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Gianna, as the man who is in here, let me just say that you did an outstanding job at drawing my OC! You copied every detail that you s...




Paw Patrol is, unarguably, my favorite TV show nowadays. I mean, nothing is more entertaining to me than a bunch of talking puppies saving the day on a daily basis. But even the best shows I love have a glaring issue that I just can't ignore and in Paw Patrol's case, it's the dream episodes. I've said it before and I'll say it again: it makes no sense for some episodes involving genies, dragons and dinosaurs to all end up only happening in a character's dream, and yet episodes involving things like space aliens, mermaids, magical jungle artifacts all happen in the real canon of the show. It's just straight up inconsistent, why are some fantasy things real and some not? And the worst part is that both of those types of episodes keep happening; they run into the aliens in future episodes and more pups keep having more dreams about freaky stuff that could've easily happen in real life.

You're telling me out of all of the weird stuff that Ryder and Rocky have both built over the years; like all of the rescue vehicles, a rocket engine out of scrap metal and duct tape respectfully, it's the shrink ray that's so absurd that it needs to be in a dream? Give me a break! :X

But if someone were to ask me either "What is my example of the worst one of these dream episodes?" or "How did this whole phase in Paw Patrol even start?" I'd answer both of those questions with the same episode.

Pups and the Beanstalk is an episode way back from the first season of the show. It starts off with Rubble the Construction Pup and Marshall the Firefighter Pup helping a farmer plant beans. During their little planting, Alex; a neighborhood kid who really idolizes the Paw Patrol, is seen walking around in stilts saying the whole "Fee Fi Fo Fum" routine. Rubble then falls asleep and his dream starts with a giant beanstalk growing in the garden they just planted and a giant climbs down the stalk. But the thing is, the giant is just a giant version of Alex, and the Paw Patrol's mission is to follow him around, save people from his giant mistakes and find a way to get him back up the beanstalk he originated from.

Seems like a straight forward episode right? Yeah. COUPLE THINGS!

One is the overall design of Giant Alex; it's just the regular Alex but his shirt, pants and even his sneakers seem to be ripped as if they were burst at the seams. Keep that in the back of your head as we go forward. Next up is the overall reaction we get out of the townspeople from Giant Alex, namely Mayor Goodway and Alex's grandfather; Mr. Porter. The Mayor runs away from him shouting "Look Out! It's Giant Alex!" as if she's seen him as a giant before, or as if a giant living on the top of a beanstalk just outside of town is, you know, common knowledge. She even keeps referring to him as "Giant Alex" for the rest of her scene. Skip forward a bit and we run into Mr. Porter, who reacts to Giant Alex in a different way: shock to see his grandson now gone through a gargantuan growth spurt and actually shouts out "How'd you get up there?! :noes:" as if this is the first time Alex had been a giant. There's even a scene right before the end of the dream where Alex is playing with a large train as if it was a toy and the engineer says "Remember, Giant Alex, the train is not a toy!" as if he's told him this before.

So, between both the Mayor and the Engineer's reaction and both Porter's reaction and the aforementioned description of Giant Alex, we have one option where Alex was always a giant and one where Alex had just became a giant.

So which is it, Episode? Has he always been a giant or is this the first time? Because you can't have both. :stare:

Some may argue "But, Ruben, you fossilized laundry detergent; this is a dream episode. Of course it has inconsistencies." And here's my counterargument: "male cow excrement". Because:

A. None of the other dream episodes have any kind of inconsistencies like this one does.

B. Whenever a dream episode has some weird logic to it, it's usually because of 2 different tropes: the lucid dream trope; where the person knows they're dreaming and they take advantage of it, or the dream twist; where the fact that it's all a dream ends up being show shock at the end. Neither of which applies here because Rubble wasn't in control of his dream and the fact that it was a dream was dead obvious because of the whole ripple effect on the screen.

And Q. and this is a biggie: this isn't an actual dream. This isn't an actual dream that an actual person is having in real life, this is a story that was written by a bunch of people. A real dream having inconsistencies is excusable, a written story isn't.

So, this whole dream phase that Paw Patrol has been in since its first season is a lot like the romance between Vanessa Doofenshmirtz And Monty Monogram, or that stupid Blue's Clues prophecy that lead to the shitty Blue's Room spinoff; not only is the overall idea bad, and not only does it get more and more inconsistent the more you examine it, but even the way it started was stupid. But I wanna back up a bit and repeat those 4 words I said earlier: "you can't have both". That really is the factor here. The creators of the show are trying to have weird unusual adventures for the Paw Patrol, but they're trying to have the show grounded in reality as well.

I've said it before and I'll say it again (again): any realism in this show died the second it was established that this show is about talking puppies lead by a 10 year old boy who can build large rescue vehicles by himself. :unimpressed: Not only that, but if they had just had episodes where genies and aliens and that superhero dog from Rubble's favorite show all happened in real life, that would've been more consistent than this "Yes a dream, not a dream" nonsense.

You know, this whole trying to have it both ways thing is actually something I see in a lot of their things and have been warned around from my favorite critics and reviewers. Just to give some examples: Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw says that in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II game, falling off a platform could either lead to you teleporting back onto the platform or just straight up dying and the game keeps switching from one to the other, Lily Orchid talks about the problem with shows like Tangled, Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil and Steven Universe is that they go from being funny kid shows to shows that try (and fail) to be taken seriously.

If I could write a set of deadly sins regarding story writing and creative works, 
indecisiveness would be one that list. Because excluding that one episode of TUFF Puppy, indecisiveness is never fun. If you have multiple choices on how to work a story, pick one. Sure, some can argue that having more than one option in a show can work and despite my constant quotes Her Royal Lilyness, I have seen and been shown moments where a show can be both funny and a little serious.

But here's the thing: that takes actual time and effort. And if you're willing to take the easy way out, you're not willing to do either of those things.
Have you guys ever discovered an old show and think to yourself "Where the actual fudge was I when this was a thing?!"? I have. And it's because of an old called Fillmore!

Fillmore! was a Toon Disney show that lasted for only 2 years and it was about the title character; Cornelius Fillmore, and his partner in crime fighting; Ingrid Third, who would stop crime and catch criminals on a daily basis. They'd collect clues, interview suspects, get out of tight traps and even have high speed chases. But the thing is, Fillmore and Third aren't adults in their local police department.

They're kids in a middle school safety department.

