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MLP:fim - Chrysalis and Minions

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She and her minions means business.
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Her face!
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Her her expression. 
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Nicely drawn and coloured.

Okay, I don't know why, but I suddenly decided to write this:


Shining Armour: "Oh no, not this time - " [activates comm-piece hung on his ear] "General Shining Armour to Commander Firestorm - are you in position over the Changeling army at Co-ordinates 3546-2179?"

Commander Firestorm: "Yes sir. Star-Fortress Hurricane will be in orbit over the area within five minutes."

Shining Armour: "Start charging the OAEC now. I want a firing solution on the Queen and her army asap, hit them while the queen is still supervising them. High Command wants them dead and I want them vapor before they set one hoof on Equestrian soil!"

Commander Firestorm: "Yes sir. Firestorm over and out." [Turns to staff] "You heard the General! Initiate charging sequence. All stations prepare for firing."

Engineering Ensign: "All non-essential systems deactivated. All bulkheads secured. Generators: green, Cooling systems: green, sensor-suite: green, all systems standing-by, All staff accounted for and standing by. Power re-route complete. Orbital Arcane Energy Cannon capacitors at full."

Tactical Ensign: "We have visual over mission area. Acquiring firing solution." 

Commander Firestorm: "Target: Badlands Changeling army assembly site designated CX-1, co-ordinates 3546-2179. Effect: Total Area Obliteration."

Tactical Ensign: "Firing solution... ACQUIRED."

Commander Firestorm: "Commence firing... NOW!" [Presses button]

[The early morning sky briefly turned to noon day, twice. First time as the space station fires a beam of pure arcane power at Queen Chrysalis and the Changeling Army, then once more as the energy from the beam generates a blast in the area that measures in the tens of megatons. 

The earth shook with fury, a hurricane wind swept through the lifeless wastelands, and the sound of the explosion could be heard across the continent. Such was the power of the attack, many a superstitious lot truly believed, between the light from the blast and the earthquake, that the end of the world was truly nigh.

And when the eye-blinding glow dies down, a mushroom cloud of dust and ashes rose from where the Queen and her army had been, rising ominously upward against a now crimson colored dawn.]


Like i said, no flipping idea why I wrote this. Maybe it's because the Queen and her army appear so imposing in the picture that I had to write something to counter it. 
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Captain Ironhide: Um, sirs? I think you should see this.


Shining Armor: No...No!


[The dust and ash in the wasteland blows away revealing the unscathed changeling army-all clad in magically generated armor.]


Queen Chrysalis: Typical ponies. Bringing technology to a magic war. Let's show them what they get for placing their faith into their machines and gadgets.




I know why I wrote this: anytime I see someone post these little drabbles, I try to come up with a follow-up that runs opposite to what was originally posted.


So I'm essentially trying to counter your counter.

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Shining Armor: "Good thing we have a back up...READY THE SPELLSTORM MUSKETS!!"

[Ranks of Guards brandish the flitlocks and get into position, their guns' barrels glowing with innate arcane power]

Shining Armor: "That oversized roach thinks that tech doesn't matter against magic? Let's see how she likes the best of both worlds! ALL RANKS OPEN FIRE!!"

[A flurry of power-smoke and magical light errupts across the Equestrian lines. Here and there, Changelings drop dead as the enchanted masket balls score lucky hits on un-armored areas of the Changelings, or scythe through the thinner parts of the armor.]

[It's a small body-count, but the Changelings are still quite shocked that their armor wasn't invincible at all]


[And thus I present the counter to YOUR counter, which was a counter to Brutality's head hurts.]
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Queen Chrysalis: So. They're beginning to learn but as always, they're still two step behind us.

[Chrysalis turns her attention to an enormous metal box covered in strange, glowing runes.]

Queen Chrysalis: Release the magic-eater.

Changeling drone: My queen, I must object! I am not confident that we can control it. What if it starts attacking our own troop-?

Queen Chrysalis: You dare question my orders?! I said release it!

Changeling drone: A-As you command, my queen.

[Elsewhere, a short time later, Shining Armor observes the battlefield through a pair of binoculars.]

Shining Armor: What in my wife's name... ? Is that mare from the Institute still here? Wind Thistle or something?

Wind Whistler: It's Wind Whistler and I am here.

Shining Armor: Ms. Whistler can you look these and tell me just what that is.

[Wind Whistler takes the binoculars and peers through them]

Wind Whistler: That is a juvenile mystical-carnivorous parasite or as it is more colloquially known as a "magic-eater. It is a low level eldritch beast that sustains itself by-

Shining Armor: -by eating magic. Got it. So how do we kill it?

Wind Whistler: You cannot. Magic-eaters are a class 7 entity. None of the weapons you posses are capable of piercing it's hide and the only kind of magic that could affect it are the Elements of Harmony which presently are half a continent away.

Shining Armor: Well, Is there anything we can do?

Wind Whistler: There are a few methods of slowing down or temporarily deterring a magic-eater. But first you need to tell your men that they absolutely-

Lt. Air Raid: OPEN FIRE!

 Wind Whistler: -must not shoot it. Well, this is about to become very difficult.


Your move, techno-boy!

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[The panicked barrage of fire peppers the unspeakable beast's hide; the musket balls bouncing uselessly away as their magical energies are absorbed instantly by the creature. However, there is one discernible effect--what was once an aggressive magic-eating, nigh-invulnerable now an ANGRY magic-eating, nigh invulnerable monster.]

[The beast lets loose a horrific roar, more felt than heard, that thunders across the battlefield. Its bloodlust has been stoked.]

Queen Chrysalis: "This is what comes of trusting tinkerers and bookworms, my minions! What they call 'primitive' and 'obsolete' is the TRUE source of power! Advance and show the ponies how pathetic their TOYS ar-- ...What? No! NOO! CONTROL THAT ABOMINATION!!"

