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-013 Black Onix [new version preview]

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All graphics have been updated.
Skin is complete. Look for download link here
Comments and critique are welcome.
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Hi everybody and @branindefender It would be possible to design a skin like black onix but in full screen. What I want is an interface that occupies the entire width of a 1080 screen. I have a laptop with a touch screen and it would be very cool if the skin was full screen.

Thank in advance and regards.

This is the best skin in the world. Only thing I use with amp3. Keep it updated, please! I will love u long time.

This skin is the only one I use. And since it's broken with newer versions on AIMP, I'm not updating AIMP. For about a year now. I hope someone will update the skin. :)
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How it is broken with new versions? I always have latest AIMP version and do not have any bugs.

I just submitted 2 new version s of this skin but I can't seem to see if they put it up and I received no notifications.

0 Black Onix Green Led Version A by lusayalumino   0 Black Onix Green Led Version B by lusayalumino    
I love this skin but there is no skin for music library.. Is there any plan to update it? Thank you.
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Sorry, but no. There is no plan to update it. The source project is available so maybe someone would do it.
Great skin.Thank you!
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excellent !!!
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Exellent job
I just have one problem with it: The color of I) the tracks in the playlist (except the now playing one) and II) the text in the top of the playlist witch indicates "the number of selected tracks" are dark and very hard to read. Please just change the for brighter one <3
I'm constantly looking for the next update

Edited: It would be very nice if the STOP button flashes or do something if the "stop playback after current file" is activated.
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Thx, I think you have troubles with Brightness in your PC Monitor. 
That semi-dark colors look pretty good at all monitors I've used that skin.
Try to tune up Brightness / Contrast. 

PS: Flashing is good idea, but STOP item in top panel already shows this state.
Look for update on Release Page. Not in Preview.
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Yeah! I found that <ThumbsUp>
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One of the best - still I need to see on playlist how much time are 4 selected tracks of  total 50 for example: 50 track means 15h20m but I select 4 of them - how much time are those 4?

selected 15.32/total 15h20m

Can you can implement this please 
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Thank you.
Adding this feature in AIMP 3 is impossible.
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it is possible, perhaps I didn't make myself clear enough see gtx player by drakullas or fantasy by black_avp is visible when you select few tracks it says total 2 or 3 whatever even if the playlist has 50 tracks loaded and it gives you the time summ
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Ok, I understand you.
In my Black Onix playlist there is only "%number Items".
See update in AIMP forum.
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I don't like seperated Play and Pause, but everything else is awesome...
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Wow! I really really like it! This is what I was searching for for a really long time! Finally a perfect looking EQ visual!
После последнего обновления почему то тормозит спектрограф
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I love this skin, but can you explain the different VU bar numbers on the right?Do they measure differently?
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Thanks. No, only red pixel is the difference between those VU meters
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Oh my friggin god...:o (Eek) 
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