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Marilyn Monroe I James Dean 'Kiss' by Brailliant

"Wrong Turn On Lovers' Lane" by Brailliant

I would like to thank everyone for all repins and reposts on pinterest, instagram, and tumblr. I am humbly grateful and pleasantly surprised by all the support. ORIGINAL Photo-manipulation of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, FIRST draft, created by Brailliant (Anashé Hart) on March 30th 2011. Contrary to many posts on the internet, this was the greatest love story...that never was <3 This image is copyright protected. For sharing purposes and reposts, please site source. James Dean + Marilyn Monroe, KISS Canvas Art is available for purchase at…

About the Artwork

Artwork of Brailliant art listed elsewhere under a different name are not credible, low quality and a violation of policy. It is a breach of U.S. and International law, and Brailliant is committed to respond to alleged copyright violations. U.S. and International Copyright Office issued regulations solely to Brailliant as the authorship of the image and secure statutory copyright protection for the work in terms of litigation advantages and evidentiary value, as well as secure the opportunity for valuable remedies. Creatives put so much time and effort and creativity into their work. We love to share it, we love to inspire and we love that it is universally available for everyone to enjoy. Most of us don’t want to be famous or have our faces plastered over the world’s media. We simply want credit where credit is due – an acknowledgment that we have created the image and it is our work that inspired.

Social Media Controversy and Copyright Infringement

The 2011 portrait of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe together in the urban cityscape of New York (original source:…) was a concept rendering originally submitted on DeviantART, a forum for art critique. Shortly after, it was shared without proper credit, nor permission and neglected to mention that it was a digitally manipulated art. It is not hard to imagine that it would challenge people's perceptions or perspectives that this image is real if the original source was not cited. It was shared on various social media since 2011. Re-saving out original JPEG image upon each save is doing more harm than it actually is. To see just exactly how much the pixels are altered try saving a JPEG multiple times. Every time a JPEG image is saved, compression algorithms are run to reduce the file size. Currently this image has 988,000 results on Google. This means that 988,000 times data was lost and quality is less than satisfactory for proper printing. Original photo of Brailliant Art featuring Marilyn Monroe and James Dean in New York was uploaded in submitted on June 1, 2011, with image size 199 KB, resolution 449×673. For width and height for printed size (W x H) would approximately be 2.13" x 1.6”, that would be the size of a credit card. Digital photos don't take well to this amount of enlargement when original photo was not uploaded in high resolution. The quality seen elsewhere online is low and highly pixelated. If others claim you may receive this in 8” x 10”or more, expect to be disappointed.

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© 2011 - 2021 BRAILLIANTart
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Marilyn Monroe never met James Dean. Therefore, there are no real photos of the two together. To dedicated fans who love Miss Monroe, (of whom I am one), it is upsetting, as we try to preserve the original photos from alteration. Photos of Miss Monroe as ‘gangsta’, wearing a bandana, plastered with tattoos, with whisky a bottle in her hands, nudity photoshopped over her original clothing, or photoshopped with modern hair styles, not available in the 50’s or 60’s, are considered to be disrespectful.
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all work under Brailliant is copyrighted and NEVER claimed to be real photos to begin with. This is photo-manipulation and posted on an artist forum. I am not responsible for the million reposts that are not accurately cited. My work has never depicted her as ‘gangsta’, wearing a bandana, etc. so I'm somewhat confused about your misplaced frustration.

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I've seen this floating around the net for years, didn't know it was by you. Love your work!
I love this so much....wish I was talented enough to paint it! The photograph looks so real though! It would be the ideal "above the bed" print in a 16 x20 or larger for my hubby and I. We are big Marilyn and James Dean fans!
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sarafoto James Dean + Marilyn Monroe, KISS Canvas Art is available for purchase at… in limited quantity, apply 20% OFF with promo Code MERRY20
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would you mind if i painted this? my bf is a james dean enthusiast and i'm a marilyn enthusiast. this would be a perfect for us.
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not at all, don't forget to share your work. I would love to see it :)
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Its in my gallery now. Took me about a week and a half :) I'm really into the whole black and white thing (you will see)
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saw it, great work! :)
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Cute idea! This inspired me to splice a pic of them to paint! Mind?
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not at all, let me know when it's done...I'd love to see it.
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Wow! I love them both!
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