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By bradlycolin
Wow first original content in a long time... ToX 2 can't come soon enough I guess.

Testing a ThinkVision LT1423p tablet among other things. Notes.

Pencil, pen, LT1423p, Photoshop CS2.
Watches, full views, flames and the like appreciated!

EDIT: Holy crap, I can't believe this made Daily Deviation. It's just... much surprise, such crazy... wow! Thanks for looking everyone!
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I love your mind
Pattedetable's avatar
Wow!  Beautiful! :)
lorenavldz09's avatar
I love the overall steam punk theme in this piece :iconsteampunk:
wilesjeffery2152's avatar
I love the rustic tone and steampunky feel I'm getting from it :D
tare-musume's avatar
such a nice sense of place and time of day and lighting  :>
VelCake's avatar
Your art is absolutely amazing.
On a different note, I kikc myself for never having played Abyss. I swear I tried, but the odds were against me.:noes: I love the Tales of series.
bradlycolin's avatar
You should definitely play Abyss. It was one of the better all-around Tales games. Vesperia and then Graces really polished up the gameplay and administration, but the stories and characters just weren't as memorable... you don't even need a (still expensive) PS3 or 360. After Abyss came out I couldn't play any of the older games anymore because I can't stand a 2D battle system after learning to free run =/ (!)
VelCake's avatar
I do have a Playstation 2 for playing Abyss, I couldn't play it because I tried buying the game disc twice and both of them didn't work well and stopped halfway. 
My favourite so far is Symphonia for GC, I've played a few others (my latest being Vesperia for 360) but nothing beats it so far. Let's see about Abyss. :giggle: 
Yeah, I can relate to that. hah.
momichi15's avatar
nice work keep it up
Congratz  and well deserved DD :)
Gamefreakgal55's avatar
Amazing ~ I love all of the detail
and I love your icon too. Tales of the Abyss is my favorite game
bradlycolin's avatar
Aww, why'd you cross it out... Abyss is like the best Tales. If only it didn't load so slowly!
Gamefreakgal55's avatar
heh, I usually cross it out when it's a side comment u v u;;
But yes I agree. Abyss was my favorite by far c:
And yeah, the load times weren't the best |D;;
HumorAcademy's avatar
This is simply breathtaking.

momichi15's avatar
i agree it's absolutely beautiful
shadowrunner2323's avatar
really cool. i like the iron (steel?) jungle type look. 
sciencevsart's avatar
The detail on the background is eye-popping. It's like the picture is panning out through the scenery, while the two characters have a conversation as the world revolves around them.

Or maybe I'm reading a bit too much into this.
bradlycolin's avatar
No such thing as a false interpretation right? I have a friend who can come up with the craziest theories for any picture...

Thanks for the looking!
sciencevsart's avatar
You are welcome :)
Pandachu123's avatar
This is amazing!! XD
bubblybumblebee1's avatar
Shell19's avatar
Really cool! ^^
TruthisTruth's avatar
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation! :clap:
Hoshi-Pan's avatar
I just love all the details on the buildings! This illust is gorgeous :love:
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