Fillmore! was a parody of those really old cop drama shows in the 70's. You know, the ones that were on before CSI came along with their "Dun! Dun!" sound effects. And the funny thing is that this show plays it so, freaking, straight forward. Despite the fact all of these "officers" are at the ages where puberty is still on the horizon, despite the fact that a lot of the crimes they deal with are middle school pranks like graffiti, and despite the fact that Fillmore and Third's catchphrases are "Disco" and "Crackers" respectfully, this show tries to play itself straight forward. And that somehow makes it, freaking, hilarious. Which is insane to me, because that's like dividing by zero! I've said for years that I hate it when people try to make cartoons dark and gritty, usually on the basis of their own personal insecurities of being cartoon fans. And I've always said that said people need to either suck it up or suck a d*ck. But the fact that this show manages to make seriousness so, f*cking, funny is amazing to me. Because, again, I never thought it was possible.

Before discovering this show, I thought the only way the word "serious" could be funny is if Ming-Ming from the Wonder Pets was involved.

But to back up a bit; how the hell did I never watch this as a kid? This was the kinda show I just heard about but never actually watched. In fact the only episodes I saw of this show were on YouTube way back when that site didn't have such a shitty copyright system. The only episodes I remembered involved the aforementioned graffiti case (which was apparently the first episode ever) and the prequel story as to how Third became Fillmore's partner. And I do vaguely remember this online game where you play as Fillmore and Third during a case. But that's it. Those are the only things about this show I remember. And I feel really bad about that, because I am seriously wondering how my life as an artist would've been if I was exposed to this show at a young age! Maybe even thinking that my persona would've been a lot like Fillmore!

...By which I mean the actual character of the show, followed by an exclamation point, not the show's title. :B

Look, some of my older watchers may remember that whenever I make a character, I usually compare them to an existing character that inspired me to make it. 

With Rosewood, it was Blue from Blue's Clues.

With Houseware, it was the Magic School Bus.

With The Phoenixes, it was the girls from Totally Spies.

Even with the main villain; Savannah Va Voom, I've compared her and Ruben's relationship as a gender bent Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox.

As for my own persona; besides pointing at a mirror, if someone were to ask what inspired me to make him, at best I'd make vague comparisons to Lazytown's Sportacus or Paw Patrol's Ryder. Which aren't bad comparisons because I do like both of those characters. I've said before that Sportacus was a prime example of my ideal superhero (no secret identity, cool gadgets and vehicles, weakness that stops him from getting too O.P., etc.) and I've said that I like Ryder because he's the kind of team leader that doesn't just sit by and let his agents do all of the hard work.

But I really gotta wonder what my persona would have been if I had known about Fillmore! beforehand. I've mentioned before that waaaaaay back in the day, my characters were private investigators and police officers, and that I went with that route because "police officer" is easier to say than "secret agent but without the whole 'secret' thing."

...And then a friend of mine introduced me to special forces. :lonely:

The point is, I think that if I knew about Fillmore! as a kid, it would have unarguably left an impression in my work. Just like all of the other shows I love.
Hey, what's the difference between Rick and Morty's Jerry Smith and a cow turd?

The answer: one's a pile of shit and the other is a cow turd.
You wanna know something stupid?

Every single time I see the word "Cicada", my mouth thinks it's "Quesadilla".

I have no idea why! Those 2 words aren't even that similar, especially not in text form! Hell, I know more about Cicadas than Quesadillas!
Time travel has always been something I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Both in regards to story writing and real actual life. Way back when I was a kid, my older brother was always the, to put it as lightly as possible, wet blanket that explained to me that a lot of the fantasy elements I loved in cartoons, like shrink rays, robots and the ever classic Blue Skidoo is just flat out impossible to do. Which, while seems mean at first, did ended up being the seed that grew into the mighty Oak tree of my philosophy that the reason why we use fantasy and fiction in the first place is to escape from the boring reality of the real world. Hell, that's almost word by word what my brother once said to me. Oddly enough, when we both because adults, we started talking about science things we think might actually be true, like life on other planets and the Multiverse theory.

And the one thing that me and my brother will always agree on (2nd only to the fact that Ed Edd N Eddy was, f*cking, awesome) is the fact that time travel is not only not possible, but it also shouldn't be possible.

Look, you can pettifog the possible positives of permutation-ing the past to perfect the present until your purple in the pectorals; reversing global warming, preventing natural disasters, insert inevitable 2016 election joke here. But time travel can have horrific consequences. Anything you change in the past can have or horrific effect on the future. And, as my brother is a firm believer of, if you change your past then you disappear along with it. And that could be a fate worse than death. :O_o: Plus, I'm a firm believer that, as a wise frizzy haired woman once said, you need to learn from your mistakes in order to be a good person. Hell, that's the main reason why Rick and Morty travel between dimensions and not through time; if they did, they could undo all of the mistakes they've made over the years and there goes all of the character development.

But if one aspect of time travel I've seen that is the closest thing to a version of time travel I wanna see be real happens in, believe it or not, a 90's PC adventure game.

Putt Putt Travels Through Time is the 4th installment of the Humongous Entertainment Putt Putt game series where a talking purple car and his normal puppy go on extraordinary adventures. During P.P.T.T.T., Putt Putt visits his friend, Mr. Firebird, who shows him his latest invention: a television screen that can look into the past and the future via a closed time vortex. Grant it, something horribly goes wrong and Putt Putt needs to go through time to fix it, but if you wanna find out how that works out, you can go to Steam for all I care.

It's the concept of the time vortex TV thing that I like to be a reality. Imagine being able to see a window into the past and see history unfold or see how the world will truly be in the future. But, at risk of being selfish, there's one thing about this Time TV idea I wanna do for myself. I've mentioned time and time again that I didn't have a great childhood; always getting ridiculed and having more bullies than friends, especially in a certain middle school I went to. But I honestly want to look into the time vortex and see if my past really was as bad as I think it is, or if my own brain is just amplifying it that much just for the sake of depressing me.

It'd kinda be like how most of the people who won't stop bitching about Teen Titans Go just need to watch the original series to see that it wasn't the super serious series they keep trying to convince us it was. #YeahIWentThere

It also made me wonder if the Time TV could do that for other people with tragic pasts, or people who think they do. Hell, this could be of use to forensic science; who needs fingerprints and DNA when you can see the crime as it happened?

You know, for a guy who accidentally shot Putt Putt to the moon in a previous game, Mr. Firebird was really ahead of his time.
6teen was one of my favorite cartoons growing up.

