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As part of my new years resolutions which includes going back to submitting art work here, i created DVMNuary, because yesterday was the third year anniversary of one of the most impactful anime of all time, Devilman Crybaby. Throughout the month, I'll be submitting artwork that is Devilman related. Can't guarantee that it'll be daily thou. Whoever wants to join just for fun, use the hashtag #DVMNuary2021. Have a Nice day! Debiruman no Uta!
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I'm Alive

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If you're wondering about my fate, I'm still alive and uninfected for now and currently staying at home with my family. I am now playing Dreams on my PS4 (which has been sitting in the dust for some time) which I got on my Birthday today and planning on playing all my new games I collected like Ni No Kuni 2, Zelda BotW, Undertale and Spider Man for the following Spring! Stay Safe!
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Sorry..... but it looks like I'm going to be a bit delayed for a while.
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Thanks for the fav!

thanks for the fave(s)

Thanks for faving my Pisces lore post!

Do you believe in Devilman time loop theory?

Heya! *waves*

Thank you so much for the fave and your support of my project by giving it. :3 I hope you're doing well and have a great day.

Thank you again and stay safe and healthy, please. ^^

This my Devilman fanfiction in my version. For fun:

-Based on Devilman Crybaby. But there are some references to deviantart fanfiction from NickOnPlanetRipple, Manga/ OVA, and MasterofNintendo.
-The theme is not about love (if anything, it just passes) and it's not 'Ryo/ Satan learns about love' either.
-Sexual content removed (if any, the content could be light or not too explicit).
-The character's personality still comes from Crybaby (but has a slight improvement).
-Both Devilman and Demon, their abilities and strength are further demonstrated.
-Silene is no longer a demon's whore. Like in the manga / OVA, she's a demon/ female warrior who wants to take revenge on Akira.
-Like in the Crybaby, Ryo/ Satan is still the evil guy/ Big Bad in this story.
-Track and Field is no longer a metaphor/ symbol for this story, but only as a side activity.
-In this story, Akira has no sexual urge. His urge is literally go berserk and kill random people. Akira experienced this twice.
-The inner struggle between Akira and Amon is shown. Amon in this story is 'Dark Akira' (related to Akira's urge).
-Add characters from Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman, such as Yumi and Kawamoto Mikiko (called Mikiko instead of Mico. Actually there is Mikiko/ Mico in Crybaby but only cameo).
-Miki and her family, as well as her friends Akira are not killed in this story.
-Akira meet Archangel Michael. The angel was named Maeda Hikaru. In her human form, he looks like Ryo (the difference is in his hairstyle). But unlike Ryo, he's moral person, well-mannered yet civilization, and love children.
-Hikaru can feel Satan's presence. But Ryo couldn't feel Archangel Michael.
-The Archangel Michael fought Akira. But as the story progresses, Akira and the Angel Michael are friends again and fight together against Xenon and Satan.
-The intersex element of all angels is removed (except Satan).
-The angel Michael calls Satan 'Lucifer'.
-While fighting Satan, Akira changed his form to a wilder form. He transforms into Amon's form but still maintains his human heart.
-Satan is dead, world is at peace. The Archangel Michael fixes all the dead and destroyed life with his power.
-The Archangel Michael says goodbye to Akira. The angel was amazed by the purity of Akira's heart.
-Akira, Miki, and their friends reunite and live peacefully together.
-The world is peaceful. Humans and devils live together without being disturbed by various conflicts.

How? If you have anything to say, please reply to my comment. Thank you.