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Beast of Burden

By BrainDps
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Oh boy new cow mix! I love 3 panel comics <3 Additionally: If I were Applejack, I'd seriously mess someone up for touching my stuff...also I hate drawing backgrounds.

HEY EVERYONE! YOU WANT TO WRITE A COMIC?!?!?! Check this out! the details are there! 

Check out that link to see if I want yoose guys to write a comic for me, you know, if you want to.


Seriously I really hate coloring and backgrounds, ack. 

More cow mix here
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zora-artistStudent Digital Artist
that rainbow  dash >=/ 
still, cool comic Braindps!
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And that's why her belly was so tubby in Lesson Zero.
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Right on time for Pinkie to send her army of lawyers.
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dziadek1990Hobbyist Writer
A.K.A. "BoB".
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Go Home Dashie, you have sugar rush and are drunk... :XD:
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Oh you Dashi!
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pfffft hahaha! XD
hey, did I forget to tell you?  I watch em now! :D (well, like during summer and xmas, but yeah)
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We all know RD is a cider fiend, but I didn't know she had a flyout for cakes/pastries?
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Lol, RD pulled a fast one on both of them.
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So that's why she likes her cloud so much.
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BerlyMarieStudent Traditional Artist
Very very clever xD
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PokeNitro14Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not into MLP, but I like the way this comic is composed, especially the way the text looks like it is coming from the other two's frustration, and on the last panel, it appears to be a sigh from rainbow dash. Well done!
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"And that's when we killed her, your honor."
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She is, after all, the Element of Loyalty! And she's being very loyal to her tummy here. Generosity is a Someone Else problem :P
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Rainbow Dash was later hospitalized for diabetic shock and alcohol intoxication. 
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sonic5467Hobbyist Artist
And Multiple Bruises
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Captain Jackpony: "Why is the cider always gone?"
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ZeroNitroManHobbyist Digital Artist
My Ciders! D:
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AltrunchenHobbyist General Artist
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Spongebob XD
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Rainbow Dash is the reason Sweet Apple Acres and Sugarcube Corner are on the verge of Bankruptcy!
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