For those of you who don't know; 6teen was an animated slice of life sitcom of sorts that got its name from the fact that it's about 6 people who are all 16 years old, all working and hanging out in a big mall. I know I said before that I don't like slice of life series and that I find shows that follow them, like Friendship Is Magic is incredibly boring because of it, when it isn't being as toxic for the kids as a playground made out of uranium. But 6teen was one of the few shows that fit into that category that I liked. Why? Well, besides being genuinely entertaining, a lot of the slice of life stories were stuff I needed to hear since I was an awkward pubescent around the time the show went on. Hell, I'd go as far to say I liked 6teen more than its sister series; Total Drama, and a hell of a lot more than its 3rd series; Stoked. Because the former was a game show that, in my opinion, ran on too long, while the latter was...well, it was just the same show. A lot of people may remember that I hate it went sitcoms, spin offs or anything that tries to be a sequel to an existing product does nothing but be a mirror to the other product, and Stoked and 6teen was exactly that. Stoked was about 6 teenagers working in the same place, hanging out and dealing with a lot of teen problems.

Hell, there are memes on the internet revolving around how the 6teens and the Stoked teens are the exact same one note characters. :roll:

Why am I bringing it up here? Well, a few months ago, 6teen's creators announced a sort of sequel episode called "8teen" which, as its name implied, revolved around the teens after a time skip when they're first entering adulthood. Many fans were excited about the prospect of seeing these characters again, even if it was for just one episode and not, say, a whole series. The episode ended up premiering just today.

However, what we actually ended up getting, and I wish I was joking here, was a voting PSA.

"Vote, Dude" (the actual name of the episode) starts out just as any other episode of the orignal series did. Hell, the animation doesn't even look any different; the setting, the movement, even the characters don't look or sound any different, despite the fact that this is suppose to be taking place years after the original series. The only thing that has changed is the fact that they all have smart phones now instead of the flip phones in the original series. Yeah, that alone should tell you how old this show is. ^^; Anyways, the topic of the Midterm election pops and we see each of the characters reacting to our current political climate in their own way.

Jen is the most responsible of the group, actually preparing to vote and is the one that brings it up in the first place.

Caitlin is a bit out of it because she doesn't fully understand politics and is too busy being a Social Media girl.

Nikki is being a bit rebellious and is looking at the political environment through a bit of a cynical lens.

Wyatt is freaking out about Trump in a way that totally doesn't hit close to home and makes me feel as if I was looking into an animated mirror of myself for the past few years shut the fuck up

Jonsey is adding more wood to the fire as to why I always hated him, looking into all of the "good" reasons Trump is in office but gives off the vibe that he is who he is: idiotic and selfish.

And Jude...Ok, at first, he ends up bold-facedly falling under the stoner stereotype that I just know a lot of people put him in. But then does what Jude always did on the show and pulled a very emotional and moving speech out of his ass that ends up getting everyone on board. Which was probably why, 2nd to Jen, Jude was my favorite character. :D

However, spoiler alert; the PSA ends with all of them realizing that they can't vote in the USA midterm elections because 6teen takes place in Canada. ^^; So, one could argue that the message ended up being a bit wasted within that context.

However, with my context, it doesn't. So, I want you all to listen real hard, because this is the LAST time I'm gonna say this. :stare: If you're worried, pissed off or, to put it bluntly, disappointed with our current political situation, you have a moral obligation to vote during the next elections. Whether it's because of Net Neutrality's repeal, the EU Copyright Directive coming through, the EPA's environmental disasters, the immigration plans or pretty much anything that our Oompa Loompa in office has touched within the last 2 years of his presidency; I want you to take that rage and use it to fuel into action.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: during my college year of 2016, I was surrounded by idiots who didn't give a single shit about the election and didn't take it seriously. Whether it was people who didn't want to vote at all, or people who wanted to vote for Trump because they don't understand the meaning of the word "protest". OR people who openly admitted "Yeah, the guy's a racist, but who cares?". And then, I came to school the following day and was surrounded by these same people screaming at the top of their longs about what they had done. And I had to be the one to tell them that this was partially their fault for not taking the election seriously.

Maybe instead of writing petitions, we can schedule meetings with our actual representatives about what's bothering us.

Maybe instead of just pointing the finger of blame at the people in charge, we should focus on how to make them not in charge anymore.

Maybe instead of searching, liking and absorbing article after article, post after post of everything that's wrong with the world and hoping that someone who can fix will hear us, maybe, just F*CKING maybe, we should take responsibility and BE. THAT. SOMEONE.
One day, a police officer was on patrol in Main Street. He then saw a man walking a pet alligator. The cop stopped the man and order him to take that alligator to the zoo. The man agreed, saying he would do that right away and left. The next day, the same cop saw the same man walking the same alligator.

The cop went "I thought I told you to take that thing to the zoo!"

The man said "I did. Now I'm taking him to the movies."
You guys may remember that during the summer, I talked about the EU's Copyright Directive--or the EUCD as many are calling it--which is a new law that the EU tried to push, but got rejected because a lot of people protested against it. Mainly because of its Articles 13 and 11; the former proposes  most internet websites need filters in order to detect copyrighted material in literally anything, be it parodies, fan-made works and reaction videos, while the latter purposes that anyone who posts a link to anything on the internet needs to either pay a fee and/or have an actual license. You guys may also remember that I talked about how in July, the most recent vote for the bill went in our favor and the Parliament rejected the bill, after listening to the protests and pleads.

However, you guys may also remember that I ended that post saying that wasn't going to be the end of the bill. Which brings us here today.

On the 12 of September (AKA, next Wednesday), there will be another vote regarding the EUCD--or rather an updated version of the EUCD, the still includes the controversial articles. Many people have still gone against this EUCD, including the creators of things like Google, Youtube, Wikipedia and the actual internet itself. All saying that if this EUCD becomes law, it'll not only stifle creative freedom, but may have a ripple effect on the world wide web as a whole.

If you want to help stop this, go to to get more info on what to do.

And, again, I wanna reiterate this: do not have the assumption that this is just Europe's problem and not, say, America's. Because it will be, if we let it.
When it comes to Paw Patrols preteen protagonist; Ryder, one thing that can be said is that the guy is obviously a genius. Now, most people would point that out because when it comes to the extensively long list of gadgets, vehicles and gear that the Paw Patrol use on a regular basis, Ryder supposedly designed, build an maintains all of it himself. Which is impressive, but that's not the main topic here.

What is the main topic is Robo-Dog.

