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Long Time No See!

By BrainDps
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Oh man look at the date between this submission and the last one, yikes! 

But seriously, I've been so out of touch with pony stuff, not sure If I'll be able to catch up XD 

If you guys stick around this DA profile, I'll do some event type things where I'll make YOU write me a comic, then if I like it I'll draw it! 

After all, I'm the last person to turn to when it comes to whats happening in Ponyville lately.

...also I drew this comic over a span of two months, so for some reason things will look different here and there... :P


I think I'll go back to drawing more stuff <3

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CardmasterWildHobbyist Artist
That paper that AJ is holding has Asian writing on it. I like what is written on the bottom: "I can't read any of this s***"
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rautamiekkaStudent Artist
How'd you get all that handwriting in that scroll ? O.o
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FlavinBagelStudent Digital Artist
Long time no see indeed!!
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Twi's an alicorn, the Elements of Harmony are gone, there's a weird box that needs 6 keys, and all the ponies are learning lessons pertaining to their element via glowing rainbow eyes and receiving a gift at the end which somehow glows like a rainbow before it cuts to black. That's the gist of season 4 so far. Oh, and Fluttershy became a vampire in one episode.
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zora-artistStudent Digital Artist
XD lol
nice comic braindps!
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Twi really likes having her wings touched.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I think it goes WAAAAYYYY beyond "like" here. She's drooling for crying out loud!

Love it though. Just as much as Dash's face when talking about how soft Twili's wings are.
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josegoncaloHobbyist Digital Artist
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Twilight is hilarious
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ThanathanProfessional Artist
Ma I don't get that cloud joke. But Twilights face in the last panel was worth reading it. twice.
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BrainDpsStudent Digital Artist
Google "cloud 9" :P
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ThanathanProfessional Artist
I found: A terrible drug, a Disney film, and a Marvel hero. I'm guessing it's the terrible drug?
BrainDps's avatar
BrainDpsStudent Digital Artist
Try searching it on Urban Dictionary :P
Thanathan's avatar
ThanathanProfessional Artist
being happy? or in love?
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madkrayzyponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool comic but i just have to say it...

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TearahkHobbyist General Artist
Lol, Twilight likes all of the attention. XD
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lmao twilights face
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Somehow, I can see Dash suddenly noticing Twilight's wings like this.  And molesting her in public.  And licking her lips as she does so.  And no other ponies seeming to care.
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Well if you save the 'world?' Like 2 or 3 times not in some (transformed magical girl or sentai) and don't get noticed... then this might be plausible... is Dashie more of a Jupiter(comes off hard but actually girly) or Mars(the tough one that is easily angered)?
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Twilight is so well-endowed, according to RD.
Superpotatohero1337's avatar
*grabs a megaphone and the list of things that happened* caham...
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