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I've always had some form of creativity, though in my youngest years it was usually legos. When I got older I started getting into wood crafting (and still do today), it's just hard to keep up on when you don't have space for a shop.

When my friends at college started getting me into EarthDawn, I was introduced to chainmail by our GM. I saw the awesome stuff he made and quietly watched him assemble pieces on occasion. Eventually, I decided to try my hand at it. I got some old pliers and wire from the hardware store and made my own rings by winding them around a screw. It tore up my hands and wasn't very pretty, but I learned a lot about it and really enjoyed the process. I kept at it, learning more and improving after each piece, and found that the enjoyment didn't die. Now it's one of my main hobbies, border lining on a side business. I don't make quite enough to quit my day job, but enough for the hobby to fund itself, both in supplies and a few trips, and still make me a little extra money on the side.

All of my chainmail works are being submitted under the Creative Commons License. Fellow crafters can feel free to copy or draw inspiration from my works (I'm not really worried about it, since it's the physical medium that's being sold). All I ask is that you send a nod my direction when/if possible.
Are you a gamer? Can you produce art in the steampunk/Victorian style?  Are you looking for work?  I've got a job at FASA Games writing for our newest product line, 1879, and we're taking open auditions from talented artists to help make our books lo...
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Well, ACen is over, and I'm looking forward to some much needed down time (though it won't really come until next weekend, as I'll still have work tomorrow).  I didn't do quite as well as I did last year, but I did still turn a profit, and I had a lot more business cards taken (at least 300), so there's a good chance I'll have more after con sales.  I had a lot of commissions, which had me mailing pretty much non-stop the entire weekend.  I got everything done though, and sold of a good majority of my stock.  I'll have pictures of things done at con later, right now I'm too damn tired to go and dig out my camera. I want to send a thank you o
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Two Days to Go

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With set-up day for ACen tomorrow, and the first days of sales on Friday, it's my last day to get things prepped.  I believe I've got enough stock made, with the intention of making the really small stuff like earrings and key chains at the con (since those are quick to whip up).  I've got to get my hair cut tonight, do a last run to pick up extra clasps, put all my supplies and finished stock away in my trunk (and make sure all the wheels on it are secure), pack up my cosplays and load everything in my car so I can leave straight from work Thursday to make it on time to set up.  I'm going to see if I can sneak out a little early tomorrow, si
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Thanks for the fav..:hug::heart:
very nice work; I was wondering if you might have an Etsy store?
I did post on Etsy years ago, but I didn't get enough sales to keep it going, nor did I get enough traffic to justify continuing to post there.  I will, however, do direct sales and commissions through Paypal.  If there's something you're interested in, send me an email at
Ok, will do. Thanks :)
Oh, wow, your work is fantastic.
It was really great sitting next to you, your girl and your friends!!
Thanks, you too! I hope I can manage to make a go of the Artist Alley again next year. If not, I'll definitely still attend and make sure to stop by.