For those of you who aren't fans of the show; Robo-Dog is, as his name should imply, a robot dog that Ryder built once. In his debut, the robot went a little highwire and nearly messed up the whole town. But after getting it tweaked, it managed to be a big help for the team. For one thing, the robot is built to have a lot of the same gear and ability that the pups do. On its debut alone, it was revealed that Robo-Dog can dig like Rubble and fly like Skye. And later on, Robo-Dog gets fitted with his own tool pack, similar to Rocky's.

But what does this have to do with Ryder being a genius in a way that's different from making his own robot? Well, I'm gonna run a list of some Paw Patrol vehicles, other than Ryder's ATV and the 6 (or 8, is you wanna get technical) pups' rescue vehicles.

The Paw Patroller: a big rig 18 wheeler truck whose purpose is to be a mobile headquarters for the Paw Patrol, complete with mission room, entertainment room and a garage for all the pup's vehicles and Ryder's ATV.

The Air Patroller: an offspring helicopter that has a gigantic claw arm for heavy lifting and has a Mission Paw stealth mode, which allows it to fly from Adventure Bay to Barkingburg super fast.

The Mission Crusier; an armored mobile HQ used in the Mission Paw episodes that carries 6 mini vehicles for each of the pups.

The Sea Patroller: a large rescue ship that is used during the Sea Patrol episodes and is complete with a gigantic crane, a storage unit for all of the pups' amphibious vehicles, including Ryder's ATV, and the whole ship grows giant wheels for going on land.

What do all of these vehicles have in common? That's right: they're all giant vehicles that, in the real world, you'd probably need a license in order to drive. Look, one could argue the legality of the Paw Patrol until they're green in the gams--like arguing that Ryder only drives an ATV because he's too young to drive an actual car, or wonder how the hell 6 puppies (again, or 8) can be allowed to drive and operate such machinery, or, hell, even wonder if Paw Patrol is an actual rescue service or just vigilantes in something other than tights and capes--but if there are actual laws in Paw Patrol's world, than I think Robo-Dog is a great loophole.

Too young to drive a car? Have a robot do it for you.

Pretty sure that's what that kid; I.Q., does in the new Wacky Races. :hmm:

Then again: Ryder drives the Sub Patroller: the Sea Patrol's new submarine which basically runs like a spaceship under water, sooooooo what're the actual laws for submarine driving? :O_o:
Before August is officially over, I wanna reiterate something I've said before: it is really crazy how "October" isn't the 8th month of the year, despite it starts with the same "octo" you hear in things like "8 legged sea creature" and "8 sided geometrical shape".

Who the f*ck named these months? The same guy behind Greenland and Iceland?
So, here's the trailer for Paw Patrol's upcoming superhero movie.

And here's my reaction when I found out it'll most likely be on DVD before TV release.

I'll never understand how Santa can squeeze through such tiny chimneys like that.

I mean, doesn't the guy ever get claus-trophobic?
I haven't done a Net Neutrality News post in like...ever, so :shrug: why not do one now.

One of the main worries that washed over the world wide web was the idea that once N.N. is gone, ISPs will throttle our internet and phone connection. In short, they would make our internet slower and our phone lines choppier and leave it that way, unless we give them more money. A lot of people who saw heard that worry shrugged it off with "Yeah, that'll never happen".

Well it did.

With the California Fire Dept.

During the wildfires.

I am not shitting you right now: Verizon actually throttled and slowed down the phone connections of the Santa Clara Fire Dept's calls during the wildfire dilemma that has been streaking the state as of late. You know, during my year of covering the N.N. News, I once did a post where I talked about how AT&T argued that throttling the phone lines to an emergency service meant that the emergency call would be made faster. I would, freaking, love to see them justify that logic now that it's been brought into real life here, in a situation where Verizon could be responsible for a lot of people getting seriously hurt from the fires (or worse!!!) because the fire dept. didn't get there in time.

Hell, the chief of the fire dept., Tony Bowden, said that the throttling had a, quote, "significant impact on our ability to provide emergency services".

Verizon tried to pull it off as a "customer support mistake", specially since it took 12 hours for the fire dept to clear up the throttling. And Verizon is trying to make the case that this whole situation has nothing to do with N.N. as a whole. But, to quote one the employees at the deep fried dick on a stick store; no one's buying it. :unimpressed:

This whole situation has caused California's lawsuit against the FCC to gain another supporter in the fire department. Prior to this point, people were worried about just watching Netflix videos or updating their Facebook status when it came to the N.N. debate. But the fact that it can be argued that getting rid of N.N. could put people's actual, f*cking, lives in danger is a major game changer.

That kinda rhymed. See you next time.
Ah, those precious moments when summer starts to wind down.

The cool breeze coming in.

The scurry of animals preparing for the winter.

The counting of the mosquito bites on your limbs.

Good times. Goooooooood times. :meow:
Congrats,! You're of legal age! :party:
You ever been in a school for ophthalmology?

It's full of pupils.
Little Bill wasn't on my top 5 list of classic Nick Jr. shows. Hell, it wouldn't have made the top 50 and I'm pretty sure that's not even mathematically possible. :roll: Look, I don't necessarily hate Little Bill himself (although, there are moments where the little brat is insufferable) I just hate the genre of his show. Slice of life shows have always been too boring for my taste compared to fantasy and sci-fi driven shows. Hell, that's the only reason why I'm not a fan of Friendship Is Magic that doesn't have to do with the brony community itself, but digressing and progressing. My point is that I loved watching cartoons as a kid because I got to see stories and things that I couldn't see in real life. If I wanted to see the events of a little kid going around everyday life and doing things like play with his friends and get into casual arguments with his siblings, I'd look in a, f*cking, mirror. :stare: Despite my disinterest in Little Bill's show, I'd be lying out of all 3 of my asses if I said there wasn't a single episode of this show that I didn't hate.

Actually, I technically would be lying because there are 2 episodes that I didn't hate. And they both revolve around Captain Brainstorm.

For those who didn't watch the show: Captain Brainstorm was a superhero that Little Bill watched in a show within the show. He was a space hero that led the Space Explorers: a team of other heroes, including a typical dog sidekick (he said and coughed awkwardly to ignore the hypocrisy of that statement). And during 2 episodes, we see what are essentially 2 fan fiction works that Little Bill did involving Captain Brainstorm.

The first was the typical "self insert / meet the characters" fan fiction (again, cough to avoid hypocrisy) where Captain Brainstorm's spaceship lands in Little Bills backyard and C.B.S. himself comes out of it and tells Little Bill that he needs his help to save the other Space Explorers from a cave that's being blocked by a giant robot's foot.

