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If nothing else, art must be interesting. My mother used to tell me "it's hard to be distracted if you're not already focused," and what I took from that was that every distraction is not bad. Art often functions as  a diversion that causes someone to take a moment to look at or be made aware of something beyond themselves. Creating art, or a healthy distraction, is the domain of the artist, and exposing that art to the masses requires the courage to handle a response or lack of response. It took me some time to appreciate criticism for what it truly is - a response to a distraction. When you distract someone, be ready for a

We as artists are very used to having so much autonomy as creators, and in many ways we hide a piece of our souls in the art that we create. It makes us the gods or rulers of our little worlds of influence. We make the rules, set the boundaries and regulate the evolution of our work with practice and experimentation. But ultimately, the beauty of sharing with a collective and the risk involved in sharing one's work is the conversations that come as a result of making a statement. They may often be affirming and that is comforting, but sometimes a healthy dislike can truly serve the progression of new artistic thoughts.

Be open, because art is a dance of sorts in that one creates, one observes and the result may stimulate more or perhaps even less art. When creating art, I keep in mind the "form-follows-function" concept; however, when I view art the function of the art becomes reliant on the form being observed. Happy creating and lets get distracted!!!

Bryan Davis
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thanks very much.
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Huzzah, Like minded people make me feel grounded and perhaps ...maybe...I pray...normal. Thanks for the moment of clarity, in a other wise crazy world. Pleasure to make your aquintance Brian.
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Nice to meet you also, thanks.
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Oh wow. All of a sudden I am SO HAPPY they've added the fave-a-journal option. :D

Wonderful words of wisdom. :clap:

I real like you work. Can you do some work for my business. Please let me know.
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very well put, I haven't really thought of it that way before. I wish there was a way to :+fav: journals, haha. I appreciate the insight and wisdom.
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thanx - it keeps things in perspective for me regarding what i create and how takes on a life of its own when people see it. appreciate the post.
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I like this text so much, I'd love to make a fav of it. Not possible, so I've added you to my deviant watch. (And for your designs as well, of course. ;) You've got a knack for intelligent design that sticks out.)
I'll reread this text from time to time to get focused on distraction again. lol
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thanks for your kindness and for letting me know that you like the work - i appreciate that and i'm glad you can relate to it. words are the first art for me, beacuase art is if i can just do better with my

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I am really impressed
you are a true artist from soul to hand
wish you the best
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wow - thanx much!
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I agree with you. That's why I post on DA. I know I have
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(oops I've press "enter" by accident without the last sentence)
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no worries. what were you going to say?
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Nothing more, you've already say everything. I was trying to develop but my english is not good enought
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ok. where are you from?
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I'm french. i can read english and write simple sentence. But it's sometime hard to explain what I'm feeling in our language (I've got some problem to do it in french too :D ). I'm more a scientist than a literay person
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understood. Here's an idea...say what you want in French, then translate so I can start learning your language (if you wouldn't mind). If not, it's cool.
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Bravo! very well said! Your mother seems to be a very sage woman....
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She's got a ton of them... I'm very fortunate to have her.
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