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-004 BLACK ONIX Skin For AIMP3

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Version: 1.0
Description: Skin for AIMP3

Author of the original skin is Zigar

Check out the second version here.

Download: Forum Link Another Link
Project Files: Link
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I finally figured out how to post the GREEN LED BLACK ONIX Skin: BLACK ONIX Lusays Green LED v1.17

I'm creating a bunch of Dual Monitor desktop backgrounds to go with it:

Bkgrnd ALL 01-06 by lusayalumino  
Hey braindefender! I wasn't sure if the project I worked on was Zigar's original source files, or your rendition. I am happy to give you credit if I indeed edited your source files. In any case, I reached out to Zigar to see if he minds me sharing this project.

Thanks for your great contributions.

Lusay 0 Black Onix Green Led Version 1 by lusayalumino   0 Black Onix Green Led Version 2 by lusayalumino  
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By far best skin for music players I've ever seen, including skins while i was using winamp. Great job man, proud to have my aimp havin your project on it self :) !
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Thank you. Check out the second version in description.
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Hey, Post Merry Christmas.

There's a new plugin for AIMP that allows soundclouds API. I was wondering if you could add a button for Playlist Managment, to enable the plugins menu items. Here's the plugin for your inspection.



Disregard, Plugin can be access via right click on the menu. Still Great plugin for your interest.

It´s so speccctaculaaarrrrrrrr
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Any Way to add a separate window for the playlist which is resizeable? This skin is the best one you could possibly imagine, but somehow the narrow playlist annoys my brain.
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new version of black onix will come this autumn. it contains unplugged playlist
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Can't wait for it!!
I feel exactly the same way, the original author created something a little different that can help a little with this but he doesn't seem to be willing to release his version. 
Hi again!

I dont mean to rush you but for how long do you Think?

Im rebuilding pc and your Project files shoud fit perfekt! :)

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See link in description
Great Work Man !! I ask here also. Would u mind share project files? :)
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Thx. I will share project files later
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so sweet, best out there....thx
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best skin for aimp so far! thank you very much for this thing ;-)
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The best so far... It came to stay (forever? je je). Just an opinion... but if you could use some dot matrix font for the list and song info (tag), with the same efect you use in clocks (grey when off)...
But I think it coud be such a work... any way, Im very expectating!
Skin which remember me on my late 80's and 90's when I was fan of those time Amps, CD's, tape decks etc... for me this skin return me in those times and it's best looking and much more... I caught myself looking in it for long time. Realy good job! (add minimize to tray button but if not, it's OK like this:) I already know this skin will stay for long time on my Aimp :)
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Thank you. It's my best too.
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