Spoiler alert: the robot's owner, an alien named Max, just did it by accident and helps them take the foot out.

The 2nd episode was a sequel to the first. Little Bill draws another story where Max the alien arrives in his giant robot to say that C.B.S. needs help on Planet Bleep Bloop; where giant purple creatures called Burples live. This episode is basically a shrink ray plot without a shrink ray. And I know that sounds like saying "The Titanic but without the iceberg", but it's true. Little Bill and Max travel through the Burples' homebase and it's pretty much a normal Earth house scaled up to, as they kept saying, ginormous size. In the end, it turns out the Burples were actually nice and C.B.S. was there to help change a battery for them, so Little Bill helps because he's just the right size to get it.

These episodes are literally the only ones I remember watching as a kid. And at risk at making myself and some of you out there feel old: it was because I recorded these 2 episodes side by side on a VHS tape as a kid and watch that. And only that when it came to the Little Bill series because, like I said, Little Bill is boring a shit to me.

And let me close this piece with a tangent because I have the feeling some people are gonna ask this question: NO, I did not get the idea to call myself "Brainstormer" because of these 2 episodes. :roll: I got the idea from a Playhouse Disney show called Imagination Movers. Hell, Captain Brainstorm doesn't even live up to his name. Because in both of these episodes, Little Bill gets just one idea that's guaranteed to save the day. That's not brainstorming, that's just having an idea. Brainstorming is when you work with other people to try multiple ideas to see which one works and which one doesn't. That's what the aforementioned Imagination Movers was all about. Hell, that's what my life has been all about long before I even knew what the word meant, let alone got an account here on
You know why you should always date a scientist?

Because your relationship will have good chemistry.
That moment when you stay up past 2 am, and you suddenly have the desire to swim in a kiddie pool full of live ducklings right before you pass out.
Who wants to hear a weird story? :dummy:

So my mom and I are having a night out on the town. And on the way back, I see a taxi ad for Hooters. For those who don't know: Hooters is a restaurant that's known for having waitresses with big...well, hooters. :roll: It's essentially a gentleman's club (to use that term loosely) with food.

But here's the weird thing, and I told this to my mother as we passed the ads: despite the fact that I've known what Hooters is ever since I was, like, 12 years old, I've never actually seen one in real life.

To which my mother replied that she actually knew where one was somewhere in the city. But the weird part was what she said next.

"Maybe you should stop by there sometime. You might finally get a girlfriend there."

And to paraphrase that one green dude from Dragonball Z: I couldn't tell if she was serious and that's very concerning. :O_o:
Ladies and jellyfish, boys and squirrels. I'm Ruben Falcon and this is the 2nd installment of my most recent Falcon's 5. ;p

The last time we did this, we focused on Nick Jr. series that were hot in the past. Having a dip in the pools of nostalgia is fine, but I've always thought that you need to get out of it and embrace the present as soon as possible before your fingers get too pruney. I know a lot of channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network get a lot of hate nowadays because their modern cartoons and sitcoms suck more balls than a vacuum cleaner in a sports good shop, but I've always thought that kids shows were the exception to that rule. Especially in Nick Jr. Back in the day, Nick Jr. was known mostly or shows like Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer. I.E. TV shows that talk to the audiences and help theme learn basic things like letters, numbers, colors etc. However, within the past few years or so, I think Nick Jr. has broken that mold. For one thing, a lot of the shows are focusing on telling an actual story, not just holding the viewers' hands in basic education. And the ones that do stick with the educational theme focus on subjects that were very uncommon back in the 90's.

So indulge with me, egg beaters of young and old, as I count down my personal take of the best 5 modern Nick Jr. shows.

Also, some of you may remember that I had a set of rules for myself last time. The only thing that's changing this time is the time frame, which should be obvious. Last time, I was focusing on shows in between the 90's up to the 2000's. While here, I'll be focusing on shows that started in between the 2000's and the 2010's. Other than that, all of the other rules apply.

  • 5 means I liked this show a bit.
  • 1 means my absolutely favorite
  • No shows from Noggin (even though nowadays it's just called "Nick Jr. 24/7") because that'd be a whole other list of its own
  • And lastly: if you're a regular fan of me, you can probably already know which is going to get the title for 1. ^^;
Everyone caught up? Good. Let's-a go!

5. Team Umizoomi!

When Blue's Clues originally ended, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not the creators could do another show. First there was Blue's Room: the spin off to Blue's Clues, and then there was Super Why: a PBS Kids show that was made by one of the creators of Blue's Clues. Both of these shows suck in my opinion and for mostly for the same reasons: not only did they try to copy the Blue's Clues formula, but they managed to make the formula boring.

Super Why involved a team of kids travelling into books everyday to solve the answers to their everyday problems. The show was incredibly formulaic because they tried to replace the Blue's Clues game formula with a hunt for "super letters" and then having the puzzles be something involving each of the kids' super literacy powers involving ABCs, rhyming, spelling and changing the story's ending. But problem there is that they did the exact same games in the exact same order over and over and over again. Thus making the series boring and repetitive. Same thing with Blue's Room during the first season. Instead of playing Blue's Room, Blue looked for magical puzzle pieces. And in between that, she'd play the same games over and over again with the same playroom characters.

"Why are you bringing up these 2 shows?" you may ask? To underline how Team Umizoomi is the moment I knew they how to do it right.

Team Umizoomi is another show from Studio Blue's Clues (name not final) that focuses on the titular team of tiny superheroes with mighty math powers. Each character has their own unique math based powers.

Milli, the team's leader, has ponytails that can stretch into measuring tools like rulers, thermometers and balance scales. And she wears a dress that can make any pattern, whether that's a fabric pattern such as green stripes and blue spots, or its a pattern of repetitive events that make for a good memory game.

Geo, Milli's little brother, has the ability to make shapes with his belt and then arrange those shapes in a way that can build just about anything. Be it vehicles, tools or robotic animals, Geo has the ability to make anything the team needs. He also has special tools that can cut shapes in half and a grappling-hook-like magnet that allows him to climb walls with certain shapes on them.

And lastly Bot, the robot of the team, has the ability to use numbers to save the day. This allows Bot to solve secret codes, determine which path the team needs to take or how far they are, all based off of numbers. And he has an array of gizmos and gadgets at his disposal, like any other true robot would. Also, he's voiced by Donovan Patton: the same guy who played Joe on Blue's Clues.

