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Americana Ghost Rider

Fan art, not endorsed by Marvel, Ghost Rider is a Marvel property.
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© 2014 - 2021 bradwright
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Absolutely Breathtaking! To see a Ghost Rider comic book painted like this would be Awesome! Reminds me a little in the vein of Havok/Wolverine: Meltdown...Beautiful! I want this on my wall...the entire wall! Gorgeous! Love I think I've fainted. +fav Headbang! 
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This is really cool.
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This is a gorgeous piece.  Absolutely fantastic. Great job and thank you fort submitting to the group
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His flack jacket is insanely fantastic. I really dig his mood style and very anticipated costume design. I think you 'nailed that' :)
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first ghost rider ive seen where the rest of the skeleton is on fire underneath the clothing. THANK YOU, love it
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I have to say: I adore skulls and skeletons. You draw them in a exceptional way.
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Thank you, I have a great love of them myself, if that was apparent!
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Jajaja, I notice that. Do you know about El día de los muertos mexican tradition?
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I do, not well educated but i know of it. a few of my skull paintings have a little nod to Sugar skulls.
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Sugar Skulls are the most popular thing about El Día de los Muertos. But the tradition is more enigmatic and is a way to pay respect to our loved ones that passed away. We celebrate the life of the death by building altars (ofrendas is the name) where we honor the deceased with some of their personal objects, a photograph of him/her, sugar skulls, candles, cross, cempazuchitl (is a flower), copal (a tree natural resin that brings a special )their favorite food and beverages. Also, we visit the grave of the deceased one with these things as gifts. In some places in México they build huge ofrendas at the graves , also they build an arc full of cempazuchitl. OMG, I could go on, and on, and on...Hahaha...  As you can see, is my favorite tradition. :)
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I can tell! No such celebrations in Ireland. We drink a lot at funerals though!
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Hahaha, I think that's a common thing to do on funerals.
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Wish you were doing the art for a Ghost Rider graphic novel.  You have the perfect style for the atmosphere of Ghost Rider's world.
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Thanks, I agree! I would love to see a comic in this tone...and I would love to paint it!
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oh man this is so badass
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Love this one man ;)
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You did an amazing job at this artwork of Ghost Rider. Keep up the good work.
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Thank you very much!
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I love it at first sight
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very caravaggio. cool
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