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Victorian England

A project that I was trying to get a gig for... didn't end up getting THAT job but I did manage to impress and hey, I ended up with a pretty cool environment which I don't do often for myself. Great learning experience.
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oh my goodness I loooove this. Good job!
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Thanks. I'm starting a 3D course soon, so hopefully I'll be able to reproduce it as an Environment
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As a lover and aficionado of all things Victorian England I LOVE this depiction! Very, very nice!!
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thanks very mcuh! glad it meets your standards
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this is brilliant :)
brainleakage's avatar
thanks very much.... I still hope one day to be able to do concept art for video games
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lovely moody scene!
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thanks! it was great fun, although Im not much on drawing architecture
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Amazing. I really like the feel of this piece.
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thanks. It didn't get me the job, but it was a great learning experience
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Very cool :] this looks like a loooot of work, but it looks very profesional!
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gorgeous. you've made the perfect scene. i love the detail.
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thanks so much. good learning experience
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nice concept piece, the depth and detail of the buildings is great, love the nice cold colours aswel, gives it a great mood
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This is so good, I am trying to find people who can draw like this but more on the lines of japanese houses.

Excellent job!
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what are you working on?
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this is so nice, tara!!
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very fabley and very nice =]
oGuttermoutho's avatar
I have to say, I'm pretty damn impressed! great job, Tara
brainleakage's avatar
thanks so much man! maybe there's still hope for me yet, huh?
oGuttermoutho's avatar
Hope? GM Christler, this is amazing. I wish my backgrounds came out like this! I actually used this for my cell phone background for a little while... I hope you don't mind :horns:
brainleakage's avatar
ha ha.... no no, cellphone background away by all means!
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WAAAH! this is fantastic!
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