There's also their sentient car named Umicar. He doesn't technically have math powers, but he's just the cutest thing on 4 wheels. Yes he is!~ Yes he is!~ :iconawwwplz:

But you get my point: all of these characters may have had powers focusing on math, but that didn't mean they did the exact same thing every single episode. The show's interactive moments took advantage of how many different kinds of math there is in the world and made different games to teach those different kinds of math. Equations, puzzle solving, even learning about the process of elimination: this show did all of that and much more. Meanwhile, the only variety that Super Why's team had was the fact that 2 of the heroes uses their word powers letter by letter while the other 2 just use the whole word. :unimpressed:

And on a final note: this show has awesome villains. :D Excluding Lazytown, Team Umizoomi was one of the first Nick Jr shows that featured reoccurring villains. A cat bandit that stole certain shaped things, a mad scientist squid, a cheating dump truck, a team of troublemakers: all of these baddies and more were introduced to go against the team and a lot of them had fun personalities and interesting powers.

But at the risk of giving fuel to the idiots who think I'm just a Lily ":iconvalkyrstudios:" Peet groupie: the main problem I had with the villains was that almost every villain would end the episode with a sob story. Saying how they only did the bad thing because something about their life sucks.

  • The Shape Bandit stole Geo's shape powers and robbed a ton of stuff around the city because he wanted to make a house.
  • The Mad Scientist Squid kidnapped a mermaid because her glowing scales could've been used to cure his nyctophobia
  • The Stink Bugs stunk up the whole city because no one wants them to be around because they're so stink
And many other villains had their episodes end with the Umizoomis helping the villains promising to be nice from now on. Only for them to go right back to villainy during their next appearance. :grump: Because, you know, who needs consistency?

The only upside to this is that it probably ended up giving us the Troublemakers: the Umizoomi's worst enemies. The Troublemakers are probably the closest thing the show had to an evil version of Umizoomi. They were a pair of these goblin looking things that had ray guns that bent reality in a chaotic manner. They occasionally stole stuff and whenever the Umis tried to go after them, they'd use these Trouble Rays to set up booby traps, make obstacles and overall do anything and everything to block the Umis' path.

And none of the episodes ended with the Troublemakers crying and saying "Oh, we make trouble because we grief over our dead mom" or something, they ended up getting punished for it. Sort of. The Troublemakers would always land in a sort of poetic justice version of karma. Landing in a garbage pit, getting chased by a skunk, being tied to a hot air balloon that sends them who knows where. All of these happened to the Troublemakers and more during the end of each of their episodes. But instead of reaching out and helping them, like the Umis did with previous villains, they just went "Oh, well, sucks to be them :dummy:" and ran off. Because they knew the Troublemakers deserved it.

In short: Team Umizoomi was a show that proved to me that the people behind my favorite TV show were not going to be out of a job anytime soon.

4. Bubble Guppies

Speaking of TV shows made by the same people who made a Nick Jr. show from my past that I really loved: Bubble Guppies is a TV show made by the same folks who made the Backyardigans.

The titular Bubble Guppies are a class of mermaid and merman children who live in an underwater town called Bubble Tucky. Now, I know that description would probably make you think the Bubble Guppies live in the same kinda town like Spongebob does. But in reality, Bubble Tucky is pretty much an undersea version of any town you'd find in the real world. In fact, unlike its backyard predecessor, the Bubble Guppies is an interactive educational show that focuses on different topics everyday. But most of the topics are a bit unusual for kids shows. Like I said before, most kid shows focus on learning shapes and numbers, and yeah that does happen here. Mostly in the interactive puzzles. But the episodes focus on kinda broad topics, I guess I'm trying to say.

One episode could be about restaurants, one could be about flying a plane, one could be about camping in the woods, going to the beach, mailing letters, finding bones, going to Halloween costume parties, etc.

The aforementioned mer-kids had a lot of unique personalities to them. First there was Molly; the star of the show and the best singer. Gil; the clumsy guy who was constantly the butt of a lot of jokes. Deema; the energetic diva. Oona; the cutest thing since sliced baby seahorses. Nonny; the smart one who usually about as visually emotional as a fire hydrant. Gobby; a total bro. And then there's Mr. Grouper: a large orange fish (that can change his color) that acts like the teacher for the class.

And just like the Backyardigans, this is a show that has a musical theme. However, while the Backyardigans had 4 songs per episode, Bubble Guppies technically only had 1, unless you count those dancing segments where they sing about the dances they were doing (which, personally, I don't). But like the Backyardigans, the show had a special moment where they acted out a story. The "Time To Go Outside" segment of each episode involved a few of the characters playing a short story regarding the episode's topic. But in the same level of fantasy that the Backyardigans did. You may during my last Falcon's 5 that the Backyardigans had a habit of mixing extraordinary concepts with ordinary concepts. These Going Outside segments did the same.

  • Caveman Actors
  • Soap Superheroes
  • Farmers Vs. Giant Robot Rabbits
  • Monster Motels
  • Dinosaur Police Officers
  • Dr. Frogenstein's Monster
You get the point. And each of these story segments had at least one interactive educational puzzles. However,  just like Team Umizoomi: all of these story segments had one shot villains that got sob story redemption at the end. Now, grant it, Backyardigans did this too (minus the sob story bit :B.  It was just regular redemptions). And that's most likely because each of these stories in either of these shows were one shots and therefore didn't have sequels. Excluding the very last episode of Backyardigans, actually. :B However, this whole story segment ended up being the deal breaker as to why this show isn't higher up on my list.

And no, it's not because of the villains. :roll:

Besides these quick story segments that only lasted a few minutes, there were full length episodes of Bubble Guppies that involved them acting out in stories like the Backyardigans. First it started with a fairytale episode, then a Lord of the Ring parody, a Christmas episode, a Star Trek episode, an Indiana Jones parody and a few others. I honestly couldn't see this as the creators trying to slowly but surely make Bubble Guppies into a substitute for Backyardigans.

Remember when I said in my Totally Spies review that I hated The Amazing Spiez because it felt so similar to the original that it might as well have been? That isn't the problem with these later episodes of Bubble Guppies, but I'll be damned if it isn't in the ball park. And despite the fact that I still liked a majority of these episodes, it doesn't change the fact that the series started to lose its identity.

