept story requests, because writing is already hard enough.

Plus, I'd rather it be in the fandom I'm currently... into at the moment. It should which one(s) I'm in below.
I have the right to refuse your requests!! by StarFlucks



Same as requests, but I personally prefer asking someone myself, so that I already have a plan. I've disappointed too many people for me to accept them freely. :(

Everybody Plays Pokemon Quiz Result

I got Pikachu in the Pokemon personality quiz. Click the pic to take the quiz and find out which you'll be at Everybody Plays

My Fandoms
Epic Stamp by MiharuWatanabe RotG - Logo Stamp by FairyQueen23 Disney's Robin Hood Stamp by Allendra3 A Goofy Movie Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 rugrats stamp by laur-star All Grown Up Stamp by katamariluv Stamp: TLK by Riza-Izumi Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Big Hero 6 Stamp by EclipsaButterfly
(sequels included!)

What's on my mind right now?
Epic Stamp by MiharuWatanabe Epic 2013 Finn Stamp by BrainyxBat Finnus Christmas Stamp by BrainyxBat Bomba Stamp by BrainyxBat Marmba Christmas Stamp by BrainyxBat

Pet Peeves:
:pumpkin: When people who say they'd do a pic I ask for (Diluted515 and wildash99 for example) then they just deactivate their account. >.< It's the same with TheLaughingWriter, who said that they would write stories that I suggested, although I never got to tell them another idea I had. I was also roleplaying with them in notes, but it was never finished. :(
:skull: When I get invites for groups involving people/shows/characters I've never even heard of. It's irritating, 'cause I hate saying no to people (except my siblings). It feels like people take advantage of me here. >.<
:blackrose: When MEP auditions on Youtube don't allow animals
:batty: When people use this emoticon: :) too much. >.<
:pumpkin: In fanfictions, when people say "short-shorts" instead of "booty shorts" or "daisy dukes" or just "shorts." "Cutoff shorts" works too.
:skull: When people ignore my comments. -_-
:blackrose: I hate when people expect me to roleplay for every second I spend on dA. >.<
:batty: Copyright junk. Whoever bugs me about it will get blocked and their comments hidden. :X
:pumpkin: When I'm RPing with someone, then they just stop without telling me. -_- (Like Chibipikagirl; We were RPing using Epic, we didn't even do it that long, then she just stopped. >.<)
:skull: When I work hard on a picture or story, and nobody seems to care. >.< I didn't make/write/put together that stuff just for it to be ignored, y'know!
:blackrose: When people have typos on the simplest words, like saying "Did you sawed this?" and "What did you made?" -_-
:batty: When somebody starts an RP with me without asking me if I want to RP with them first.
:pumpkin: When someone comments on my profile or a picture, story, or a journal page just to say hi to me. I don't hate it; it just gets my hopes up that somebody actually commented on something I made; which doesn't happen all that often.
:skull: Please don't ask me to add you in my friends, and/or favorite artists lists.


My Best friends!:

People I know in real life:
:icondarkraixcresselia: Older sister
:iconpokewiz1999: Younger Brother
People I know on other sites:
:iconxxsassyxxx: (On deviantart and youtube)

My favorite artists on here:
TheLaughingWriter (Why'd he have to leave? :'()
To-Do List:
:bulletblack: Epic fanfic for SkyCri (in progress, but having writer's block)

░█░░█░░█░░█░ Put This
░████░░████░ On Your Profile
░█░█░░░█░░░░ If You Role-play

How I RP:
:skull: I only do canon characters or OCs; Never as myself, except if it's required (Like for Mr-R0bby-R0b), or if I want to. No exceptions.
:blackrose: I don't want to RP all the time, so please ask me if I want to before starting one with me.
:batty: If I don't want to start a new RP, then please respect that, and don't try insisting.
:skull: If I want to use a non-human character, don't try to insist on me using a human character instead.
:blackrose: Don't try to get me to play your own character(s) for you. I'll only play the characters listed below.

The characters I'm most comfortable RPing as are:
*My own characters (unless they aren't developed enough)
*Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed (The Lion King)
*Uncle Max (The Lion King)
*Timon (The Lion King)
*Chuckie (Rugrats/All Grown Up!)

My birthday badge
Favorite characters:
Mandrake banner by TangledxDisneyFan





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*I arrive at Venus and Mars's house and knock on the door*
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