[Unfortunately for Chrysalis and the Changelings, their would-be living superweapon was still a *beast*; a creature of instinct despite its eldritch power. Thus, when it was attacked by a *magical* source, evolution kicked in as both self-preservation AND feeding instincts kicked into full control. It thus set upon the nearest sources of magic, and what looked most like a threat--
the Changelings whom had let it loose only moments before.]

[Their screams, screeches, and wails of terror could be heard clearly across the field.]

Shining Armor: "'Must not shoot it', eh Lieutenant?" (manages a smug smile, though it doesn't reach his eyes. He's hiding unashamed relief at his luck, and an exquisite Schadenfreude at seeing Chrysalis' plan backfire)

Lt. Wind Whistler: "We just got lucky, sir. Nothing more."

Shining Armor: "Then let's not waste good fortune. Call a withdrawl to secondary lines while Chrysalis gets her pet under control, and put up a smokescreen to cover our retreat--and use the chemical-canisters and smoke bombs, we don't want that thing smelling a shadow-spell or a teleport if we cna avoid it!"

Lt. Wind Whistler: (slautes) "Right on it, sir!"

[Shining makes one last look at the opposing lines. The rogue magic-eater is still tearing through the Changeling ranks, scattering their forces in a flurry of blind panic and death.]

Shining Armor: "Score one for the 'tinkerers and bookworms', you arrogant roach..."

[He dives into a rising curtain of black smoke and leads his troops away from the carnage.]


Got any more tricks, Mr. Magic? Or should we make a curtain call? ;)
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[As the ponies retreat to safer ground, a sound like thunder from where the magic-eater was at, causes them stop.]

Shining Armor: ...What was that?

[Turning behind to look behind, they see that the magic-eater has quintupled in size becoming the size of a small building. It's body radiates a dark red aura.]

Wind Whistler: Fascinating. The deluge of magic that it has consumed appears to have caused the magic-eater to mature into it's final, adult form. This is an historic event. No pony has ever gotten the opportunity to observe an adult magic-eater this close before.

[The ground shakes as the magic-eater stomps after the panicking changelings.]


Shining Armor: Yeah, hooray for historical benchmarks. Now, let's get a move on here! Tell everypony to move back as far away from that thing as possible and send a message to the princesses. We need to end this now.


?????: You are already too late.


Captain Ironhide: W-Who said that?


?????: I am that which you fear


Wind Whistler: Ah, yes. I had forgotten that adult magic-eater posses sentient thought and limited telepathic abilities


Shining Armor: Well, This day just keeps getting better and better.


The Magic-Eater: Your men shot me, Captain Armor. I did not like that. At all.


Shining Armor: To be fair, you kind of started it.


The Magic-Eater: Perhaps instead of being glib, you could try running. Because when I am finished with these insects, I'm coming for you. I'll crush your bodies and drink the magic from what remains. Then I will travel to your home-to this "Equestria". I will drain the life out of your princesses, your wife, and your sister.


Shining Armor: Think so? We'll see about that.


What say we just call a truce?

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Chrysalis *banged up but still very much alive*: Now I am insult.

Shining Armor: CHRYSALIS?!

Chrysalis: Hello Dear. You know you did a wonderful job of introducing some new genetic material into the hive, have you met any of our 173 spawn? Most of them were part of my personal guard now-"

Shining Armor: SHUT UP! What do you want?!

Chrysalis: I think a truce is in order.


Chrysalis: Yes, and it's stealing my shitck. I was going to kill it and eat it myself after the battle was done anyway, -I- am the magic-eating abomination from Tartarus around here! And I'm sick of posers and newcomers trying to steal my signature. I do have my pride after all. And I do not care for such send-ups. 
The Magic-Eater: I'm standing right here you know!

Chrysalis: Yes and you won't be for much longer. Because I can't afford you to destroy Equestria. It's my species' meal ticket after all. Honor Guard, protect your father. 

Guard Changeling: Yes My Queen. 

Changeling, Jumping Spider: I said this would happen! But did you listen to me your Majesty? No!

Meanwhile in Equestria

Pinkie Pie: Something is super screwy with canon! 

Twilight Sparkle: I'm not sure what you mean Pinkie Pie, but I do know one thing . . . all these weapons I'm reading about? THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO EXIST! It's like something altered time, and warped history . . . but WHO invented all these weapons?


Dr. Death Scythe, "Your newest weapon is working out well."

Grogar, "So it would seem .  . . All my designs have."
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Chrysalis: Also one one thing

Shining armor: What is that -.-

Chrysalis: I'm here to apologize for wedding..I DONT WANT YOU MARRY YOU!

Shining Armor: Then found a another fiance -.-

Chrysalis: And i promise i will be good this time Did you know Discord?

Shining Armor: I heard about him..You saying you will be reformed like him?!

Chrysalis: Yes. *nobs*

Shining Armor: Ugh...Goahead..but i'm watching you

Chrysalis: Yes sir..*bows*

Meanwhile later

Cadence: I'm so proud of you Chrysalis for you became nice!

Chrysalis: That's the spirit cadance! :D

Cadence: Y-yes it is ^^;
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As Grogar quietly revels in his victory, the camera pans out and we see the true mastermind of the plot watching from afar-Granny Goodness!

*musical sting plays*


(Atop the Fourth Wall joke if you didn't get it.)

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[I agree, a truce. I can't think of anything good enough to continue this right now, anyway. :P
It was fun, though; thanks for playing along!] :D
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[Holy cow, what did I miss?]
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Your welcome. I had a pretty good time too. And to be honest, I was starting to run out of ideas too.
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And it was great! :lol:
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