It's a good thing this is a show about school, because this gets a B- in my book. :meow:

3. Shimmer and Shine

Just a heads up: beyond this point, I'm gonna be talking about shows I've already talked about in the past. And Shimmer and Shine is a show I've talked about before, so I'll try to make this as short and as un-repetitive as possible. :B

Shimmer and Shine started out ok, what with the titular characters (you sick of hearing the word "titular" yet? :meow:) being a pair of twin genies that grant the wishes for a little girl. Like I said last time, it felt like a Fairly Odd Parents rip off just from hearing the concept. But watching the actual show will break any comparison from your mind. First off: the wisher; Leah, isn't a spoiled brat with a lack of common sense like Timmy Turner was. And the show's first season was great because it promoted the idea that making a mistake isn't the end of the world. And like I said before: if I saw that message as a kid, I would've been a lot better off.

Then season 2 happened. And holy butter biscuits in a blender. :iconawwwplz:

The cute 2nd animation turned into cuter 3D animation. The magical world of the genies was built immensely. And last but not least, I was introduced to what is now my absolute favorite female Nick Jr. character of the modern age: Zeta the Sorceress. First of all: Zeta is my favorite kind of villain. She's somewhere in between laughing at her silliness but at the same time I don't want her to actually win because she's an actual threat. Zeta wants to take over the genie world of Zarahamy Falls and overthrow the princess. She has at her disposal countless magical potions, a flying motorcycle and a pet dragon named Nazboo that acts less like a henchman and more like a cross between a puppy and a baby. Not to mention that Zeta is incredibly hot. :love: Which is insane to me.

Because when I officially became an adult, I thought the day I fall in love with a Nick Jr. character would be the day I get encountered by Chris Hansen.

So, yeah, I said all of that back during Shimmer and Shine's 2nd season. Now they're in they're 3rd season and the show has gotten even better-er. Now they're exploring another world called Rainbow 
Zarahamy and even more creatures, magics and friends are introduced. Heck, there was an episode where we meet a genie that basically has glitter based Green Lantern powers. And I loves it so muches. :la:

This show is the textbook example that a small change can lead a big explosion of the unexpected.

2. Rusty Rivets

Again, another show I've talked about before. But if someone pointed a gun to my head and forced me to sum up my thoughts on this show in 6 words, I'd say "A competent version of Jimmy Neutron".
The title character (because "titular" is on a coffee break) was a kid inventor. And most cartoon inventors usually follow in Jimmy Neutron's footsteps and have their inventions blow up in way that causes the story's conflicts. And I've mentioned before that I hate this trope. Not only because I'm pretty sure it goes against the main point of being an inventor, which we'll get to later. but because 99% of the time, it feels as if the invention goes wrong because the inventor is incredibly irresponsible.

Like I said in my review: there was an episode where Jimmy Neutron instructed his friends to steal gold from their parents to power up an invention and then later on they panicked when the gold burning invention shockingly came to the conclusion of all of their gold getting burned into ashes. :facepalm:

Now, grant it, there isn't an episode that doesn't involve Rusty making a mistake with his inventions. I've mentioned before that Rusty, his lab partner: Ruby and their best friend; Liam all have each had episodes where they use an invention that ends up making a big mistake. And more of those episodes have still happened after my review. But my main point is this: Rusty and his friends learned a specific lesson from each time it happened and they never repeated their actions because they learned their lesson. That's similar to what I said regarding Lincoln from the Loud House: making several separate mistakes is one thing, but making the same mistake over and over again is unforgivable to me. And Rusty Rivets didn't have that problem. But the main reason why Rusty never had that problem is because Rusty's inventions were always designed to help people.

And now we're getting to it.

Most episodes would start with Rusty hearing about a new event happening in town, or a friend come running into the lab asking them for help and the episode ends with them inventing something amazing to help them. Yeah, sure, there are episodes where Rusty causes the problem by accident, but I'm not saying that an inventor needs to be perfect. What I'm saying is that an inventor needs to be an inventor: someone who builds machines to help people solve their problems. And comparing Rusty to all of the other cartoon inventors I've seen is like saying "This firefighter is using a water hose, and every other fire fighter I've seen uses a flame thrower".

Not only that, but the gadgets and gizmos on this show kept getting bigger and better into the show's current 2nd season. Hell, the 2nd season started out with Rusty and Ruby replacing their lab with a giant truck that unfolds into a mobile lab. I was already sold at that point. :D

Now, before we get to the obvious pick for #1, let's look at some honorable mentions.

* Blaze and the Monster Machine is a show that was originally going to be in the 4th place, while Bubble Guppies was going to be here in the honorable mentions. However, I made the switcharoo when I wrote out all of the stuff regarding Blaze's show and realized I had pretty much said the exact same thing in Team Umizoomi. Sure, the overall plot is different: Blaze is the fastest monster machine in the world and along with his human driver; AJ and all of his friends, he goes on great adventures and competes in races. And the show focuses on science topics instead of math. And while Team Umizoomi and Blue's Clues used mixed media (I.E. live action humans with cartoon characters (not too sure if that counts as mixed media)), Blaze is 100% CGI animated. But that's where the differences end. Blaze was made by the same folks behind Blue's Clues, it focuses more on a plot rather than a formula which makes it better than Blue's Room, the science topics expanded as the show progressed and there's a great antagonist. I've gone on record liking his junkyard based Green Lantern powers and his dynamic with Pickle for similar reasons why I like Nazboo with Zeta. But Crusher's just one out of a few villains that appeared on the show. Light thieves, lizards with pigs as henchmen, a pompous falcon that totally didn't hit close to home :grump: : all of these villains appeared on the show and more. And just like Team Umizoomi, they had redemptions in the end and they ended up being good.

Wow, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, The Monster Machines: I'm starting to think all that stuff :iconvalkyrstudios: said about sob story redemptions isn't just an MLP problem. :B

* Wallykazam! was a show that recently got cancelled and isn't going to get a 3rd season. Ordinarily , I'd be upset, but I know exactly why did. During my few times reviewing the show, I've mentioned that the show's main gimmick was that Wally had a magic wand that used literal magical words to make things. As in he'd wave the wand and words would appear in midair. But the gimmick and learning curve of it was that all of the words had to start/end/contain the same letter/sound each time. Some episodes it would be the letter A. Some would be words that rhyme with "fish". Some would be the letter B. But the problem is that with so little choices, the episodes ended up reusing the same letters and sounds over and over again. That aforementioned letter B was used at least 3 times in the show. And this would cause a few opportunities for the animators to reuse certain props. Or worse: not use any props at all because they can reuse verse like "dash", "fly", "hop" and all of their synonyms.

To put it bluntly: I'm convinced that Wallykazam's main gimmick is the main reason why it got canned.

And my number 1 pick for the best modern Nick Jr. show is...not a surprise at all. :B

1. Paw Patrol

This. Show. Is. AWESOME! :la: The titular (#lovethatword!) Paw patrol is a team of sentient puppies that are led by a young gentleman by the name of Ryder. They work together to protect the city of Adventure Bay and the lands beyond. 

First of all; whenever I really talk about this show, I usually have a fangasam over the equipment that they use. And usually gush about how the show progressively gets better stuff. Kinda like this. The show started off with the 6 main pups having a job based off of your average neighborhood first responder and having a doghouse that would turn into a vehicle to that fit that job and have a backpack full of gadgets that also fit that job.

Marshal the firedog has a doghouse that turns into a firetruck and his backpack has water cannons.

Chase the police pup has a cop car doghouse and a pup pack with that has a megaphone, a spotlight and a mini cannon that can shoot nets and tennis balls.

Rubble is a construction pup with a bulldozer house and a pup pack with a shovel.

Rocky is a recycling pup with a recycling truck house and a pup pack full of tools.

Zuma is a water rescue pup with a scuba pup pack and a doghouse that can turn into a hovercraft.

Skye is an air rescue pup with a jetpack pup pack and a house that turns into a helicopter.

Also, Ryder has an ATV that can travel on water and snow, and he communicates with everyone via a Pup Pad tablet.

Then a 7th pup was introduced and turned into an ice rescue pup, complete with a grappling hook backpack, rocket powered snowboard and a snowmobile house.

Then the team got a mobile Headquarters for missions outside of Adventure Bay.

Then some pups got new jobs and near gear. Chase got a side job as a super spy pup complete with a helmet with night vision goggles, suction cup boots, a zipline pup pack and a spy car that has a drone system. Marshal got a sidejob as an EMT pup, got a first aid pup pack and an ambulance doghouse. Rubble got a jack hammer for his pup pack. And Zuma's house could turn into a submarine.

Then they got a 7th pup that works as a jungle rescue pup, complete with grappling cables, a Swiss army multitool and a jeep doghouse. While the rest of the pups got jungle vehicles and outfits.

Then the team got air rescue suits, jet packs and an Osprey helicopter.

Then they all became the personal secret service for a foreign kingdom's princess and not only did they get new spy packs and outfits but they got a stealth mode upgrade for the aforementioned 
Osprey helicopter, an underwater HQ, a mobile armored mission control, mini vehicles for each pup and Ryder got a spy skateboard and spy watch.

And finally; they became sea rescuers, got a seaside HQ that turns into a giant boat--a boat that can also grow a giant set of wheels--amphibious vehicles for each pup, scuba gear and, more recently: a, freaking, submarine that is about as fast as spaceship, has grappling arms, a suction cup launcher and supposedly can fly like a hovercraft!

:faint: I swear, there's more stuff every time I do that. But I've said this before and I'll say it again: the only place these can go now is by becoming astronaut pups, having spaceship doghouses and having a mobile space station. And if that does happen, I will not be the slightest bit surprised.

And just like a lot of the shows I've mentioned, Paw Patrol faces actual villains. First it was the mayor of their rival town, with his bizzaro cat version of the Pups. Then it was the royal pup of the royal kingdom that wants to overthrow the princess so she can be queen. And more recently there's a teenage pirate and his pet dog that travel around the world in a high tech pirate ship to steal stuff from people.

But this show is a lot more than just high tech gizmos and awesome villains. This show had awesome action sequences and rescue missions from the very start of the show. One of the first episodes involved Chase the police pup running up a moving train and saving a kitten all in one go. This show started off bad ass by Nick Jr. standards and went nowhere but up ever since.

And if you want more proof how good this show is, try this on for size: there's supposedly this unwritten rule in Nick Jr. where if a show is popular enough to get a 2nd season then it's not allowed to have anything above 4 seasons.

Given that Paw Patrol is currently in its 5th season, it's safe to say it's the exception to the unwritten rule.

I've already established that whether in the past or the present, Nick Jr. is a big part of my life. The shows went from being warm hearted and educational to being educational in ways that exceeded past exceptions and being so focused on things like action and story plots that they wouldn't look out of place in the main Nickelodeon channel 10 years ago. At this rate, I can't even imagine what the channel is going to be like in the future, but I know I'll always be keeping an eye on Nick Jr. to find out.

So until then, this is Ruben Falcon, signing off and reminding you to always floss your toothbrushes. :D


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3. I will include certain expansions such as hips, butt, giantess, amazon, muscle, inflation, height and B.E. (but don't expect a lot of cleavage). But that's it.

4. Nothing involving sex or nudity.

I Support Blue's Clues Stamp by akkigrl Magic School Bus Stamp by magicschoolbus-fans Grow up stamp by Kana-of-the-Flames Cartoonnetwork stamp by Sugarcoated-spike Kid Cartoons stamp by TheCynicalHound Everybody is a Genius Stamp by mylastel Stamp - Steve Burns by onnawufei Still Watching Blue's Clues STAMP by BelievingIsSeeing :thumb331312941: Generation Blue Stamp by TailsKriby Humongous Entertainment Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 I Support Wonder Pets Stamp by akkigrl :thumb377733199: Breaking the 4th Wall Stamp by Sonic-chaos Chrysalis Stamp by tofuudog :thumb324149348: Real feminists stamp by BlueDragonKaiser deviantART comment deletion feature by HappyPenguin819 BUT I'M THE MATURE GUY HERE THEY DESERVED IT by endler By All I Do Mean That Majority of These Folks by endler A female character got killed? Oh how sexist! by Boschian-Fantasies :thumb291084464: :thumb262094648: Stamp: Request - Open Up by 8manderz8 Stamp: Pink by 8manderz8 Stamp: Blue by 8manderz8 I don't feel like leaving a comment by d-feather Stamp: When in doubt, shout by 8manderz8 Stamp: I refuse. by 8manderz8 OH NOES IT WAS DRAW IN ANIME I WANT TO DIE by endler Going to Implode From This by endler I'm Offended Stamp by Cleverun Feminism by Foedus-Stamps Nice Guys Stamp by animeninjaNIPPON Stamp: You fucking plebs... by Catthylove MLP Equestria Girls Fan by Jailboticus Google plus is fucking shit by black-cat16-stamps

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